Hidden & Dangerous

  • Developer: Illusion Softworks, a.s.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1999)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview


Hidden & Dangerous is a tough game-that's why we've provided this guide. However, don't think we're going to hand everything to you on a plate. This walkthrough only provides general hints and tactics for each level, so the actual picking and choosing of what enemies to kill first is left up to you. Anyway, onwards and upwards...

The first three levels are essentially training levels. If you can't get past them, there really is no hope. So, moving swiftly on...

Operation Iron Swarm, Italy

Amder Glow

Begin with the sniper leading and the rest backing up. When you're half-way across the bridge, move the sniper down a maintenance tunnel to reach the guardhouse on the other side. Use him to pick off the waiting soldiers and then move all of your team to the rendezvous point.

Heart Of Bell

Send a sniper through the first exit. Kill the guard in the northeast tower and the soldier on the ground. Climb the tank to the west and use this excellent vantage point to pick off all the enemies you can, including the machine gunners in the towers.

Bring the rest of your team up, and divide them into two groups. Send two utility soldiers along the north wall of the refinery and destroy any vehicles you discover. Inside the building you find the pilots have been moved. Proceed back to the southeast corner and set the timed explosives on the tanks, as indicated in the briefing. After the bang, head back down the tunnel to the exit.


Move all of your team except the sniper behind the nearest train. Guide the sniper down the west wall to take out the machine gun emplacement near the two searchlights. Move him back to the others and then edge him out east, targeting the troops manning the AA batteries.

Move your lads up to these batteries and proceed to the corner of the building in the northeast. Edge north along the platform, with your sniper leading the way. When the area is secure, enter the building to discover the pilots have been moved - again.

Exit the building and shoot the soldier in the tower overlooking the transformer station. Use the map options to make the explosion on the tanker coincide with the destruction of the transformer. Escape during the confusion after the explosions.

Phoenix Fall

Move a sniper into the hills and kill any soldiers hanging about. Move him to the flat-crested summit overlooking the ruined farm and take out the patrolling soldiers. Move the rest of your team through the valley leading to the buildings and position them along the ridge. Reposition your sniper onto the hill to the east that's closest to the wrecked bridge. Clear the area and get your bazooka/explosives expert to dash in and destroy the armoured wagons. If you run out of bazookas, finish them off with timed explosives.

Operation Silver Gate, Yugoslavia

Broken Knife

Gather everybody together and head for the farmhouse to the north. Now storm the L-shaped guard post to the east, making sure you rob the dead of all their weapons. Go further east and let your sniper start on the next guard post, with the rest providing back-up. And that's it - head up the path to the bridge and safety, maybe...

Into The Darkness

Select any soldier and run like hell. Hang a left at the first junction and run down the right-hand side of the street until you reach an alley. Go down here, hang a left at the park, through the alley, across the street, and then down the alley opposite. Steal all four sets of clothes and head back to your comrades. Give them the disguises, get in the car, and drive to the inn on the island. Quietly kill the grunt guarding the boat, sneak aboard and escape down river. However, be warned: if you shoot this soldier with any gun, the noise is likely to alert the soldiers in the inn who will come running.

Tree At The End Of The Garden

Disembark early on the left bank. Spray the distant dock area with machine gun bullets - this wild long-range attack often kills a few unsuspecting and unprotected soldiers. Use your sniper to take out any others in range. Move closer, watching for the snipers atop the water towers and guards at the far end of the road. Dart among the buildings and eliminate any soldiers on the bridge (a few cross from the opposite bank). Finally, climb in the tank and shoot the lock gate. Flee to the exit point on the opposite bank from where you started the mission.

Grave On Mountains

Cross the nearby ford, and use a sniper to kill the machine gunner to the northeast. Move the entire group up to the barbed wire, and use the sniper again to pop the machine gunner to the northeast as well as any other soldiers you can find. Crawl forward and jump in the bunker. Slowly advance through the bunker complex, using grenades and machine guns, until you reach the exit in the east.

Last Courtesy

Move everybody into the big barn opposite. Place two soldiers on each opening and let them blast the oncoming army. When the plane arrives, make a dash for it and fly to safety.

Operation Fiend's Call, Germany

Fire Portal

Sneak along the hedges until you see a house beyond an opening on the right. Shoot the officer on the balcony, then creep towards the front door. Once inside, prepare for an onslaught. Soldiers dash down the stairs and must be dealt with in flamboyant machine gun style. Secure each room one by one and head up to the archive room via a winding staircase at the end of the passage, on the left of the entrance. Use timed explosives to destroy each room, and head down to the basement. Kill the guards, take their key and rescue the pilots. Order them to follow you to the truck parked at the front of the house to escape.

Trap Key

Snipe out the garden, making sure you kill the soldier next to the searchlight in particular, and then burst into the house via the French windows. Perform an efficient SAS-style capture of each room with grenades and machine gun fire. Work your way up to Steiner and shoot his bodyguard. Providing you've killed every soldier in the house, the mission will be over.

Viper's Nest

Let Steiner escape, shoot the incoming soldiers and then move towards the main development area - but don't go in. Shoot the barrels next to the attacking troops and that should set off a chain reaction that destroys a large part of the enemy force. Pick off the remains with a sniper and machine gunner, and head to the exit point in the northeast.

Escape From Hell

There are plenty of towers around so let your sniper show his worth. Use the rest of the squad to protect him and move slowly through the base taking out the tower occupants one by one. When you arrive at the car park, blow open the double doors with a panzerfaust (rocket launcher), jump in a half-track, and away you go.

Close Fire

Zoom past the first lot of defences, letting the gunner on your half-track take care of business. Stop just before you exit the woods and skirt a couple of bazooka-carrying members around the shoreline to line up a good shot at the tanks. Bring up the half-track to collect them and burn away. Keep stopping occasionally to deal with towers and other tanks when they appear. Other than that, stay in your vehicle and follow the road around to the exit.

Crystal Falcon

After about three minutes the enemy arrive, so you have to work fast... Dash to the Catalina and pick up the mines and other weapons located there. Run back to the half-track and disperse mines around it. Man the first heavy machine gun, and the one beside the building nearer the plane. Position the sniper on a hill overlooking the whole area and then take control of the final man yourself to ensure all the tanks are destroyed. After you've won this massive battle, board the plane to end the mission.

Thor's Hammer

Once again, it's important to Keep a close eye on those pesky towers. Use the standard sniper method to advance to the power station. When you get there, lay the two radio beacons in the specified locations, and then lead your team to the exit on the west road.

Snow Demon

Move along the ridge towards the east until you reach the slope down into the base. Position two machine gunners at the top, and use your sniper to pick off the soldiers as they sprint towards you. Shoot the guard at the base of the radio mast with the sniper and then send a team of two over to lay the explosives.

At the same time, send the other members into the lab to blow that up. If you time the explosions so that they go off together, you shouldn't have too much of a problem stealing a truck to escape.

Thirteenth Chamber

Toss a grenade over the wall to kill the soldiers on the other side. Carefully enter the compound and secure the outside section. Move two soldiers inside (one with the explosives) and work your way through to the green pressure tanks. Place the explosives and retreat. Back outside, the remaining two soldiers will deal with anyone running towards the sound of the explosion, making it easy for you to escape in the truck.

Volven Hunters

Use the sniper to take out the soldiers patrolling outside and then enter the base. Carefully work your way through to the Commander in the southwest corner, and then shoot him after he's disabled the alarm. Take the key from the table and head east to the corridor leading to the next mission.

Hunt For The Golden Fish

The best way to storm the submarine dock is to burst in using two teams. The first unit should enter in a half-track through the main doors, while the other team should simultaneously sneak in through the side door. Lay the charges on the torpedoes on the bow of the sub, and then use a truck to escape back towards the start of the previous mission.

Operation Babylon, North Sea


Basic search and destroy. Use all your skills and head to the very bottom of the boat for the code machine. It's best to stick to machine guns in here, as grenades can cause a few problems due to the large amounts of torpedoes. When you have the code machine, head back to the dinghy on the destroyer's bow.

Operation Wrath Of Gods, Czechoslovakia

King's Road

Enemy snipers are the main problem - they reside on roofs and in the church tower. Position your sniper up high to deal with them. When you reach the Tiger tank in the square, simply run under its gun. If your sniper has eliminated the soldiers on the balconies to the east and on the hill, the route to the exit along the northeast road should be fairly clear. Oh, and remember: if the captured scientist dies, it's game over - only move him into the open when you're completely sure it's safe.

Last Man Takes It All

Take as many snipers as possible with assault rifles as secondary weapons. Head slowly but surely towards the north end of the western runway and wait for the plane to land. Keep the scientist covered and then board the plane to complete the game.

A Winning Team

First of all, it's worth noting that most missions can be completed with a standard team consisting of one sniper, one machine gunner and two utility soldiers. Here's a brief explanation of each role.


He is probably your most important asset as it's up to him to clear areas for the shorter-range machine gunners. The perfect sniper should have a high shooting ability and a good stealth rating. Tty Robin 'Hood' Smedley - he's one of the best around.

Machine gunner

These grizzly warriors should have excellent reactions as well as good shooting skills. They are best used in close combat situations, such as taking over specific rooms. William 'Mad' Calvert is a good choice as he won't let you down.

Utility soldier

A good all-rounder whose main job is to provide cover for the sniper and machine gunner. They need to be strong enough to carry scavenged weapons from the battlefield. Jiri 'Butcher' Trebissky and Chester 'Fairbaim' Ranking are your main men.

What we thought

"Each mission Is only as good as the people playing It"

What you think

People say:

  • "I have to agree with Duncan Wardle's comments regarding Hidden & Dangerous. Though great fun to play, it does have a nice little collection of glitches. When restoring a save game, crouching men do indeed hover mystically above the ground. If you save in a car, you are likely to return to find your troops' heads poking up through the roof. Men's legs can and will disappear (relive those horrific opening scenes from Saving Private Ryan... oh yes!), and troops can fall flailing through the scenery to die in a strange blue dimension that awaits us all outside the confines of the map. "You jokingly suggested that Mr Wardle might be playing the demo version (oh... my sides! Stop it!), but a friend of mine who also bought the program confirms all these faults. Maybe it's you who's playing the demo?"
  • "What a damn shame. Why couldn't Illusion Softworks have waited a few more months to complete Hidden & Dangeroudl It's still a playable game, if mightily frustrating due to the plethora of bugs, yet it could so easily have been game of the year. "Personally, I think all software 'marketing' departments should let the writers/programmers do their jobs properly."
  • "What a game! To think I almost didn't buy it. They've got everything right. I fail to understand how this game got less than Hall-Life or Quake lid's boiling over with atmosphere and is the only game I remember playing that has left me physically drained after three hours' play. Best game ever - go buy! Must play It again..."
  • "Perhaps you ought to check out Talonsoft's website where they've had so many complaints from disgruntled Brit buyers, they've disowned the game. They're claiming that the UK release has nothing to do with them and that the US version will have all the bugs fixed. This suggests that we've been set up as unpaid beta testers (again)."

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Hidden & Dangerous supports single modeSingle game mode

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