Enemy Zero

  • Developer: Warp
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.3/10 - 3 votes
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Game Overview

Think of the horror of being stalked by an invisible alien on a ship trapped in the middle of space.

All you can do is listen for the alien moving around the ship and hope it isn't right behind you. Someone screams--you know the alien has torn him/her apart. You could be next...

Sound fun? Fans of FMV adventure games should get ready for a story line like this in Enemy Zero. The game stars Laura Lewis (the same girl from the game "D") as she comes to realize that the crew and herself are not alone on their vessel. Unfortunately for them, there isn't much you can do when you're smack-dab In the middle of nowhere.

The game mostly consists mostly of FMV sequences, but there's also areas where the game is from a first-person perspective where you actually control Laura (kind of like Doom in a sense, except you don't have a BFG, only a small gun). While you wander around the ship finding clues on what or who's killing your crewmates one by one, you'll have to rely on your ears instead of your eyes.

The intro on the first disc is awesome and filled with action, but then the story slowly develops. Laura wakes up in her room from a long, cryogenic sleep. As you search around for necessary items and info, you may begin to wonder where the action is. Although the game does have some thrilling moments, you shouldn't expect anything too action-packed with Enemy Zero--it's not the nature of this game. Look at it as more of an adventure title, but with the edge-of-your-seat treatment--like a good alien flic.

A device that will hopefully help take away some of those tense moments is the VPS. This item allows her to detect living organisms without seeing them by emitting a series of beeps. As an organism gets closer, the beep's frequency increases.

Don't be worried that there won't be enough visuals to keep your attention. Even though you may not be able to see the enemies all the time, it's easy to see what the enemies leave behind. No, we're knot talking about alien doo-doo--we're talking about exploded heads and gutted torsos. On top of this, there's the great-looking FMV.




What It's All About...

Enemy Zero is the second game from popular Japanese developer WARP (creators of D for the 3DO. Saturn and PlayStation). Simitar to D, Enemy Zero is nearly all FMV-based and stars the lavishing, young, blond, polygonal actress Laura Lewis (who was the star of D, as well).

The story behind Enemy Zero is strikingly similar to a certain movie series that provided the inspiration for our hardly original subhead. Awakened from a Cold Sleep Capsule on a spacecraft returning to Earth. Laura finds that the members of her crew are being killed one by one. In typical Interactive Movie style, your job is to guide Laura throughout the ship, picking up items, defeating aliens and searching for clues toward revealing the gruesome mystery at hand.

Why It's John's Pick...

Rancher for the PlayStation. I ended up picking Enemy Zero for several reasons: One, it's a Saturn game, and lately the games for this system haven't been getting enough attention. Two. it's an FMV game. Everybody knows FMV is just plain evil 95 percent of the time, but in rare cases (like this one), it can be used to provide an atmosphere as chilling as a great horror movie. And three: I like it. I've yet to play an English version of the game (fortunately the japanese one isn't too dependent on text), but I'm happy with what I've played of the import and I was a big fan of D. My only concern is that, like D, Enemy Zero may end up being a "play it once" affair and recommendable as a rental. Still, if you're into these types of games, Enemy Zero will be well worth checking out.

People say:


Enemy Zero is one of those games that (generally speaking) doesn't do well. Games like Myst, Mansion of Hidden Souls and D may have a cult following, but they certainly don't make it into the mainstream console market. Luckily, it has been awhile since a game like EZ has been out, and besides that, the game is incredible. With that said, I hope the game does well. The intro sequence--and really all the video in the game--is spectacular. It creates a great, cinematic mood. The story line and how it unfolds is much like an actual movie. Sure, the whole "trapped in a ship with an alien" plot has been overdone, but it's still cool. One thing about the big-screen feel is that everything is really dramatic--sometimes too dramatic. For example, at one point Laura (the main character) opens her locker to find an item she needs. The whole time this overly suspenseful music is playing. I mean, come on--she's opening her locker for crying out loud! Also, Tm generally not too hot on the "hex-by-hex" style of movement, but it works in Enemy Zero. I also like the areas where you can roam freely (kind of like Doom). The way you encounter enemies is cool, too (only being able to hear them). Overall, expect lots of suspense over action, but I think it's sometimes nice to play something different. Enemy Zero is definitely that...in a good way.


This is one of the few games that I was really excited and it didn't disappoint. Eo is an almost perfect blend of horror, sci-fi and adventure. The graphics are incredible as are the music and sound effects. The extremely slow-paced nature of the game will turn off many potential fans, but the few intense (and frightening) scenes will keep you going. If you are a very patient gamer, check it out. Eo is unlike anything you've seen before.


You know I really wanted to give Enemy Zero a higher grade than this. It's an excellent game that can really scare the crap out of you if you play it alone at light in a dark room. The game just screams atmosphere, and the story (which is obviously influenced by themovie Alien) is really intriguing. My main gripes are that 1) Once you beat it, it becomes shelf fodder, and 2) The control is a little too sluggish, which can be frustrating. D fans will love it.


I had a hard time getting into Enemy Zero. I don't think Enemy Zero is a bad game by any means; it's just way too slow-paced for my tastes. Enemy Zero is a cerebral game and one that places a high priority on building suspense and creating horror. I'm a fan of games that force you to think but everything happens at a snail's pace which desensitized me to the parts that should've scared me silly. Even the "action" sequences seem barren of action.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Enemy Zero supports single modeSingle game mode

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