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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

A big surprise for everyone is that Virtua Fighter is going to be released for the 32X. While there is still more work to be done on this game, you're sure to find the same level of intense and realistic fighting action as in the Sega Saturn version.

All of the fighters you remember, from Jeffry to Pai, are at your disposal. Fight your way up to Dural in a nonstop slug fest.

Use special throws and punches to debilitate your foes. It's the best you're likely to find on the 32X. This isn't a bad translation at all. Check it out.

The original Virtua Fighter from Sega started out at the arcade in the summer of '94. With the release of the 32-Bit home systems, it made its way to the home system! It started out as a pack-in for the new Sega Saturn, but now it is being released for the Sega 32X. As well, for everyone who purchased a Sega Saturn before Sept. 30, 1995, they will receive a copy of Virtua Fighter Remix, which has updated graphics and more polygons.

For all of you 32X owners who have been wondering about Virtua Fighter for your system--stop wondering, because it's here. The 32X Virtual Fighter is identical to the original in every aspect except some of the music has changed. As you can see on this page, the graphics haven't changed and the disappearing polygon problem of the original Sega Saturn version has been improved. The three-button Genesis controller isn't as responsive as the Sega Saturn's, but it still plays very well.

People say:


Virtua Fighter for the 32X looks very close to the original and it controls very well. All of the fighters are here and there are a few new things, like the different perspectives, that add a little variety to the game. While it's true that the graphics are not as good as the Sega Saturn version, they're pretty dam good. This one also has the great control that made the Sega Saturn version so good. I liked this game at the arcade, and if I had my choice, this is the one I'd want in my collection.


For the system, it's a good game. The graphics exploit the capabilities, and the sounds are your staple VF set. The control is acceptable and the characters are all there. This game even scores well in the translation category. However, the actual game itself never truly held my attention for long. Virtua Fighter fans should be pleased with yet another installment of translation action, but I recommend the arcade or Sega Saturn versions to VF newcomers.


Virtua Fighter for the 32X has its ups and downs. You'll notice almost instantly that it doesn't look as good as the Sega Saturn version, but it plays better. There are little additions to help keep things from getting boring. You can swap color palettes and there is a Special Competition Mode. The 32X also has different camera angles, none of which are anything special. Overall, it plays better than the Sega Saturn, but it's still just more of the same.


I'm sorry but the old looks of VF don't cut it any more. I may be a bit harsh but look at what else is out there: VF Remix. Toshinden. Tekken. This does play a bit better and has tons of options, but the original Virtua Fighter looks just too old. especially with Remix being out. For fans of this game, I'd say you'd like it as much or maybe even more than the Saturn version. For this arcade player, the game is a bit tired. This is an excellent version for the system but it's old.

Fighting Smash Lands On Genesis 32x

Looking for an easy bet? We're betting you'll find that Sega's Virtua Fighter for the Genesis 32X is the best cartridge version of a Fighting game to date. It's packed solid with pure polygon action. You get all the characters and all the 700-plus moves of its arcade smash precursor, along with all the stages and impressive voice effects. In short, this bodacious backbreaker rules on your Genesis 32X. If happiness is a quality Fighting game, this one borders on ecstasy.

So what's new? We're glad you asked. How about the chance to choose your camera angles? The 32X game packs four cameras: Original, High, Bird's Eye, and Sky Cam. New views? Change your display from Normal to Squeeze to make the fighters taller, thinner, and closer together. Smaller and larger rings? Yeah, baby. Fight in rings of five sizes, from 4 meters in diameter all the way up to 24. Do you get the great music? Darned right. You'll enjoy your favorite arcade tunes fully resequenced for the Genesis 32X. New modes? Yes sir or ma'am (pick one). In addition to Arcade, VS, and Ranking, try a Tournament mode that lets you and the schmuck of your choice take it up the line with a complete pool of fighters. Want your bruiser to make a fashion statement? You can now change clothing colors for all the fearsome fighters. Try Wolf in pink. He looks adorable. Really.

Hot Hints


  1. Always use a high or Low kick when coming off the deck. This lets you connect whith your opponents on the way up.
  2. Throw enemies when they're facing away from you.
  3. Everyone but Akira can splash-attack a downed opponent. Tap Up and Botton B simultaneously.
  4. When you are fighting as Akira and an opponent is on the deck, tap Up/Toward and B quickly for a jumping punch, or get in very close and hit Down and B quickly for a smash.
  5. Get in the habit of placing three digts on the buttons-thunb on defend, index on punch, and middle on kick. This may take some getting used to, but it's much more effective than swithing buttons with a single digit.
  6. When you fight in Ranking mode, you get extra points for throwing from behind and juggling your opponent.
  7. When your opponent is low on fire or near the edge of the ring, go with the cheese. A flurry of quick jabs often does the trick.

A Fighting Game With A Difference

As Virtua Fighter for the Genesis 32X arrives on the scene, it stands alone. Unlike any other cartridge-based Fighting title, this game totally focuses on strategy and realism. It has no blood, no guts, no fatality moves, no super-duper game-ending attacks, and no flat 2-D backgrounds. With eight 3-D fighters built entirely of polygons rather than uniform 2-D images, this game gives players far more fluid motion, genuine action, and authentic martial-arts techniques than all of the other beat-'em-ups combined. Virtua Fighter also gives gamers the strategic edge by allowing them more than one way to win.

Yes, you can take the match by depleting your opponent's energy bar, but you can also become victor by clearing the enemy out of the ring. With more than 700 moves for the fighters, the game achieves heavyweight status.

It's this kind of depth and strategic completeness that makes Virtua Fighter the heavy hitter it has been in the arcades and continues to be on the Sega Saturn and Genesis 32X. We can only hope that Virtua Fighter wanna-bes manage to include a few of the features that make the original so much fun.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Virtua Fighter supports single modeSingle game mode

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