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The GTA is one of the best series of games of all time and right here we have the most complete collection of GTA games that you can download!

Here at Games4Win, we know that having the ultimate Grand Theft Auto collection on your PC is something that many gamers want. That is why no matter if it is running around with a chainsaw in the 80s in Vice City, hanging out in the hood in San Andreas or even pulling off a heist in GTA IV! We have you covered with the best selection of Grand Theft Auto games that you can play for free.

A huge part of what makes this series of games so popular is the open world aspect of them. Even the older games in the series such as Grand Theft Auto and Grand Theft Auto 2 (even with their top down perspective) give you a large open world to cause mayhem in.

While there is a great selection of GTA games for you to enjoy here. You will find that Games4Win also has some other pretty awesome open world/crime style games that are in the same vein as a Grand Theft Auto game.

We are talking about games like the excellent Mafia games. These are very story driven and a ton of fun to play. The Godfather game, which is one of the most criminally underrated games in this genre and even a game from the Driver series. You are well and truly covered if you love games that are done in a GTA style.

So, while you have no doubt come here for our free Grand Theft Auto games, you really should check out some of the other fun open world games we have.