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Did you know that the FIFA games are one of the longest running and most successful series of games of all time? Not just sports games, but games in general! For the better part of three decades now EA has been wowing soccer fans all over the world with their FIFA series as well as a few spin-offs.

No matter if you are all about theх English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, MLS or the World Cup. You will find the best soccer games to download here at Games4Win.

One of the things that is cool about our selection of games is that we do not just focus on the most obvious and most recent FIFA titles for you to download for free. We also have some of the more classic soccer games such as FIFA 95, World Cup Soccer, Tengen World Cup Soccer, and even the very original FIFA International Soccer.

You will even find some of those classic PC football manager games here. These are great if you want a little bit more tactical gameplay with your soccer games. As you can see there is a really great selection of FIFA games for you to choose from, but you will also find some of the spin-offs that EA has done over the years. These are special games that are based on the European Championships and the World Cup. These can be a nice distraction if you are looking for a soccer game that is more focused on a particular theme.

No matter if you want to play with the greats like Ronaldo, Shearer, Baggio, and Raul. Or if you want some arcade soccer action with made up players, you will find the perfect game for you right here.