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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1991)
  • Runs on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Good morning, class, and welcome to Hedgehog History 101. Today we will examine the adventures of that most famous and rarest of all hedgehogs, Sega's Sonic.

As you know, the common critter, Hedgehog Ordinarius, runs at about, oh, 3 mph. On the other hand, Sonic belongs to the genus Hedgehog Go-fastus, and no one has been able to accurately clock the speedy little devil. Let's just say he's the only hedgehog that can give you whiplash. Basically, Sonic is a bristly little quadruped with an attitude. Once he's made up his mind to do something, the best thing you can do is get out of his way. You might call him pigheaded (afterall, he is a hedgehog). But when you get to know him, you'll realize he's a steadfast, real do-or-die kind of guy. And he's the cartoony star of one of the fastest-paced video games Sega's ever rolled out. In his first adventure, called, not surprisingly, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic's velocity and determination are put to the test. Dr. Ivo Robotnik has transformed Sonic's good buddies into all sorts of awful, mutated beasts that hunger for hedgehog blood. Another creature might just quietly tip-toe away and find some new friends. Not our loyal Sonic-he's got his bristle up and not even the laws of gravity can hold him down. No one messes with this hedgehog and just walks away. He may be stubborn, he may be unshakeable, but he's not violent. Sonic turns his nose up at weapons, relying on his supersonic speed, twirling jumps, and rolling to overcome evil and restore his pals to their former selves.

Sonic travels through three stages in each of the six hedgehog-challenging zones. He runs into fireball-shooting bees, spiked crabs, rocket bugs, bats, bombs, lava, burning grass and lots more. Sega wouldn't send their favorite hedgehog out into a totally hostile world, so along the way Sonic collects gold rings for power-ups. Computer monitors offering power-ups in all sorts of shapes and forms also dot the landscape for you and Sonic to cash in on. Your homework assignment is to study the following/ tips and plan your Sonic strategy accordingly. And if you become hooked on Sonic, don't say you weren't warned. Class dismissed! The Green Hill

  • TIP: Look for treasures in palm trees. There's an elevator platform at the edge of the cliff - it will get you to the treasure in the palm tree.

  • TIP: When the big guy in a round spaceship comes at you swinging a giant ball, hit him. And keep running to safety after every hit.

The Marble Zone

  • TIP: Beware of the crab, blue bees, and bats. Jump on them and you'll be safe.

  • TIP: When you reach the first lava tall, climb to the top, move to the right, and you will find three monitors with shield and coins.

The Spring Yard

  • TIP: When you want to get by the revolving spiked balls, remember to time your moves very, very carefully. This is tricky.

  • TIP: Always stay at the bottom of this zone. That's where most of the treasures are hidden.

The Starlight Zone

  • TIP: Beware of the spiked creatures: they're absolutely invulnerable.

  • TIP: This lime, always stay on top. Not only is it safer there, you'll also find more treasures.

Sea gulls squawk as they turn lazy spirals in the sky above the ocean surface. The sun glints off the water. It's a quiet day at sea.

But down in the ocean depths, a nuclear attack submarine glides silently on its deadly mission. You're the captain in command in 688 Attack Sub, a cart with unbelievably realistic details that give you all the sounds and sights of being in a submarine. You'll hear the ping of sonar, peer through your periscope, and study 3-D images of the ocean floor as you search for canyons to hide in. You'll also get a chance to command a Soviet Alfa sub, which is faster and can dive deeper than your 688. This simulation is so realistically detailed; your crew even speaks Russian!

There are 16 different missions to test your mettle, from a demanding training mission to more treacherous challenges. You'll have to learn the sub's controls thoroughly — radio, helm, sonar, navigation, weapons, and periscope — to survive.

Just like on an actual sub, you have to concentrate on your mission and practice your skills. It's your job to fire the torpedoes, decide what's the best depth, and plan evasive action to keep from taking a hit. You'll even analyze sonar frequency patterns to identify unknown objects in the ocean, the same as a real sub commander.

Rely on your technological superiority and your extensive weaponry, and you'll carry the battle in this incredibly exciting new game.

Sophisticated and secretive, nuclear submarines move beneath the surface undetected, destroying enemy ships, submarines, and even inland targets. In 688 Attack Sub, you're in command of the first nuclear attack submarines of our era - both American and the Soviet Alfa Sub. Ten exciting missions challenge your intellect and put you in every crisis imaginable.

  • TIP: At the Navigations board, turn off the Plot Projection and turn on the All Tracks and Target Track. This will show the direction of all hard contacts while clearing the map of clutter.

  • TIP: If you are being pinged by another vessel and nothing shows on your radar, alter your course 180 degrees, decrease speed, and transmit a target pulse.

A good place to begin is Torpex '89, where you'll master all the 688 and Soviet Alfa operations. You're on training maneuvers, trying to take out decommissioned Forrest Sherman Class destroyers. Even though you are outnumbered, the ships are no match for your technological superiority.

Once you're comfortable with the controls, tackle the riskier missions. In Mumar Cadaver, you are ordered to remove four Libyan oil tankers as they unsuspectingly exit the Strait of Gibraltar. Unfortunately for you, the tankers are escorted by Koni Class Frigates and hostile nuclear subs craving your watery death.

688 Attack Sub is among a new breed of first-rate video simulations. The nine-function, top-down map is crisp, and overflows with detail. The digitized voice acknowledgements from the crew are the clearest speech you've ever heard on a game cartridge. The variety of weapons allows for creative and definite target elimination. Dive into 688 Attack Sub and discover why Sega is sinking the competion.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:688 Attack Sub  supports single modeSingle game mode

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