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  • Developer: Acclaim Entertainment, Inc
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 5.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

The action-packed summer blockbuster movie is on the Genesis. Batman Forever takes the Caped Crusader on a digitized adventure.

Batman Forever can be a one-or two-player game. One person gets to be Batman, and the other is

The whole game is filled with digitized characters, so it resembles the ill-fated Steven Seagal game from about a year back.

Batman Forever is Acclaim's latest license of the comic scene. What is next?

Somewhere deep inside the murky depths of Gotham City evil lurks, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

On the towering high-tech buildings of Wayne Enterprises, a psychotic mastermind plots revenge...

In Batman Forever, the latest release from Acclaim, you can take control of the Dark Knight or the Boy Wonder as they fight two of Gotham City's deadliest menaces, Two-Face and the Riddler. Obviously, the game is based on the summer box-office smash of the same name that had fans flocking to the theaters.

Batman Forever is a standard side-scrolling action game with little in the way of heart-pounding excitement. The characters seem to move across the screen casually with no purpose in mind. All the so-called action severely suffers from a case of extreme boredom.

On the lighter side of Batman Forever, character moves are spectacular to see. This can be attributed to the digitization of the real actors wearing the authentic costumes from the movie. The actions and movements were acted in front of a bluescreen then digitized into the game. This results in characters that look very good over a background that doesn't seem to fit into the game. The game scenery is dark and gritty, with the actual playing field not faring much better. With the Genesis' capability to display up to 64 colors on a screen at one time, it makes you wonder why the programmers decided to be content with less than 20. Now, I know that Gotham City is supposed to be dark and foreboding but not this dark.

Controlling the caped crusader is a battle in itself. You should opt to use the six-button controller instead of the standard three. You will save yourself many headaches and finger cramps by following this advice. Firing the grappling hook straight up (which is used most often) will take a while to get down pat. You need to press the B and C buttons simultaneously (or the Y on a six-button controller) and immediately afterward, press up on the keypad. You will waste a lot of time mindlessly jumping vertically when you mistakenly press up just an instant before firing the hook. Common weapons like the Bat-arang require common Street Fighter controller combos to launch. Again, irritating after firing a hundred or so.

Venturing into the even scarier realm of sound, Batman Forever adds nothing to help the Genesis' reputation for less-than-perfect sound. The music is downright terrible, sounding more like a dying cat than anything else. Mercifully, you can turn the music off. Digital voice-overs sound as if they have been liquified in a blender. Every time you come across one of the Riddler's riddles, you hear a "Riddle me this, riddle me that," sounding like it is being played underwater. The sound effects that correspond to movements and occurrences are decent, however. There are only so many possible ways to butcher an explosion. Even after all the modification, it still ends up sounding like I something being blown up.

Levels are laid out so you must у wander through mindlessly and kill anything that comes out at you. The enemies approach you singly in the first few screens. Later, you will never seem to find less than two wandering throughout the levels. When two enemies are fought at the same time, they will consistently end up on either side of your character. While you are taking one character out, the other will always appear behind you and bat you around from the back. You end up spending time "herding" the enemies to one side of the screen so you can eliminate them easier. Climbing up mysterious holes in the ceiling will also take much of your time with the grappling hook, while getting back down through that same hole will take even longer. Be sure to keep an eye out for plants and other breakable objects. They house a good number of power-ups that can be used to replenish all the generic hits you absorbed from dual enemies. If the 16-Bit's days really are numbered, it's a shame to see it go down (in flames) with games like this. A little thought and planning goes a long way, and it could have saved Batman Forever. Unfortunately, it falls short. Batman Forever is more of a chore and a burden to play than an enjoyment. The Dark Knight's days certainly don't shine very brightly.


Don't miss the highly unusual naming convention of the enemies. In the asylum, you will run into more than your share of Crazy Neds, Eds and Bobs, along with some very demented individuals called Antifreeze and Flame Eater. It makes you wonder if their parents all knew that their children were going to grow up to be psychotic individuals fighting on the side of evil. I'm sure the names were added to liven up the whole Batman experience But in the long run, it just doesn't come through.

"The real game begins" was used for the first time in this release, when Batman and Robin had to fight against Two-Faces and a new enemy, who called himself The Riddler. What was nice at this game were the new effects featured, most of the time showed by Two-Faces. He just had enough to create mayhem and chaos. The night at the circus is one of my favorites, when a fun afternoon transforms into a rampage. It was a bit difficult to use the grappling hook on the SNES version, because of the weird button combination, but that was just about the worse of the gameplay. I loved it!

You have the option to play as the legendary dark night himself, batman. Or you can choose his side-kick Robin. Both are really fun and different to play as. Batman and Robin both have their own set of moves and combos to work with and the combinations to put together seem endless. Choose from a wide variety of gadgets and your set to go. The game is quite challenging but you also have the option in difficulty levels. There is a nifty two player cooperative/two competitive play. This adds to the incredible fun alone, or along side a friend. Better yet, if you want to brush up on your skills there is a great training mode also.

Batman Forever simply shines to perfection. A genesis game never looked so good! 3-D rendered graphics on Genesis can be done right for anyone who thinks differently. All the characters and backgrounds are digitized. All this makes for a graphical masterpiece. The sounds, and sound effects are really good which makes this game stand out above all the rest.

With over 80 unbelievable stages you are sure to have your fill with this one. This game keeps it coming and the replay value is high due to all the modes and option this game offers.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Batman Forever supports single modeSingle game mode

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