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  • Developer: Malibu Interactive, Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992) , Sega CD (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

I remember the game and the movie were released in the same years, at a few months distance, and I remember waiting for the game like a crazy fan. Like many other games of that period, Batman Returns was a side-scrolling platformer, from left to right. I think it is a bit strange that the gameplay looks very similar to the one in Final Fight, but you forget about this once you start playing it. There are seven total stages the player has to get through, and there are several characters from the Red Triangle Circus Gang featured in the game.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Take on The Penguin and his evil cohorts in this action adventure game, based on the movie, with multiple levels of Gotham City shadows, cathedrals and crazed circus scenes. Fat clowns fire tazer guns. Mirrors distort Batman's view as The Penguin lifts his umbrella - and fires! Counter the flying propeller blades, knives and gaseous ice with your wrist shields and Batarangs. But look out for Catwoman, who's a truly independent thinker. She will turn against you, and then change her mind and help you out against The Penguin and his crew.

posted by Epic Moreno

Batman Returns

You could say Batman is having a bad day. He's trying to save Gotham City from the tuxedo-suited clutches of Oswald Cob-blepot....A.K.A. The Penguin. But the crafty criminal has turned Gotham against The Bat by offing a beauty queen with one of Batman's own weapons. Not good!

To save your name (and your city) your mission is to track down The Penguin and the Red Triangle gang through the darkest haunts of Gotham-round after round of intense action-for the ultimate showdown of bat against bird!

Batman can choose from an awesome array of weapons in his utility belt. Access it by pressing the START Button. You can hit 'em with a bat boomerang, freeze your enemies in place with an ice bomb and finish them off with a few punches or kicks, destroy them with a bat harpoon or really let multiple enemies have it with a heat seeking batarang! Be prepared to change weapons if you run out of ammo...or you could be caught without a defense!

From The Rooftops To The Sewers

This is a battle that will take you from the top of the highest buildings to the depths of the darkest sewers. The Penguin has put a whole army of villains between you and him, and they're waiting to grind you into bat paste. Get ready for 17 stages of nonstop fighting against everything from jesters and parachuting penguins to gargoyles and clown-faced strongmen with no sense of humor! You can beat them all if you monitor your weapon belt. Pace kicks and punches with bombs and boomerangs.

Penguin is hiding in the deepest reaches of the Gotham City Sewer system. Find the duck boat and you've reached him.

Batman Returns follows the movie line closely, with some new rounds that really fill out the game. If you thought Batman Returns was a hot flick, wait until you try the game.

posted by Diego Barros

Batman Returns on Sega CD captures all the action and excitement of the Genesis version, with upgraded graphics and over 40 minutes of new, hot music composed and recorded at Sega's own Multimedia Studio (see Sega Visions Issue 10 for more on Sega Multimedia). And Batman Returns CD has a whole new game built in...a road rally with the Batmobile against The Penguin's Red Triangle Circus Gang and their hotrod vehicles.

Batman Returns has 10 levels of intense driving and battle action ranging from the dark, frozen fields outside Gotham City to the frigid reaches of the Gotham City sewer system, ever deeper into The Penguin's lair. Survive the tests of your driving and fighting skills and you'll take on the top- hatted Oswald himself.

Tighten Up Your Belt

Batman’s Utility Belt contains a serious array of weaponry. Access it by pressing the Stan Button. Hit 'em with a Batarang and freeze enemies with an ice bomb. Or destroy them with a harpoon. The ultimate weapon is the Batattack, which releases a cloud of deadly bats against your opponent.

  • TIP: Take the Batmobile for a ground hugging, rubber-burning, high-G test drive. Behind the Wheel

The driving sequences put you behind the wheel of the Batmobile, chasing the Red Triangle Gang through and around Gotham City. The Batmobile is a super fast, state- of-the-art vehicle loaded with high-tech gadgets and weaponry. It is equipped with twin shot powerful enough to blast even armor-plated jeeps off the highway. The explosions sound and special effects are the hottest to ever appear in a driving game.

With Batman Returns, Sega is establishing the standard by which CD action and driving games will be judged. This CD disk is definitely on The Next Level.

  • TIP: The Penguin starts the trouble by offing an Ice Princess with Batman's Batattack.
  • TIP: Skullhead bikers lead you on a deadly chase through the winter night.

The Penguin and Catwoman are teaming up to wreak havoc on Gotham City and it's up to you, as Batman, to stop them. Lead the caped crusader through seven challenging stages, fighting dozens of goons and hoods on your way to capturing the ringleaders. Use your Batarang and Batdiscs for ranged attacks, or get in closer for some hand-to-hand combat with the most ruthless enemies the Dark Knight has ever seen. Just make sure you've got enough energy to take on Catwoman and the Penguin, because they're both tougher than they look. All of Batman's skills, powers, and intelligence will be put to the test in Batman Returns. Fire up the Batmobile and be on the lookout for the Bat Signal as you do whatever it takes to keep Gotham City safe.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

The graphics in Batman Returns were pretty reasonable; Batman was very large and looked like his movie counterpart. The backgrounds were very dark and true to Batman's flair. Plenty of movie scenes were capture in the game like the mall, and the sewers where the Penguin resides. The enemies also resemble some of the goons you faced in the movie.

posted by Lawrence Paiz

The music in the Batman Returns, although it's not directly taken from the film, fits extremely well with the dark and ambient visuals. Although not much of it is memorable, you will find that the nice little tunes keep you motivated enough to continue playing. A few of the songs later on are actually a bit creepy. The title screen music fits the film, the tone of the game, and Christmas also. (As the game and the film both take place during Christmas.)

posted by Adrian Riggs

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Batman Returns supports single modeSingle game mode

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