Chuck Rock

  • Developer: Core Design Ltd
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1991) , GameGear (1992) , Sega CD (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Chuck Rock is a very popular side-scrolling platformer spread all over the world on various platforms, including the Amiga, the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The story happens in a fantasy world where saber-tooth tigers, neandethals, dinosaurs and wooly mamooths co-exist. The player will be able to notice the very fun and popular setting from The Flinstones in Chuck Rock. The graphic elements are very good, colors are bright and the gameplay has been acknowledged as being worthy trying.

Back in the days when man was finding out just who he was came along a fellow by the name of Chuck Rock! This bad boy has lost his girlfriend to the clutches of one of the most wicked of all the cavemen and it's up to you to get her back. Use your super strength to help save her by tossing boulders or, if you're in the mood, try some belly-busting stomach attacks! Chuck Rock is prehistoric action at its best!

You have many different styles of attacks. You can pick up boulders to toss or use your huge belly as a deadly form of attack to rid the world of the dangerous dinos!


Me name Chuck Rock. Me big sTar of new TV game. Me call game Chuck Rock. You help me get past many jump and fight off big dinosaurs that fight me for control of my home.

Grab joystick to help Chuck Rock make it home safe. If you goof, poor Chuck Rock will have nasty fall. Or maybe hurt head. People at Virgin do good job of making Chuck Rock look nice. Me have great graphics and sound that are right out of stone age.

With many challenge and lots of fun, me new Chuck Rock game be big hit with all action game fans. Better hurry, though, Chuck Rock don't like walking under big dinosaur!

Manufacturer: Virgin

System: Genesis

Theme: Action

Difficulty: Average

Number of Players: 1

You met him on the Genesis, lis adventures continued on the Game Gear. Now Chuck Rock, the muscle-bellied, slung- jawed, boulder-head from the past, has come to the Sega CD. Chuck Rock CD by Sony Imagesoft is a hilarious action game featuring rock-sharp graphics, true to cave-life sound and music that is definitely rock know what we mean! The action is simple, challenging and straightforward. No Einstein-quality brainwork needed here...just nimble fingers and a sense of humor.

Chuck Rock is a beetle-browed Neanderthal with a serious problem. His wife, the lovely Ophelia, has been kidnapped by the Stone Age villain Gary Gritter. Now Chuck is left with no clothes and no root beer. The animated sequences at the beginning of the game tell the story.

To get his blushing bride back home, Chuck must belly-butt and throw boulders through 28 stages of side-scrolling, Stone Age terrain. Chuck's main moves are the belly- butt and an in-air jumping kick. He can also toss large and small boulders, as well as place them on the top of his flat head for protection—son of a caveman helmet.

Along with options that allow you to configure the control pad buttons, the game has a password save so you can keep track of your progress in five-level increments.

  • TIP: Rocks make good headgear when the coconuts start to rain. They will also stop flying enemies cold.
  • TIP: Toss a rock at this snake or give him a belly- butt and he'll uncoil to serve as a platform.
  • TIP: You can protect against Pterodactyls and other menaces by holding a boulder over Chuck's big noggin.
  • TIP: You can't hurt this big, bad Boogie Monster. Don't even try. Just run past when he's down.
  • TIP: If you take the high road here, Chuck will make it to the next level.
  • TIP: Sometimes Chuck will freeze up in this lava-filled level. It's fear; not the cold. Keep trying and you'll make Chuck move.
  • TIP: Not all the creatures of the land 'o the dinosaurs are your enemies. Some will help their good bubba Chuck.
  • TIP: Grab a rock and jump left to bottom ledge. You are safe here. Throw your rock to the top ledge, jump up, grab the rock and toss it on or big, green and ugly. Repeat seven times and this historical Dino will be history again.
  • TIP: Use these frogs as jumping stones. But look before you leap. They can be hard to see.
  • TIP: Chuck a rock, then jump up to a ledge. Hit the boss a few times and he will be history.

There's something to be said for silliness in games and Chuck Rock is definitely silly. This portly prehistoric will provide many entertaining moments as he belly - bumps his way through the levels in his quest to rescue his cave - girlfriend Ophelia. Taking some liberties with pre - history, Virgin has mixed dinosaurs and homo - sapiens. The resulting encounters force Chuck to resort to carrying rocks with him most everywhere he goes. When he does get caught off - guard, his expression is priceless.

If you're looking for entertainment that provides more in the way of chuckles than challenges, you're gonna like this belly - bumping caveman.

Level 1

Our boy Chuck is no slouch when it comes to jumping, but he does need some help on occasion. A pterodactyl can be quite useful - if he's awake. The brontosaurus can, too. When you get to the green water, hitch a ride on this big guy if you want to remain healthy.

Bump the mammoth to get a boost onto the floating ice ledge.

Here's The Big Boss. We'll leave this one up to you.

Level 2

If there's no pterodactyl or brontosaurus handy to give him a lift, Chuck will stoop to any level - even a snake - to help him get beyond an obstacle. Use a rock to wake a snake.

Level 3

Pick up a rock before hitting the deep water. It will help you get across the bottom quickly and handle the killer fish, crabs and squid enroute.

When wading around in the shallows, Chuck should stay alert for ways to move to the high ground. Jumping on top of a fellow jumping champion is a good idea.

Level 4

Devil or angel? Hard to tell what that dino will turn into. If it's a devil you should worry because it will attack you with a vengeance - they can even fly through rock. But you can attack them back just as you would any other dinosaur. Then there's the old "throw the attacking teeth" trick. Attacking the thrower definitely reduces the danger.


Chuck (a scruffy-neanderthal-cave-dweller-type) has had his wife, the lovely Ophelia, kidnapped and you, the avid action/adventure player, have to help him belly-butt and chuck rocks to get his blushing cave bride back.

Some of Chuck's cavetime enemies are really hilarious. Just ask the little-green-lizard-like fellah who enlarges to about 40 times original size when he opens his jaws or those great little pink guys who hang out in Palm trees lobbing coconuts at Chuck!

Mr. Rock can grab and heft boulders for enemy mashing, climbing, tossing in water to jump on (before they sink), and even for head protection from stray falling rocks and birds. His fairly large middle lets you belly-butt the baddies with glee.

Overall, the graphics are a lot of fun, the music is bouncy, the sound effects are thematic and interesting; and the play has its challenges. Take Chuck and go portable!

Don't Laugh-He's Probably Related to You!

Long before there was a Bedrock, there was a Chuck Rock.

But Chuck Rock hasn't been the same since his long-time rival in love, the evil Gary Gritter kidnapped his wife, the luscious Ophelia.

Kick, throw rocks and belly-butt your way through a variety of comical zones featuring over 500 exciting screens of gameplay as you help Chuck in his quest to rescue Ophelia from the evil Gory Gritter.

In addition to using good old-fashioned brute force on a host of stone-age critters, you'll have to use a little CroMagnon grey matter to solve puzzles as you weave your way through five challenging levels including a scary cave, an Ice Age, a hazardous water world and even a dinosaur graveyard.

Chuck Rock is not your typical muscle-bound-type video hero. For one thing, his physique won't win any awards, and his posture leaves a lot to be desired. For another, he doesn't live in the future but the past. The distant past. Like in the Stone Age.

And Chuck has problems. The unscrupulous Gary Gritter has made off with Chuck's beloved wife,

Ophelia. So Chuck sets off, knuckles dragging, to rescue her.

Play along with him for lots of laughs and rock-throwing fun. Chuck puts that gut of his to good use, dealing out some enemy-flattening belly-butts. You help him fight prehistoric beasts and figure out tricky puzzles.

There are five comic levels, including a spooky cave, hazardous water, and a dinosaur graveyard. Chuck Rock is so much fun, it'll have you rocking with laughter.


  1. Level 2:7G09M
  2. Level 3: NNGE3
  3. Level 4:84AKC

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Chuck Rock supports single modeSingle game mode

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