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  • Developer: Mndscape
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: GameGear (1992) , Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


The Terminator has been a popular figure in video games on all platforms the past year. Now he comes to the Sega CD in a version that definitely reaches The Next Level in graphics, sound and game play. Virgin Games' new Terminator CD is a winner! Take Kyle Reese from a future war between humans and mechanicals back to the past to protect Sarah Conner's unborn child. This explosive run-and-gun, single-player action title has spectacular graphics, an amazing QSound soundtrack, digitized intermissions from the film and terrific game play. You'll fall in love with this game faster than you can say "I'll be back."

If you saw the original Terminator film, you know the storyline. Kyle Reese is sent on a trip to the past by the leader of the Human Alliance. His purpose is to protect his future leader from an early termination while still in the womb of Sarah Conner.

Guide Kyle from a deadly future of bombed-out buildings, underground bunkers and mechanical killing machines to a past rife with crazed gangs, cops who don't understand, killers on every comer and finally—against the Terminator himself.

If you play Terminator CD through your stereo equipment, you are in for a real treat. The recording was mastered using QSound, a new technique that widens the listening area to give you full three-dimensional impact with only two speakers. When you fire Kyle's weapon, you'll hear the shot and the projectile hit in areas around you. This is quality beyond compact disc-based digital stereo.

On your way through you'll collect plenty of health bonuses, weapons power-ups and grenades. The background graphics have scads of parallax scrolling. Kyle has amazingly realistic movements that are fully rotoscoped, created using the most recent Silicon Graphics technology. Just watching his trench coat flapping is a real treat. Terminator adds up as one of the best action tides on the Sega CD this year. Battling mechanized warriors has never been so much fun.

Take all the 1-Ups you find. You'll need them. The game gets very tough...very quickly.

One grenade will take out these metal arachnids. Just be sure you are back far enough when you throw, because the grenade will arc over your enemy if you are too close.

Duck behind the jeep and the helicopter won't even notice you.

Be careful when you clear out this big machine gun. You have the Terminator to contend with next.

At the end of level three, you'll find a big mechanical laser. You need it to open the right-hand wall by firing at you. Stay low and jump the blasts. Go right when he has opened a two-or three-shot hole.

This proximity alarm calls out the troops. Take it out quickly.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

For those of you slavering to get your hands on this soon to-be-completed blockbuster game.... Here's a Sneak Peek at Terminator CD from Virgin Games. This hot new title really shows you the power of the Sega CD. Terminator’s amazing digitized film clips, spectacular soundtrack and animated action definitely take your game playing to The Next Level.

Kyle Reese starts the game in the hideous future war between the machines and humans. He travels back in time - to the present - to stop the termination of Sarah Conner. You'll find your way back from the future via a Time Machine, travel to the Tech Noire Club and the Police Station, and [eventually kill the Terminator who threatens Sarah's unborn child, the future leader of the Human Alliance. Blast your way through eight different levels and this time Kyle Reese might actually survive.

TIP: You'll find energy bonuses in the outer reaches and after you kill enemies. TIP: This enormous robotic tank takes scads of hits to beat. Once you’ve dented the lower part, jump and shoot. TIP: You can take out your enemies quickly with a little hand grenade action. TIP: Kick some full-metal booty to clear the way through this area. TIP: Stand on the left and chuck grenades lo get past this fast- Helicopter.

posted by Epic Moreno

Blazing weapons and frantic action highlight Terminator from Virgin Interactive Entertainment. You play as Kyle Reese, sent back into the past to protect his future leader from an early termination. Blast through 10 furious levels and see if you can terminate the Terminator before he terminates humanity. This solid one-player title has much that you want in a CD — an amazing Q-Sound soundtrack, digitized footage from the actual movie, and roto-scoped animations for character movements.

posted by Diego Barros

Terminator fans will recognize the storyline in this game, and Batman fans will appreciate the dark, moody feeling it creates. Side - scrolling, climbing action with cool graphics and great sound effects make this one fun to play. Check out the graphics in Skynet's underground headquarters and the discotheque.

While the action is as relentless as the movie, the game has only four levels. An accomplished gamer should be able to get through it in a day or two. But this shouldn't stop Terminator fans, who will probably enjoy playing it over and over. And no matter who you are, the opening sequence is a must - see.


2029: The future, post Judgment Day. Skynet is sending a Terminator back in time to destroy Sarah Connor, mother-to-be of John Connor, leader of the resistance. You are Kyle Reese, a battle hardened veteran of the war with Skynet and John Connor's right-hand man. Your mission has five stages. Ultimately you must go back in time and shut down the Terminator before it can kill Sarah Connor. The future depends on your success. You can never return.

Welcome to Terminator Game Gear. This new title by Virgin is one of the toughest titles to appear on Game Gear to date. The object of the game closely parallels the action in the first Terminator movie.

Back In Time

You start with only hand grenades for weapons. Stage 1 is without a doubt the hardest round in the game. As soon as you enter the lab, complex, go left and keep moving left. If you stop or move right, you will be swamed by enemy troops. They will terminate you quickly! The two main objectives here are to find the machine gun and set the time to the past and you begin a round down the streets of Los Angeles.

Your goal is the Technoir club, where the Terminator is about to find Sarah Connor. But a vicious gang of punks have different ideas. To them you are fair game. They are going to do their best to dance on your face and otherwise get in your way And if that weren't enough, the police are riding your tail!

If you get to the Technoir club, you've found the Terminator, tool Give him everything you've got and move fast. The trick here is reflexes. Get the Terminator's moves down and anticipate what he is going to do.

After you escape from prison another story here!), you must get to the factory for the final showdown. Along with great graphics, sound, and music from the original movie, Terminator offers every gamer a heavy challenge.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:The Terminator supports single modeSingle game mode

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