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Game Overview

As in countless other games your quest is the rescue of your lovely mistress, Mina Murray. You are the strapping Jonathan Harker and you must slash and hack your way through the levels using rocks, axes and torches. To get a better view of the action you can look up and down and use a jumping smash to fall through ledges and unusual rock floors. You start the game with 4 lives and you can collect others on the way as well as continues. Each section has a set time allotted in which you must complete the level. Clock tokens can be found which add 20 extra seconds to the timer and which are crucial in the last level.

The graphics and game play are very good as well as the bosses and sub bosses. There are a lot of secret areas in this game like in Metroid where you can walk and leap through certain walls. It is not noted in the instructions but there are lamps that you can touch which will set you back at that point if you lose your life. This saves you the chore of starting over at the beginning of the level. There are also wall switches that you must activate that lower platforms. Bram Stoker's Dracula is a very enjoyable game and a fitting last saga for Dracula.


As the 19th century vampire hunter Jonathan Harker, you will battle Dracula and his minions through seven spectacular levels. Ultimately, you must destroy Dracula and release your kidnapped gal Lucy, who has joined the undead Your vampire hunt begins with Travel to Castle dracula, a dangerous journey through a dark, eerie forest. Once you've traversed the forest, you enter Castle Dracula, where you battle evil of all shapes and sizes, including bog creatures, Dracula's mesmerizing brides and the Count himself — as a vampire bat. 3-D is used to good effect in Castle Dracula; the room rotates as you enter and exit. From the Castle, your quest continues to Hillingham Estate and Carfax Abbey, then on to the final battle with Dracula.

Defeating the Undead

Harker must rely on his wits and a combination of punches and kicks to defeat the undead. He has no weapons. He can jump forward, backward and straight upward. His punches are either a single-arm bash or a one-two punch using both hands. The speed of your taps on Button B determines the punch you select. Harker also has two kicks. Tap the kick button to execute a solid, punt-like kick, but tap the button quickly, and he'll deliver a vicious roundhouse.

Dracula delivers great arcade/action gaming in a format that takes advantage of the CD's strengths, though the game's play controls could be a little tighter. With first-rate graphics and sound, Dracula on the CD shows you what is possible at The Next Level.

Play It If You Dare

Few have faced Dracula and survived. Now it's your turn! Based on Columbia Pictures' blockbuster thriller, Bram Stoker's Dracula for the Sega CD goes straight for the jugular. Digitized scenes from the movie, 3-D graphics and incredible CD sound plunge you deep into dungeons infested with spiders and packs of bloodthirsty rats. You'll battle your way through seven terrifying levels, from the treacherous mountains and forests of Transylvania all the way to Castle Dracula. And just like in the movie, Dracula will attack as a bat, a vicious wolf, even an old man. But whatever form Dracula takes...make no mistake, he must be stopped! Bram Stoker's Dracula. IT'S A WHOLE NEW GAME.


For centuries, he has stalked his unsuspecting victims in guises of every form. He can be anything from a wisp of a shadow to a wolf-like beast. Long the stuff of dark legend, Dracula rises again from the realm of the undead...for you to meet and beat on the Game Gear. Dracula is a very colorful, fast-paced title from Sony Imagesoft that will keep action-game addicts rooted in their seats until the sun goes down.

Dracula has cast his spell on your lovely gal Mina. With a little daring and skill you, as Jonathan Harker, will traverse the dangerous pathways to save her from joining the undead, Only you can put an end to Dracula's blood-thirsty madness. To succeed, you must meet the Prince of Darkness and his hideous minions on his own turf. Dracula takes you deep into the Transylvanian darkness through seven levels that begin with A Journey through Transylvania, continue through Draculas Castle, the Hillingham Estate Mansion and the creepy Carfax Abbey Crypt, then return you to Transylvania and Dracula's Castle. Each level has a Day and Night stage.

You're armed with a sword to start, but can acquire new weapons and power-ups by finding the Pick-up Boxes. These are boxes with question marks that are located throughout the game. Some of the limited-use weapons you'll find in them are Rocks, which are great for distance hits; Axes, which curve in flight; Torches, which burn for a time on the ground; and Double Rocks, which have twice, the impact on your target. Power-ups include items that recharge your energy; coins, diamonds, 1-Ups, Continue Credits and Clock tokens. As an added bonus, each level has a secret bonus area you can find and plunder.

Fair warning: When you take on Dracula, be prepared for a serious challenge. This little trip to Transylvania won't be a stroll in the park.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Bram Stoker's Dracula supports single modeSingle game mode

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