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  • Developer: Sony Imagesoft
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992) , GameGear (1992) , Sega CD (1992)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Hook is a game released in early 1992 and was based on the movie by Steven Spielberg, titled with the same name. There are actually four different games with the same title, published by different companies, but all of them have pretty much the same plot and gameplay. Saving Peter Pan or other characters from the evil Captain Hook is something present in most of the Hook games. I played the one developed by Irem, in which I had to save Peter Pan from Captain Hook. But strange, I actually controlled Peter Pan too.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Sony Imagesoft has come out with a new Sega CD hit for those of you who — like Peter Pan — will never grow up. Hook is an action/adventure game that follows the story- of the blockbuster film. All the fun and excitement of the movie is here...complete with the digital symphony stereo movie soundtrack, phenomenal graphics and cinematic sequences.

  • TIP: Wait for Rufio to charge you...then leap over him and attack. Do this three times and the Golden Sword will be yours.
  • TIP: The Neverland Forest Boss seems tricky at the outset. Instead of leaping from branch to branch, chasing him and avoiding obstacles, hang out on the bottom left and attack only when he comes in range. Do this three times and he's history.

The object is to rescue your children from the pointy clutches of Captain Hook. He's kidnapped them from your comfy home in Suburbia and taken them to the wild world of Neverland. Getting them back is an adventure through 11 giant rounds of the land where Peter once was Pan. Tink will give you back your youth. But take a few hits and you will turn back into old Peter Banning — complete with a coat and tie — and lose a life.

The game features unlimited continues and a variety of power- ups that give you extra points, a longer life meter and recharges to your power. And the outstanding quality of the music will really give your gaming a lift. Hook is a game that captures the magic of being young and wild. Adventure game fans young and old will enjoy trying to hang the wicked Captain by his Hook!

Be the Pan

Your first stop in Neverland is the Nevenree, where you must prove yourself to be Pan by battling the Lost Boys and Rufio to regain the Golden Sword. After that, you're off to the Neverland Forest to fight Hook's Henchmen. This will also give you a chance to perfect Peter Pan's spectacular flying leaps, dagger, sword and crouch attacks.

Into Neverland

The Neverland Rocky Mountains are next with a crew of pirates who blast you with flaming arrows, throw boulders at you and roll barrels down on you.

  • TIP: After getting Fairy Dust from Tink, go back down two cliffs and fly right to find these goodies.
  • TIP: In this region, stay near the bottom and go right to where Tink is giving Fairy Dust, then fly straight up and right over the spikes.
  • TIP: Fighting the final boss of the Neverland Waterfall and Lagoon area is easy if you: Get Fairy Dust, hit him quickly on the left, fly right using only half of your dust, strike again, then fly back left and tag him.

Out for a Swim

The next Pan-tastic level is the Neverland Waterfall and Lagoon. Here you'll swim aided by mermaids, jump from rock to rock in front of the waterfall and fly over spiked floors. You'll need to particularly watch out for the Magic Tigers, whose breath will temporarily turn you to stone.

  • TIP: Mermaids can be a help and a hindrance. They won't let you drown, but they may push you up into various explosive devices. Better to avoid them.
  • TIP: As you fly up to Tink and start collecting Fairy Dust, remain in front of her, flying until the screen scrolls and has you on the far right. This way you can remain safe and see what's coming.
  • TIP: Keep going right after seeing a 1-up between two spiked walls and you can walk through the rightmost wall to recover the Golden Sword.
  • TIP: The final boss of the Ice Area is easily beaten if you: Jump to the center pillar and pop just three of his balloons. His own explosives will then take him out.
  • TIP: You'll find it useful to learn how to avoid big obstacles. Hit your jump button, with AWAY from obstacle on control pad, then immediately hit TOWARDS on the control pad. Pan will jump over the obstacles and move forward.
  • TIP: This area is especially difficult 'cause Pan is followed through the caves by a flaming Will 'o the Wisp. This fire-guy lights his way, but always gets too close and burns Pan, so you'll have to run and let it play catch-up, or leave it behind and navigate in the darkness.
posted by Epic Moreno

You wake up in Neverland, surrounded by the Lost Boys. From the sound of their chanting, it looks like you caught them at a bad time. Before you can embark on your adventure, you have to run the gauntlet and prove that you are indeed the Pan. Lose a fight, and you revert to your stockbroker alter ego.

With the exception of the sound and music, the Genesis version of the Sega CD hit (see last issue of Sega Visions) is every bit as good as the original. Ten big levels take you through a variety of adventures as you try to find your (Paris) children and destroy the evils that Hook left behind.

posted by Diego Barros


For those of you who'll never grow up, Hook from Sony Imagesoft will brighten your ageless childhood. This fast-paced action game follows on the heels of the hot Sega CD and Genesis versions and follows the storyline of the blockbuster movie. You are an adult Peter, many years after your adventures in Neverland. You may have forgotten about your fun times there, but Captain Hook has not. He's ventured from Neverland to kidnap your children. You have two missions ahead of you: Convince the Lost Boys of your abilities as Pan and rescue your children from the pointy hand of Captain Hook.

The game takes you from the Neverland Forest to the Ice Area, the Lagoon and eventually to the Pirate Ship and a final battle with Capt. Hook. You start this singleplayer cart with three lives and a sword. Along the way, you can collect fairy dust (for flying) from your pal Tinker Bell, the Pan Sword, which shoots at a distance, and lots of different types of items that restore your life meter and give you extra bonus points.

While the game is fairly difficult and best-suited to gamers who like tough challenges, Hook does have unlimited continues that let you repeat unbeaten stages until you get them right. The translation to Game Gear is superb. From great color- to terrific game play and bouncy tunes, Hook Game Gear is a blast. Take on the pirate crew of the infamous Captain Hook. We dare you.

Ruffio is impossible to hit from the front but easily defeated from behind. Jump over him as he begins his dash and attack from the rear. Three hits and the Pan Sword is yours.

Hide under the lower left branch and attack this boss as he comes out the bottom door.

In the cliff area, the pirates on barrels take two hits. Time them carefully, because these guys close in on Pan quickly.

In the Waterfall region, fly right until low on fairy dust, then see Tink for more and repeat. The opening on the far right is your exit.

When swimming in the Lagoon, stay to the left and duck the fish coming from the right.

Avoid the Boomerangs, which seem to home in on Pan, and hit the Pirate boss three times.

This guy is tough! There's no special way to beat him, except move quickly and attack without being hit. Timing is important.

Flying in the Neverland Forest calls for frequent stops at Tink for fairy dust and for avoiding balloons.

Ever forward. Move toward the prow of this ship for your fight with Hook.

After you've jumped the Captain's Hook three times and tagged him three times, you are halfway there. The rest of the fight is straight sword battle.

Vowing to return his children to safety, Peter Banning went to Neverland and once again assumed the role of Peter Pan. You must guide him through many hazards (such as pointy treetops and swarming bees) as he battles arrow-shooting pirates, balloon pirates, ugly sea dogs, poisonous snakes, magic tigers and other dangerous foes.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Hook supports single modeSingle game mode

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