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Turn on your television any Saturday morning and you'll find cartoons featuring stiff-legged characters moving jerkily through a background devoid of details — sort of like a lot of video games you may have played. Then tune into a Disney cartoon or animated film, and see how smooth the movement is, how the scenery looks like a rich painting, and how much creative thought went into even the smallest detail.

That's the difference between The Castle of Illusion and most other video games. The graphics are totally gorgeous and the animation is astounding: screen shots just can't do them justice. Trite as it may sound, you really have to see this game in action to appreciate its landmark artistry. Now, don't let Mickey's starring role mislead you: this is definitely not just for little kids. There are some real mind- stumping challenges here. The game play requires dexterity and quick thinking, like when Mickey flips the entire screen upside down in Toyland: you wipe out all on-screen enemies, but now you have to think upside down, too!

All ages will be entranced with the superb details. Mickey flails his arms when he's off balance, the lights go off and on when he swings from lamp chain to lamp chain, and there's a cartoony "clunk" when he hits his head. It takes a sophisticated eye to catch all the details! In the story, the evil witch Mizrabel is holding Minnie captive in the tricky Castle of Illusion. The only way Mickey can defeat the witch is to find the seven Gems of the Rainbow hidden in the castle and guarded by Mizrabel's Masters of Illusion.

Inside the castle, Mickey is faced with five doors that open on fantasy worlds filled with some deceptively innocent-looking enemies (who'd suspect cute little mushrooms or colorful clowns?). Within each world are several scenes. At the end of each final scene, you face off with a different, powerful Master of Illusion to acquire the Gems.

Before you start, you might want to try the Practice mode to get used to the game's special features. The Practice is a streamlined version of the first three levels. We'll be giving you an in- depth strategy for The Castle of Illusion in a future VISIONS, but here's a sneak peek: Mickey starts out in the Enchanted Forest, where trees and killer mushrooms dance down the road, deadly tulips sprout lethal seeds, and spiders wait to pounce. Don't be afraid of ghosts: bounce off them to get to the tree top, where you'll find a power star, diamonds and enemy-fighting apples. The second door leads to Toyland, a pastel wonder of massive blocks, animated wooden soldiers, clowns on unicycles, and wind-up airplanes. Find the key all the way at the top of the first level to continue your journey through Toyland.

In the second level, when you hit the red gelatin pools, keep bouncing or you'll suffer a sticky death. In the third level, learn the value of being topsyturvy! By far, this is one of the most unique game playing features that has ever been designed for any home video game. Now it's on to the third door, which takes you to The Storm. This world is full of pits, crumbling bridges, and sharp- toothed Bonefish yearning for a taste of mouse flesh. Look out for waterfalls, listen for the rush of oncoming floods and when you're in the water, keep swimming!

  • TIP: When the Clown comes at you in Toyland, toss an apple not only at the clown, but at his unicycle as well or the cycle will come back for you by itself.

  • TIP: In The Storm, the seventh opening in the first level will whisk you away to safety.

  • TIP: When you fall down holes in the Forest, try to go behind each stone wall; some will let you pass into secret caves filled with diamonds, bags of items and power stars.

Behind door number four is the Library, where you'll really feel mouse-size. Check out the inside of the milk bottle but, for heaven's sake, stay out of the milk or the jellyfish will get you. If you fall into the coffee cup, dodge the sugar cubes but grab the white gems and apples. Finally, you're in the castle itself. The armored knights can be dispatched by jumping over them and attacking from behind. In the dungeon, stay out of the murky water.

  • TIP: In the castle's gear room, don t linger on the stationary gears too long for if you do, they’ll drop like a ton of bricks.

  • TIP: In the Dungeon's underwater maze, start at the top, go all the way to the bottom and then all the way back up.

  • TIP: When books start dropping on you in the Library, crouch down on top of one of the shorter standing books in the row and you'll be safe.

Once you have all seven Gems of the Rainbow, you'll be magically transported to the tower where Minnie is imprisoned — and where you'll face the final challenge of conquering the illusory Mizrabel herself. The spectacular graphics and animation make The Castle of Illusion a compelling game that will rivet you for hours and hours. And if someone else beats you to the control pad, no problem: this game is a blast just to watch!

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Mickey Mouse Castle of Illusion supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Reviews

While Mickey and Minnie Mouse were out on a leisurely stroll, Mizrabel the evil witch suddenly appears and takes Minnie away because she's jealous of her beauty. It's up to Mickey to rescue Minnie.

Take Mickey through 7 levels ranging from forests to dungeons and using apples as weapons to aid you in your mission, it's up to you to save Minnie by eventually defeating the evil Mizrabel yourself.

Your quest will take you everywhere from inside a toy box to an oversized (to a mouse anyway) library, where you'll battle dangerous mushrooms, toy soldiers, and many other enemies. Levels are broken into areas, and you don't necessarily need to beat a boss to get one of the gems. There are several environments, each filled with detail and alive with color. Mickey swims in coffee cups, prances through bat-filled caves, and even tackles a gargantuan clock tower (complete with the giant from Mickey & the Beanstalk!). Be it the abundant parallax, the excellent animation, or the gorgeous backgrounds, everything looks fantastic. The toy box stage's screen flip effect, for example, was very cool and added a neat twist to the gameplay.

As Mickey Mouse you must find seven gems to rescue Minnie Mouse. She's been kidnapped by the evil Witch Mizrabel, and she's being held in the Castle of Illusion. Your searchthrough the castle will have you touring many bizarre environments and battling everything from spiders and ghosts, to books and mushrooms. Collect apples to throw at your enemies along the way, or jump into the air and pounce them. Five levels of intense action and tricky obstacles will lead you up to the final confrontation with Mizrabel.

Mickey, Donald and all your favorite Disney characters have returned to Genesis in a sequel to the highly popular Castle of Illusion. This time, apprentice magicians Mickey and Donald discover an old magic box. Of course the adventurous duo have ventured inside...and fallen back into the magical, mysterious World of Illusion. The evil wizard won't let them leave until they pass the tests of each magical area. And of course, in the World of Illusion, nothing is as it seems!

  • TIP: Move too fast on the magic carpet and you'll miss rows of"?" bags.
  • TIP: Keep the bubble of air away from sharp, spiny objects by pressing Button C for upward motion.
  • TIP: Donald's eagerness to explore the magic box starts the trouble.
  • TIP: Cooperate to get places in a two- player game. Try bouncing each other off teetertotters.
  • TIP: Five passes of the magic cloak will win you a magic item from the giant spider.

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