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Mickey Mania is an awesome game that spans 62 years in the life of Mickey Mouse, from Mickey's first incarnation, Steamboat Willie in 1928, to the Pauper of I the 1990 short movie The Prince and the Pauper. The animation in this game is so incredible, it has to be seen to be believed! This beats out most Mode 7 games on the market. If you grew up with Mickey, you're in for a treat with this game!


The best-looking Genesis game yet, and just about the most fun to play as well!


Not a whole lot of icons to choose from here--you can pick up four, but that's about all you need.


The onslaught of games half as good as this. If they all looked like this, Nintendo'd be out of business!

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Mickey Mania - Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Reviews

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse is a 2D side-scrolling platform game that chronicles many of Mickey Mouse’s most memorable cartoons. Each and every level in the game is based on a Mickey Mouse cartoon. This game has achieved legendary status by many because of the game’s silky smooth gameplay, rock-solid control, pristine graphics, and sound that is a treat for the ears.

You can defeat enemies through two methods; you can either jump on their heads, or you can assault them with a barrage of marbles. There are 24 stages in this game and all of them are jam-packed with action and nostalgia. The levels are pretty unique and each of them has their own goals, for example, the first level is based on the first Mickey Mouse cartoon ever, Steamboat Willie, in this level, everything except Mickey appears in black and white and your goal is to meet up with Willie. All of the levels in the game, with the exception of a 3D moose chasing level, take place in 2D.

The graphics in Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse are amazing, simply amazing. Each and every one of the game’s 24 levels looks just like the cartoon it’s based on and are chock-full of little touches that really add to the nostalgia factor in the game. The first level takes place in black and white, with a film strip going down the screen, the film has scratches and other flaws on it that really help to give the game an authentic look and feel to it, also give you a feel for how cartoons were back in 1928 (when Steamboat Willie was made), it also helps to give you a sense of respect for the cartoon and it really gets you into the game because it adds to the feel of the game. Mickey Mania mixes old-school cartoons with new-school technical effects. Scaling and rotation are used throughout the game, and they are used perfectly because they are only used when it’s appropriate. Scaling is used throughout the entire aformentioned moose hunt level and it really adds to the excitement of the game, when you see that giant moose barreling down on you your blood pumps and you run as fast as you can, but you also have to avoid various obstacles in your path, adding to the excitement. The effect looks amazing and adds to the feel of the game because it looks just like the scene it is based on. The animation in the game is perfect, simply perfect. This is because each and every frame of animation used in this game was drawn by actual Disney animators giving it an authentic look that few, if any, games can match. It really gives the game a look all its own.

The sound throughout the game is amazing across the board. The game is chock-full of happy-go-lucky, feel-good music that fits the game perfectly and will remain etched in your brain. The various sound effects in the game, from the sound of Mickey jumping, to the sound of a marble smacking an enemy, all have a comedic edge to them that adds even more to the happy-go-lucky feel of the game. The multitude of voice snippets from Mickey compliment all of the above nicely, they are crystal clear and really add to the feel of the game.

Wall-to-Wall Mickey.

Playing 65 Years of cartoon capers.

Mickey's Greatest Hits:

Mickey Mouse's archenemy Pete is up to his old, evil tricks, and only Mickey can stop him. Make that Mickeys, ‘cuz the modem mouse needs the help of all the Mickey Mouses who've battled Pete in past cartoons. To find them, modem Mickey's gotta think, fight, and race his way through six huge levels of cartoon calamity, starting with a shipboard adventure and up to his most recent hit. Some of the cartoons may be golden oldies, but the game play is state of the art. And that means tough. The astonishingly diverse puzzles and action will keep you on your toes.

Some of the strategy levels will stump even the most expert gamer. Remember, think like a ‘toon—stomachs are for bouncing off, chandeliers are for swinging on, and your dear old dog is for sniffing out clues. Other levels are obstacle-ridden 3-D races, like the breakneck-speed moose chase, and still others are bean-or-be-beaned action challenges, like the skeleton-riddled Mad Doctor's laboratory. We can't even try to list them all.

A mouse Ann His Dog:

The gorgeous graphics are reason enough for you to look forward to Mickey Mania. Disney artists produced thousands of animation frames to re-create Mickey's landmark shorts for the Genesis. Mickey and Pluto don't change much with the times, but everything around them does—dramatically. From the black-and-white twenties to the increasingly detailed and colorful thirties, forties, and nineties, Mickey Mania is a faithful biography of the world's most popular mouse-and-dog duo. And with side-scrolling, roto-scoped, and 3-D adventures, this game shows off its stars from every angle.


Q: What do you get when you combine gorgeous Disney graphics, devilishly difficult game play, and a big, big film star's long and illustrious career?

A: One of the most exciting games to hit your Genesis this fall. More specifically, you get Sony Image softs Mickey Mania, an interactive tour of Mickey's greatest moments, from his star-making black-and-white debut to his seasoned performance in 1990's The Prince and the Pauper. Each cartoon adventure spans several levels, with a wild mix of puzzles, side-scrolling races, and platform challenges that get tougher as you progress. Add stunning Disney animation, rollicking tunes, and 65 years of mousy antics, and you've got a game to satisfy the most die-hard Mickey fan.

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