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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Instruments of Chaos: Young Indiana Jones supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview


Grab your whip, your pistol, your brown fedoraand prepare for a world of adventure. Instruments of Chaos Starring Young Indiana Jones be Sega brings you into the exciting World War II era as the daringyoung archaeologist and secret agent.

Instruments of Chaos spans the globe. Your mission is to search out and prevent the transfer of vital weapons technology between the agents of various countries and some notoriously nasty Nazi agents. Young Indy's adventures take him across the frozen, icy mountains of Tibet, into India where danger lurks around eveiy comer, across the Egyptian deserts into the mysterious pyramids... even across the dangerous high steel bridges of England. If you are successful, you'll travel on to Germany to take on the spy master himself.

This is the Indy you know and step ahead of danger. You have at your disposal a whip, pistol and grenades, plus power-up items found throughout the game in crates. Indy's whip animations are so lifelike that you'll jump in your seat at every "crack!" In addition to knife-throwing secret agents, you'll have to fight it out with all manners of ill-tempered critters and be extremely cautious of the treacherous landscape at every destination.

Go ahead. Beat the dust off your leather jacket. Join forces with Young Indiana Jones and save the world again.

Follow Young Indy's early adventures as a civilian hero during World War 1. Help him stop an international ring of corrupt scientists from delivering superweapons technologies to German spies.

On each level, Young Indy races I against time to stop a scientist from making a key weapons trade. While doing so, he has to face a formidable array of adversaries - from dangerous spiders, vermin and thugs, to scimitar - lobbing shopkeepers and lethal quicksand. Young Indy fights with his two favorite weapons — his pistol and whip, but muscle power alone won't do the trick. He has to use his powers of logic and perception to overcome his enemies and succeed in his quest.

The Germans are planning to build a Doomsday Zeppelin. As Young Indiana Jones, an agent of British Intelligence, you must try and stop them. Armed with a whip, a pistol, and some grenades, you must travel to India, Egypt, Tibet, London, and Germany. In these exotic places you will face Egyptian guards, Tibetan monks, crazed construction workers, temple priests, and other deadly enemies. Mother Earth plays a role too, as you must brave sandstorms, ice cold lakes, and lightning storms. Even vultures and monkeys are out to get you.

There are a number of action-oriented puzzles to decipher; you must use your weapons to help you solve them. The whip is useful for swinging across hazards, pulling yourself across ledges, and escaping from seemingly hopeless situations. You can destroy pulleys, chains, and other mechanical traps with your grenades. Throughout the game you will find useful items such as clocks, which give you more time to intercept the weapons, crosses, which refuel your life meter, poison tips, which make your whip extra lethal, and hats, which give you temporary invincibility.

The music in Instruments of Chaos: Young Indiana Jones game suits each level perfectly. When you play in India you hear a nice Indian tune and when you are in Egypt, the music makes you feel that you are among the locals of Cairo. The sound effects are nicely done as well.

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Instruments of Chaos: Young Indiana Jones 2
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