• Developer: Novotrade
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
  • Also known as: Ecco the Dolphin
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Dolphin is making a big splash with its awesome underwater graphics. You play as Ecco, a young bottlenose dolphin whose family pod has been taken from the sea in the eye of a mysterious storm. Your journey to find them takes you across the seas, under the ice of the polar caps, to the lost city of Atlantis and even5$ million years back in time. With 27 levels, Dolphin is a giant adventure of a game. There are passwords to keep track of your progress. You won't finish Dolphin in a single night!

Swimming Lessons

Dolphin gives you ultimate control. You can make Ecco turn cartwheels in the air, dive or swim with terrific bursts of speed, dive to the bottom of the ocean or just fin along.

  • TIP: Press Button B for a burst of speed.
  • TIP: Button C is the swim button.
  • TIP: Start at the sea floor. Press Button C repeatedly to send Ecco racing to the surface. He'll break free in cartwheels that would make the King of the Sea jealous.
  • TIP: Ecco is a mammal. If you do not let him breath, he will drown.
  • TIP: Swimming to small islands and then pressing Button B will give you enough speed to leap into the next bay.

The Big Blue

He's just about the oldest and wisest creature living in the sea. You'll find him deep beneath the surface in the Cold Water Zone. His clue will send you farther on your journey.

  • TIP: Big Blue is a wise and gentle giant of a whale. Finding him is the first turning point of the game. He will point you to the mysterious Asterite.

The Lost City of Atlantis Atlantis is full of special dangers and wonders. Sharks and jellyfish live in the halls and rooftops. Strange, crystal monoliths patrol the corridors. Strong currents sweep many of the areas, calling for special strategies to explore new areas. Your success here opens the next phase of the game...a journey into the past!

  • TIP: Some shells have the power to dissolve stone.
  • TIP: Let the Pterodactyl grab you. Instead of an attack, it will carry you to where you need to be.

What lies at the end of your quest? A confrontation with the Vortex! Just what that is… you’ll find out for yourself. Write us at Sega Visions with your Dolphin discoveries.

  • TIP: In the Machine, use your sonar as a weapon.
  • TIP: Find these Glyps and you'll learn the secret of the well as other information vital to your quest.
  • TIP: Push the block into the current and follow it down. Use sonar to break the chains.
  • TIP: You can push blocks and stones into heavy current and follow them down, letting you get into areas you could not reach by swimming alone.
  • TIP: Dodge ice blocks in the arctic sea, or you will be crushed.

You've never experienced anything like this before. Dolphin might just be the most unusual video game of all time. Already Dolphin is being called Sega's next blockbuster hit. It will change the way you think about dolphins.

Dolphin features true-to-life graphics and sound that helps bring the oceans and its denizens to life. To make Ecco as lifelike as possible, the game designers digitized actual film footage of dolphins and translated their movements onto the Genesis.

Every stroke of Ecco's tail, every roll, flip and spy hop is based on the movements of a real dolphin. The game lets you experience what it is like to live and swim as a dolphin.

An Adventure As Big As The universe

But there's more to this game than swimming, rolling and flipping. One day you watch helpessly as your friends and family (your "family pod") are taken from the sea by a mysterious force. To save your pod you must discover what has taken them...and why.

The adventure takes you across the oceans of the world, down into the depths in search of Orcas and Big Blue, the ancient whale. You'll search for the lost City of Atantis and travel 65 million years back in time to confront an evil as old as the universe.

With 24 levels, Dolphin is big, bold and beautiful. A password feature allows you to save games. Almost every level has mazes full of danger, air tubes and glyphs.

The Search For Orca

The killer whale is a cousin to the dolphin. Normally enemies, the danger they face is great enough to unite them in common cause. Orca has information you must have! Catch the next issue of SegaVi-sions for more maps and hints.

Seas of Beauty, Seas of Danger.

Ecco Sails into new Seas of Adventure.

Worlds of wonder:

Ecco's original travels through past times and alien worlds are a tough act to follow, but Tides of Time comes through with new dimensions, sights, and sounds. This game takes Ecco through two possible futures. In one, ocean life, the sea, and all the surrounding planets and skies live in harmony. The other is cold and mysterious, full of unending dangers, machinelike surroundings, and the deadly descendants of an evil and familiar enemy. Tides of Time is packed with everything that made the original an undersea blast. The songs of Ecco's victory over the deadly Vortex Queen still echo through the vast underwater world. But now you have to sing, swim, and explore in wild new ways. Each of the gigantic levels is filled with threats and friends both familiar and new. Trellia, your friend and descendant from the future, will lead you on fantastic adventures. You'll have to save trapped baby whales, dodge the jaws of approaching sharks, and even sing to yourself to gain crucial clues.

Mystical elements and abilities help Ecco through his second adventure. Silvery teleport rings, scattered through various places and times, can carry Ecco across entire oceans in an instant. Sky canals connect distant seas. And Ecco's new morphing capability links him crucially with the waters, lands, and skies that he must traverse. You'll need to transform him into a shark, a sea gull, and other creatures in order to restore peace to the waters. Mystical elements and abilities help Ecco through his second adventure. Silvery teleport rings, scattered through various places and times, can carry Ecco across entire oceans in an instant. Sky canals connect distant seas. And Ecco's new morphing capability links him crucially with the waters, lands, and skies that he must traverse. You'll need to transform him into a shark, a sea gull, and other creatures in order to restore peace to the waters. Search each level high and low for one of these power-ups. Sonar it, and you can launch a four-way sonar attack by double-tapping. Button A.

Taking me Plunge:

Easy mode gives first-time Ecco players a guiding light to follow when things get contusing. Hard mode will keep even the best game players on their fins (they should be prepared for some serious challenge in the Medusa Tube and force-scrolling levels). And with Tides of Time's password save and unlimited continues, you'll never get bored or frustrated.

Perhaps the most spectacular addition is the stunning 3-D perspective. The realism of the animation will amaze you as Ecco swims toward and around enemies, ocean life, and teleport rings. Jump high toward the starry sky, admire the rock reefs in the distance, and cut through the cool ocean water with a brilliant splash toward the next shimmering teleport ring. The gorgeous graphics and animation.


Ecco returns in an adventure that will thrill an even larger audience of gamers. Players who found his first adventure a solid challenge (and those who may have found it way hard) will love this accessible Action/Adventure title. In this one-player Genesis quest, our bottle-nosed hero faces new challenges that take him across more than 40 levels of gorgeous graphics, from his breathtaking watery home to the strange yet vivid skies of the future. With sensational 34) game play, terrific sound, aid challenging puzzles, Ecco will sweep you away.

Be careful when charging fish for food. These guys tend to blow up at you.

For a little uplift, jump up into these bubbles and sonar as you turn.


Not all glyphs serve the same purpose. Here are a few to look out for:

  1. This spark is the glue form several glyphs that need to come together.
  2. These cracked-door glyphs are open just a short amount of time. Swim fast or charge through the opening so that you won't need to get the key glyph's song again.
  3. Look for this extremely important glyph in later levels. Sonaring it into its short-and-wide state will cause it to take a thin, tall shape. This enables Ecco to return to this point if he is defeated, but it won't work unless it's tall and narrow.
  4. Some key glyphs are broken in half. Sonar the upper halves to the lower halves to mend them.
  5. Low on air? Scan the sonar map for precious underwater air bubbles.
  6. If you're seeing double and you just can't pass your mirror image, strike up a conversation with yourself.
  7. These guys can get testy if Ecco follows them too closely. Hang hack, and they just might open a few doors.
  8. You begin the game in this chamber. Break the shells and swim up to play in Hard mode. For Easy mode, swim up through the empty canal. Swim to the right for the Default mode.
  9. Old friends can lend a helping hand.

Dazzling 3-D Game Play:

  1. Easy does it—teleport rings disappear if Ecco's sonar waves touch them.
  2. Not all teleport rings are underwater. Dip toward the ocean floor, then press Button B as Ecco comes up toward the ring.
  3. Flying is strictly for the birds., and dolphins?
  4. Need to get a rock over a barrier? Push the rock up to the obstacle, swim straight down over it, press Up on the D-Pad until the rock is parallel to the barrier, let the rock begin to fall, and charge it into the barrier.

Dolphin of a Thousand races: When Ecco morphs into other creatures, the game play changes with him. These are some of the forms that he can adopt to propel himself through unfamiliar realms.

  1. Shark: Sharks are fish, not mammals. In other words, they need oxygen. Swim back and forth rapidly to replenish Ecco's air meter.
  2. Jellyfish: The key glyph that you need lies just beyond the strong upward current. You can't make it to the surface for air. Use the metasphere.
  3. Sea Gull: The great circle of life continues out of the water. Fly slowly and on a horizontal path, and be ready to fly down diagonally when the predatory birds swoop in.

Hot Hint's:

  1. Look for the Magic Arm. If you can collect its bubbles, you'll be able to emit heat-seeking sonar waves when traveling in the 3-D stages.
  2. You don't need to pass through a teleport ring to activate it. You only have to touch it.
  3. If you sonar a glyph and it does nothing but vibrate, knock it out of its resting place by singing at it from an upward diagonal position.
  4. After rescuing all the baby orcas, swim to the front of the pod and look for a stray. When he whistles, follow him.
  5. If you've helped the Asterite and you're running out of air, try swimming down the Asterite's center.
  6. Seek out Blackfin the Dolphin, who leads you through the Four Islands. Press Button C to catch up. Otherwise, he returns to his waiting place and you must begin again.
  7. To defeat the Globe Holder, sing it loose from the walls, sing it into the walls without getting crushed, and swim from corner to corner when it attacks.
  8. Ecco still remembers the Charge Attack song he learned in his first adventure. Press Button B and immediately press Button A to send out this deadly sonar.

The Ecco game was hailed as the first of a new breed of video games which would eschew violence in favor of constructive, thought-provoking gameplay. Ecco is more puzzle game than arcade game, with spectacular water effects and a brilliantly colorful undersea world. Your dolphin's movement is silky smooth, and at first, swimming around in the open sea and jumping out of the water is fun in of itself. The goal of each stage is not immediately apparent, but you'll find hints by "talking" to other sea creatures you run encounter. In Ecco game, you'll open passages, save other dolphins, avoid deadly predators like sharks, and eventually destroy an "ancient evil" in the grand finale.

Your 25-stage journey will take you through past worlds, including the lost city of Atlantis. It's fun to see what each new level has in store. The difficulty level is perfect - it provides plenty of challenge but little in the way of frustration, and a password is provided at the end of each stage. In addition to the gorgeous graphics, the music is also amazing. The ominous but relaxing undersea tones are very appropriate.

The gameplay was essentially side-scrolling, although it scrolled vertically as well, since Ecco is a swimming creature. Attacking enemies was accomplished by making Ecco ram into them at high speeds. Swimming could be made progressively faster by tapping a certain button, and the speed could be maintained by holding it down. Players could perform a purely aesthetic spin in the air when jumping out of the water. Two unique features of the game played on actual dolphin habits. One was a sonar map that could be brought up by making Ecco "sing" (this was also how he talked to other Singers as well as interact with certain things such as clams and Glyphs) and then holding the button down to make the "song" return to him, a la echolocation in real dolphins. The other was the fact that Ecco, being a mammal, had to surface periodically for air, or else find an air vent. Ecco would drown if his "air meter" ran out. His health was measured by a separate meter; it was depleted by enemies or when his air meter had run out, and it was recharged by eating fish, "singing" to clams, or, later in the game, singing to special Glyphs and statues. Ecco's song could be optionally "upgraded" at two points in the game; one allowed it to be used in combination with a charge as a long-range weapon, and the other made singing at a shark temporarily disorient it.

The Glyphs were crystals that would respond somehow if Ecco sang to or touched them. Some blocked paths, and a "Key Glyph" had to be found in such cases to pass. Others gave information, and a few in later levels would replenish health and air and give Ecco temporary invulnerability.

If you get stumped on Dark Water (level 18) here's the solution: When you reach the Asterite, bunt four brown colored globes (it might be any colored globes, but I did the brown ones) then when you're transported back to modem times swim to the Asterite, then swim by his globe.

Codes for Ecco the Dolphin


  1. Jurassic Beach - MDEBRCBO
  2. Pteranodon Pond - JNXFRCBS
  3. Trilobite Circle - ZINNRCBB
  4. City of Forever - DETSWCIY
  5. The Tube - BGAPAAIE
  6. The Last Fight - DKPWBAIH

In a world of video games that emphasize blowing things up and committing violent acts, a game that emphasizes friendship is a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed Ecco Jr. from Sega Club even though I am well above the four to nine age group that the game is meant for. The graphics, as with the Ecco game, are very well done. The sound was great and I especially liked the two extra mammals you can play as. The puzzles aren't too hard, but should provide enough of a challenge for the younger kids. The controls are a little difficult to get used to, but once you do, you can make him turn on a dime. If you liked the Ecco game and have a child around age four, this is a must-get: even if you don't, you might want to check it out. I'll be playing it well after I finish this preview.

As with all of the Ecco games you will encounter many Impressive sea creatures. From giant sea horses and sharks, to tropical fish and stingrays. In Ecco Jr., none of the sea creatures are hostile toward you, and friendship is emphasized.

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Ecco supports single modeSingle game mode

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