• Developer: Novatrade
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Kolibri is tbe latest game for Sega's 32X adapter It feels and plays like an aerial Ecco the Dolphin. Continuing the nature theme, take the helm of a hummingbird as it tackles the perils of survival. Kolibri is one of the few shooters for the 32X. (Zaxxon Motherbase is the only other one that readily comes to mind.) Power-up your hummingbird by sucking pollen out of flowers or collecting bubbles that float in the air. It may disappoint the purists out there since it combines some puzzle elements to keep you from flying through each level. It's done is a subtle way, much like how Ecco wasn't a total action game. The puzzles detract from the game at times, with the objective not very clear. As a result, you might get frustrated with it. The game play of Kolibri is certainly complicated for one just picking up the game. Trying to maintain a set altitude is hard. There are many icons to be picked up, and determining what item is going to do what gets confusing. At times there isn't time to check what you pick up. A major pet peeve is that if you die, sometimes you'll come back in the line of enemy fire. Poof, instant death. That happens more often than you think. The levels are drawn really well, with the artist making good use of the 32X's color palettes. The same background foliage that makes up the first six or so levels does get boring after a while, though. While the later levels have different motifs, it gets monotonous with what seems like the same level over and over. The self-scrolling levels can be tedious as well. This one is a hard game to judge, if you didn't have the patience with Ecco, the odds are this game will get annoying. No bones about it, Kolibri looks good, but the game play seems inconsistent.


Kolibri seems like a sequel of sorts to Ecco the Dolphin. One look at the graphics and you can see the similarity. Like Ecco the control is not what you'd be used to for that type of game. Whereas the control was unique before, this new style of game play just seemed off. The music is very new age as well. If you liked Echo, this might be of some interest for you, but think of it as a game in the same vein rather than a sequel.

People say:


Kolibri will instantly bring to mind Sega's other nature-themed game, Ecco. While the visuals are beautiful to behold (lots of colors and detail), they get repetitive. Kolibri has a very unusual control scheme that is hard to get used to. Some of the levels have a puzzle that needs to be solved, but the player is left hanging as to what it is. Kolibri is part puzzler and part shooter. The action aspects lack precision: If you die, you can get caught in a loop of deaths. It's okay, but I just don't get it.


This one's a little hard to describe. It's a shooter-type game much like Gradius, but instead of being in control ot some futuristic aircraft, you lead the life of a small bird. This groundbreaking title was done by the same people who masterminded Ecco the Dolphin. The game plays somewhat like Ecco, except that the levels are much smaller. The controls for your feathered friend are very realistic and the graphics for the game look superb on the 32X. Very ingenious!


The first things that impressed me about the game were the dean graphics, the serene music and the calm atmosphere that surround this game. It reminded me of Ecco the Dolphin though it differs quite a bit (it's a shooter). Although the enemies and levels are unique (bullfrogs, bees, waterfalls, etc.), you can easily become frustrated. Once you continue after being killed, you reappear as a one-hit wonder and quickly get killed again. What's that all about?


Just when I thought there was nowhere left to go with a shooter, suddenly a hummingbird hops into play. Kolibri is filled with the best possible graphics of birds and insects I have ever seen. It controls fairly well, but the game needs work on the cheap deaths when restarting. Wind pressure is also a source of irritation since it forces you where you don't want be. There is no mistaking it; Kolibri is the first of a new trend in bird shooters. Wait, let's forget I even said that last statement.

Kolibri is both the title of Sega's newest Action/Adventure game and the name of its star, an iridescent hummingbird.

The goal was to bring a hummingbird's world to life much as Sega did with a dolphin in the Ecco games, this time allowing you to move in three dimensions.

You'll find that this one-player cart meets these expectations and gives much more.

Kolibri is an emerald-green bird who moves like the wind, when he's not hovering on wings that seem to go a million miles an hour.

Kolibri's world is threatened when two crystals plummet from space, one red and one green.

The red crystal emits energy that turns all living creatures into deadly, mutant monsters.

The green crystal emits energy that twists plant life into thorny, poisoned horrors.

The mutations begin to spread rapidly as both the crystals sink deeper into the earth.

Kolibri gets involved in the plight of the world when he encounters the energy of a third crystal, this one blue, that has been buried for the last 5 billion years.

The blue crystal recruits the hummingbird, setting him off on a giant adventure.

You'll be able to make Kolibri fly, hover, and move in and out of his 3-D world.

Fly These Unfriendly Skies

Three years ago, Sega revolutionized video games with Ecco the Dolphin, giving gamers the opportunity to dive into the world of a bottlenose dolphin. Now Sega is giving you the ability to fly with a new animal Adventure, Kolibri for the Genesis 32X. Kolibri stars a hummingbird who has been given extraordinary powers to combat a 14-million-year-old menace that threatens the entire earth. Kolibri is so advanced that it needed the processing muscle of the 32X to bring it to life. The game features phenomenal multilevel scrolling and highly detailed backgrounds that bring the vividly colored microworld of a hummingbird alive. It's the most realistic animal Adventure ever to appear on a Sega system.

Good Things In Small Packages

A black crystal has impacted the planet, spreading malignant energy that mutates everything it touches. In response to this threat, a healing blue crystal has awakened and chosen Kolibri to be its champion. It graces the hummingbird with the ability to use different forms of its energy to destroy the mutants. With his new abilities comes awareness. Kolibri must journey across the planet and into the dark recesses of the animal world in search of the black crystal.

At first, the mutations drive stinging insects like bees and hornets to attack. But the farther Kolibri goes, the more dangerous the mutations become. The hornets begin to fire particles, then to change into horrible alien monstrosities. Anthills and underground caverns contain bizarre creatures.

In 3-D levels, Kolibri must shoot down mutants that fly at him from all directions. Can a tiny creature whose heartbeat can be measured in thousandths of a second save the world? Kolibri has all the tools to battle the mutations of the malignant menace. Take control of Kolibri and experience the wonders of flying in inner space.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Kolibri supports single modeSingle game mode

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