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  • Developer: Cyberlife Technology, Ltd.
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (1998)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Tip 1: Dolly The Sheep-Cloning Specials

If you get a particularly cool creature you can create clones. Make sure the creature you wish to clone is the selected one (using the Creatures menu), then export it to a file on your hard drive using Export Current Creature from the File menu. This removes the creature from the world and places it in a file on disk. You can now create copies of this file to make lots of any creature that you wish. This technique is handy if you want to keep copies of the creatures you're about to genetically splice using the genetic splicing machine, just in case the resultant creature is a hideous mutant.

Tip 2: Berries, Berries, Everywhere

Take a note of which berries have medicinal qualities, and mark the place where they grow. The little yellow ones that grow in the biopod underneath the desert island, for example, are highly medicinal and useful for combating some of the poisons (such as cyanide) that a creature may pick up.

Tip 3: Chemical Mixing Machine

At the bottom far left of the map is a chemical mixing machine that enables you to produce your own chemical concoctions and feed them to creatures. But you need to be careful with this! Used wrongly you can confuse, poison or disorientate your creature. As a hint, the first four levels of the blue component give various foodstuffs that are harmless. Add a little yellow and you never know what might happen, so be careful to monitor the results in the Science Kit applet.

Tip 4: Be Sparing With The Slap And Tickle

Every time you tickle or slap your creature, it generates reward or punishment. These are chemicals that flow over the brain and enable the creature to learn whether actions it has taken are good or bad. If you slap and tickle them all the time, they are forever 'taught' that whatever they were doing is a wise or unwise move - which can lead to confusion in the brain. So think twice before engaging in a longterm tickling campaign.

Tip 5: Romance Is In The Air

Trouble breeding? No problem. Take a mating pair of creatures to the desert island - this is to the right of the incubator area, and there is a boat that takes you directly there. On the desert island's eastern jetty, there is a massive horn instrument called the love horn (!); the island is the Island of Love. When both creatures are near the horn, click on the mouthpiece to play a tune of love. This puts lots of pheromones into the air and gives even the most stubborn creature a Viagra-like dose of sex drive. They'll soon be at it like rabbits. The best thing is that they'll recover their sex drive in seconds, so they can have another go. And that includes the males. So no rolling over and going straight to sleep.

Tip 6: Deaung With Short Attention Spans

Some creatures may be particularly unco-operative. The cute little guys wandering around near the incubator are called 'learning critters'. If you click on one, it pops up a little speech bubble with the name of an object - such as food - in it. This then teaches that word to all creatures within hearing range. If you click on several of these, you can teach a lot of the word vocabulary to a nom.

Tip 7: Attracting Creature Attention To A Particular Object

If you've already named an object (see tip immediately above for a short cut), you can attract a norn's attention to it by just typing the name of the object into a speech bubble. So if your creature already knows that cheese is called 'food', then typing the word 'food' into a speech bubble and hitting 'enter' usually attracts the creature's attention to the nearest lump of cheese.

Tip 8: Puffer Fish

The puffer fish are a fantastic aid to drowning - stopping it, that is. These cute little green fish wait till a norn falls into the sea, and then they inflate with air and rescue the creature. It doesn't work 100 per cent of the time, but if you have a little shoal of puffer fish, then you're normally safe from norns drowning while you're not around.

Toxins In Creatures 2


Creatures exposed to radiation get heavy metals in their bloodstream. Heavy metals damage the bones, and hence the organ repair mechanism. The treatment for radiation is a compound called EDTA, or ethytenediaminetetraacetic acid if you're a chemistry head.

Gcd Donase

A toxin that breaks down adipose, which is a creature's very long-term fat storage. This reaction releases a small amount of glucose.


Breaks down glycogen, which creatures use as an emergency energy store Injecting the infected creature with arnica acts as a cure.


Stops the creature's heart. The cure for this is sodium thiosulphite You can normally keep a creature alive by continuously injecting the defibrillant mixture on the Syringe page in the Science Kit applet until cyanide decays (about 15 seconds). A better treatment is a combination of defibrillant and sodium thiosulphite.

Sleep Toxin

Converts a reduction in sleepiness into sleepiness, making creatures very tired. Sleep toxin causes no lasting damage and wears off relatively quickly. This usually appears as a result of a bacterial infection.

Fever Toxin

Shuts down the skin organ, making it difficult for the creature to cool itself and causing overheating and dehydration. This is usually a result of a bacterial infection.


Slows down the heart This reduces the rate at which ATP is produced, and can be potentially fatal.


Not a toxin in normal conditions, as it is a long-term fat store. However, in great quantities the creature Is effectively 'obese', and this can lead to heart disease.

What we thought

"Creatures 2 is here and I'm terrified. Why? Because I can't help loving my creations. Whether they're thick or clever, independent or docile, or even annoying, I care for them."

What you think

People say:

  • "Creatures 2is amazing, though i really want to create a psycho norm to kill all the other cute ones. But I conducted an experiment: I hatched a load of both male and female norns and left my PC running overnight to see what would happen. Every one had died by 2am. Sad!"
  • "To be quite frank, it's a bit poor, especially after what we were promised would be delivered. Getting the norns to do anything is still the chore it has always been, and the little bastards are as irritating as ever. "We were promised this all-new intelligence system, norns with proper life systems, and other execrable shit. I've been playing for a couple of days now and have, by some incredible fluke, managed to get a male norn past pre-adulthood. Now everything is fine and dandy, I can tell him what to do and he'll do it. Before your norns get this advanced they are a complete pain in the arse."

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Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Creatures 2 supports single modeSingle game mode

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