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  • Developer: Delphine Software / USGold
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Also known as: Flashback: The Quest for Identity
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Flashback brings incredible character animation together with high-tech graphics and cinema quality animation for a gaming experience like no other. This game has a level of player control that reaches new heights of real-time inters action. Starting in the artificial jungles of Titan, the game takes you on an epic quest through seven huge multi-level areas, each with individual goals and side missions. The game is so big that you need passwords to save your progress. Flashback can be played in three difficulty levels- easy, normal and hard.

The Jungles of Titan

Titan's artificial jungle is the easiest stage. It's a good place to practice your running, jumping and combat techniques. Your two missions here are to get the wounded man his teleporter and find enough credits to buy an anit-gravity belt from the old man. It's the only way you can get into New Washington. You start by climbing down a level and getting the holocube, which you knocked off the ledge when you were getting up. Watch its message for clues about what you have to do.

  • TIP: Throw stones to contuse mutant sentries in the Titan Jungle.
  • TIP: Credits are the currency of the worlds you will travel.

Moving Around

Button combinations allow you to make Conrad run, walk, jump, hang by his fingertips and, with his gun out, move like a battle- ready soldier.

New Washington

Make it to New Washington and you won't have to look very hard to find lan. If fact, you'll probably walk into him...and a few armed policemen. Rescue him from this dilemma and he'll give you back your memory, plus a force field that gives you a second or so of total protection every time you hit the button.

In New Washington you must complete a number of missions to earn money and buy a new ID, so you can enter Death Tower and hopefully win a ticket to Earth. The missions range from delivering a package to exterminating a level full of armed mutants. Each mission will test a different aspect of your skill in moving around in Flashback. The lessons you leam will come in handy in other areas of the game.

Death Tower

It seems as if every future culture has a death-oriented game show. This one is no exception. Survive eight perilous floors of Death Tower...while millions watch...and you'll win a free ticket to Earth.

  • TIP: View the Mission Screens to find jobs.
  • TIP: You need a Fuse to fix the switch outside of fan's home.
  • TIP: You'll need to play Death Tower to get to Earth.
  • TIP: In Death Tower, enter each room rolling...with your gun drawn and ready.
  • TIP: The tube train is your main transportation in New Washington.
  • TIP: Have a seat, lan will give you back your memory.
  • TIP: Go to the Administrative Center near Africa station to get a work permit.

To Earth… and Beyond

What's waiting for you on Earth? Trouble...and more trouble. The Morphs are dedicated to their evil plans. Only you can stop them. Flashback will give every gamer a run for their money in a format that is different from any other Genesis game. And there is even a Flashback mini-comic included in the instruction manual. Flashback is the type of cart that lets you know there is more to the video game world than just blast and run.

Character Interaction

You assume the role of Conrad Hart, an agent on the run. You interact with characters to obtain items and information. You have the use of many different objects and items. Important moments of the game, such as finding code keys and obtaining packages, are shown in full-screen animation complete with digitized music and sound effects.

Usable items and people you can talk to are identified by icons in the upper left comer of the screen. The icon depicts an action, like talking, with the item identified. Characters in the game also give you clues to the use of objects by, for example, asking you to sit in a chair.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Flashback on the Genesis broke new ground in 1993 with graphics and animation. The rotoscoped renderings of digitized live action result in startlingly convincing character movements. The running, jumping, and gunning animations in particular stand out for their smoothness. Every level abounds in graphic realism. Pivotal moments, like the discovery of a key or the retrieval of a teleporter, appear in full-screen polygonal animation. If you're after high adventure and eye-popping, lifelike visuals, Flashback delivers.

posted by Epic Moreno

Flashback by U.S. Gold combines the best of adventure and role-playing formats to capture the prize for Best Adventure/RPG product on the Genesis platform. The intricate plot casts you as a secret agent out to uncover an alien plot for galactic domination. Fulfilling the quest calls for quick wits, fast reflexes, and the ability to master a wide variety of situations — coping with temporary amnesia, surviving the kill-or-be-killed atmosphere of the Death Tower, bluffing your way through spaceports to reach Earth, and more.

posted by Diego Barros

Here are the codes to all the levels

Level: Easy


  1. Scene 1-PIXEL
  2. Scene 2 - BETSY
  3. Scene 3 - PANCHO
  4. Scene 4 - STUDIO
  5. SceneS-TOHO
  6. Scene 6 -AKANE
  7. Scene 7 - INCBIN

Level: Normal


  1. Scene 1-FALCON
  2. Scene 2 - DATA
  3. Scene 3 - MILORD
  4. Scene 4 - QUICKY
  5. SceneS-BIJOU
  6. Scene 6 -BUBBLE
  7. Scene 7 - CLIP

Level: Expert


  1. Scene 1-CLIO
  2. Scene 2 - ACRTC
  3. Scene 3 - BLOB
  4. Scene 4 - STUN
  5. SceneS-MIMOLO
  6. Scene 6 -HECTOR
  7. Scene 7 - KALIMA

FLASHBACK is a unique game, in that it is considered an interactive movie. If one were to glance at the game, they might think they were watching an animated film, not playing a game. The opening scene is of a young man being shot down over a jungle, who is on the run after stealing a ship. After regaining consciousness, you (as the aforementioned thief) don't know who you are, why you are there, or where you came from. As you venture through seven levels on six different worlds, asking questions of others as well as of yourself, you realize that you're also on the run from someone who wants you dead. The story, which is told with the help of 75 cinematic sequences, is a tale shrouded in mystery and suspense, and one that you will hardly believe!

posted by Caterina ten Velde

Yet the story is just one of the elements that make Flashback the classic that it is. The game itself is something so different and unique that only the most open-minded gamers on the planet (any planet) would be able to draw true admiration out of it. Here is a game that, while not having the fast paced action that's become so synonymous with video games, represented everything that video games have the potential to be, as well as what the Sega Genesis was capable of. Flashback, like Ico on the PlayStation 2, gave gamers the kind of escapism and brilliant gameplay that one would feel a true sense of accomplishment upon beating it.

posted by Lawrence Paiz

Flashback is chock full of slick animations, superb sounds and tons of atmosphere. It's a near perfect blend of action and adventure, leaving almost nothing to be desired.

posted by Adrian Riggs

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Flashback supports single modeSingle game mode

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