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  • Developer: The Walt Disney Company
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994) , GameGear (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

The Lion King takes place in the jungles of Africa, where Simba the lion cub outgrows his carefree, royal lifestyle and accepts the responsibility, danger, and challenges to reclaim his rightful place in the "circle of life." The story unfolds visually, with backdrop silhouettes within the levels so that the characters can interact. All of the film's musical score has been adapted to the game. The game is divided into two sections. The first encompasses the life of young Simba, the cub; the second is about Sjmba. the lion prince, on his way back to reclaim the Pride Lands. The game progresses through 10 levels, plus two bonus rounds, changing from a lighthearted to a more serious action-adventure game. Ultimately, each level is a training ground for Simba's final confrontation with his evil Uncle Scar.

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The mane Event: Playing as Simba, you'll grow from a mischievous cub to an adult lion intent on winning his rightful crown. As the very young Simba, you'll experience hakuna matata. That's no worries. You'll play with your animal buddies, chase after butterflies, and practice your kingly roar. Your carefree days at Pride Rock end abruptly when King Mufasa is lost in a side-scrolling wildebeest stampede — stay above the herd, or you'll get trampled.

Things get serious as you grow up. You've gotta find your wise friend Rafiki, make your way through hazard-ridden Jungle Caverns, and fend off a pack of hyenas before you can claim the throne from your usurping uncle. Good thing that you develop longer leaps, defensive paw swipes, and a seriously imposing roar.

All the movie's greatest moments are in the game. In the bonus rounds, you'll play as Pumba in an insect-eating race. Your wisecracking pal Timon introduces each level. And your final battle with Scar will make your fur stand on end. Look for more cover ge of this exciting new game in a future issue of Sega Visions.

Overview: You've hummed the tunes. And soon you can swing into Simba's territory on your Game Gear with The Lion King. This fun-filled Adventure from Sega lets you relive everything you loved about the film, from Simba's carefree youth to his confrontation with Scar. Along the way, you'll meet up with old friends like Pumbaa, catch some dinner, and frolic in the water. With magical Disney graphics, hit songs from the movie, and a kingdom of animal characters, The Lion King will give you a roaring good time.

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This fall, Disney and Virgin Interactive Entertainment are bringing you to a new world of adventure. It all began with the delights of the Far East in Disney's Aladdin, the first video game to combine the magic of Disney animation and high-tech, video game wizardry. Then followed Disney's The Jungle Book, placing you in the jungles of India. Now venture to the African veldt in Disney's The Lion King Sega Visions has been following Disney's The Lion King ever since we saw it in preliminary sketch form last year. We've been expecting great things. And what we're showing here will have you growling for more!

The Cub Who Would Be King

Based on the stellar hit animated feature film, Disney's The Lion King on Genesis is the story of Simba, a lion cub who must venture into the immense, awesome landscape of the African plains and earn his birthright as King of the Lions by defeating his evil uncle, the lion Scar. The game's characters and backgrounds were designed using the same Digicel techniques that Disney's Aladdin made so famous. The result is the most realistic re-creation of a fourlegged animal to be seen on a video game system, placed in a world that will appear to be taken directly from the movie. In addition to side-scrolling levels, players are in for some remarkable first-person surprises. The game will feature music from the movie score as well as roars that will raise the hair on anyone's neck!

Disney's The Lion King will feature ten levels; six taking you from life as a cub, and four to the final confrontation against Scar as an adult. Good players will find bonus levels featuring Pumbaa the warthog and Timon the meerkat, two of the lovable characters from the animated film. By breaking the game into two distinct sections, Virgin Interactive and Westwood Studios have created a game that starts out as a platform Action/Adventure title and graduates to a sophisticated combat-oriented Adventure title as you prepare for the battle with Scar. Special moves like the slash attack and the roll attack are earned as you become more experienced and "grow up." Check out upcoming issues of Sega Visions for extended coverage of Disney's The Lion King.

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Tooth and Nail Action in Circle of Life

Welcome To The Mane Event

Join a young lion-cub prince (Simba, son of King Mufasa) as he learns about the Circle of Life (the way of the Pridelands): All tilings are interconnected, all depend on each other for survival, and Simba's birth is just the beginning of a new Circle.

His journey through life takes a turn for the worse when his father is lost in a wildebeest stampede provoked by his evil uncle Scar.

Thinking it his own fault, Simba goes into exile.

Meanwhile, Scar and his hyenas seize control of the Pridelands and take them to ruin.

Overcome early obstacles, and Simba grows into an adult lion.

Only then can you challenge the despicable Scar and take your rightful place as king of the beasts.

From Cub in King

Simba is truly a multitalented lion.

As a cub, he can Pounce on enemies, Roll with teeth and claws extended, Roar to stun his opposition, and Grab things to climb up or swing from.

As he grows up, he adds Slashing with his massive claws and Mauling (multiple Slashes, Bite, and Throw).

Early levels have you exploring Simba's abilities and looking for bonus items and power-ups, propelled into the air by rhinos, thrown around by monkeys, riding ostriches, fighting vultures and hyenas, and avoiding the massive wildebeest


Disney Software and Virgin interactive Entertainment have a partnership that turns blockbuster animated features into great-looking and great-sounding fun for gamers.

Disney's Aladdin was amazing.

The Lion King for Genesis, also a Vir-giit-Disney coproduction, takes another astounding step toward making your favorite movies completely interactive.

Join Simba as he makes his way from cub to king in this one-player Action title.

With artwork by Walt Disney Feature Animation, The Lion King is a visual feast.

You get ten big exploratioibfilled levels and frantic bug-eating bonus rounds, so there's lots of Simba and his friends for even the biggest fan of the blockbuster movie, You just can't wait to play King.

Hot Hints

  1. Search everywhere for items and pathways. There is no time limit.
  2. You may have to Roar at a pink monkey a second time.
  3. Stretched elephant hides give you bounce, but use them too many times and they'll break and drop you.
  4. In the bonus rounds starring Pumbaa, you have one belch available to clear the screen of bugs. Use it by hitting the Roar button.
  5. Bounce the rocks back to the gorilla by using Simba's Roll.
  6. In the Stampede level, boulder warnings flash four times. Hit Jump immediately after the fourth flash

The Lion King game follows the movie, with each level being based on part of the movie. You play as Simba in the game, and watch and play as he grows from a cub to a full-grown lion. The game hits all the major points of the movie, and for a Genesis game, captures the movie's look, feel, and did a great job with the gameplay. Most of you know how the movie goes and ends, and if you play Lion King game, I think that you would really like the ending, even though its not much compared to the games nowadays.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

You go from fighting hyenas and leaping over porcupines, to riding hippos to getting thrown around by tree-dwelling monkeys, all in the same game. You have a "roar" attack, which as a young Simba, doesn't do much to enemies, and it takes longer for young Simba to regain his voice. But as you mature into a full-grown Simba, you get the full-strength roar, and it scares and intimidates smaller enemies and makes them back off. This feature is used more in the beginning part of the game, than in the latter part. You also have the basic jump and the attack moves, in this case scratching or clawing.

posted by Lawrence Paiz

Lion King is one of those games that come along once in a lifetime, and that you will never forget. Lion King is one of those classics that millions of kids and adults loved and still love. The game is no exception.

posted by Adrian Riggs

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Lion King supports single modeSingle game mode

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