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Virtual Bart will probably be ripped on by the other reviewers, but I for one found it annoying at first, but addictive The animation of the cinemas are great, and the audio is better than my expectations. It's a lad easier than the Super NES veision, but that one was too hatrl for me I like games that have different types of games in one. Virtual Bart is better than you think. It's a good game that deserves a chance.


Virtual Bart is a nice collection of action games that will keep you entertained for a bit. especially the tomato toss, but that interest wears thin. I never understood why the "virtual" theme was even needed, but it in buzzword these days. Graphics are decent sounds are okay but it's just another Simpson's game. Nothing exciting here, folks. Take the safe route and rent this puppy to see if it's your cup of tea.


Where did the control go? Someone please tell me where it went because it's definitely not in this game. Because of its lack of control. Virtual Bart in just a game of frustration A button configuration option would liaue helped a little. It's too bud, though. There were some neat scones in the game that would have been really cool if the game played better. On the up side, the game had okay graphics and good voices.


The concept is really cool and I like all the wacky games Bart goes through, but it needs to play a lot better. Tho control gets frustrating and renliy impedes the enjoyment ot the cart. It could have been a great title using the classic Simpson altitude and characters, but the playability wasn't up to the big name. The graphics and sounds are good, but it could have really used some more playable levels.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

The visual aspects of the game are well done. The characters and the levels they live in are very vibrant and colorful. The detail is also fairly good and is reminiscent of other Simpson's games, such as Bart's Nightmare. Animation is fairly fluent and some levels in particular use good scrolling and sliding techniques, like the waterslide or photo day levels.

posted by Epic Moreno

The sound in the Simpsons: The Virtual Bart game is also very well done. Music is consistently good and fills the purpose that it is meant for. The voice samples and sound effects are also right up to par. They really seem to add to the overall feel and atmosphere of the game, plus lend themselves to certain levels perfectly.

posted by Diego Barros

Bart Simpson is up to his old tricks.

Not content with pickling his father's head for the school science fair, he volunteers for a virtual-reality experiment and sends himself on a truly weird journey through time.

His six-world misadventures take him from prehistoric times, when he becomes a tail-whipping Dino Bart, to a rough-and-tumble nuclear future that he plows through on his motorcycle.

As Pig Bart, he must shut down the cannery before he's made into ham hocks, and as himself he steers clear of bathers in a force-scrolling water tube and pelts classmates with tomatoes.

Would you expect anything less from the world's foremost prankster?

Hot Hints

  1. Watch out for squirrels when you're chasing down the ice cream man.
  2. If you run into a human barrier in the water tubes, you can back up and take a different route.
  3. Baby Lisa is not on your side when you play as Dino Bart. Keep your distance.

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Simpsons: The Virtual Bart supports single modeSingle game mode

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Simpsons: The Virtual Bart 1
Simpsons: The Virtual Bart 2
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