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  • Developer: Treasure Co., Ltd.
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Strap on your space-age six-gun and get ready to throw down the meanest horde of villains ever to hold a planet hostage. Gunstar Heroes from Sega is rapid-fire, nonstop, mash 'em, blast em action. Built around four initial levels that you can play in any order, Gunstar Heroes is a one- or two-player, fast-paced title perfect for hardcore run 'n gun gamers. You play as a Defender of the planet Gunstar 9. Your mission is to recapture four mystical gems to stop the Destructor Golden Silver from plunging the planet into a reign of terror.

The Ultra Flame-thrower is the best all-around weapon choice early in the game. Hang and you can fire 360 degrees, a good way to rapidly clear enemies.

You can throw enemies by touching them and pressing Button B. Thrown enemies will take out a number of their friends. This is a good close-combat tactic.

The level one big boss can be beaten by firing and dodging with any of the weapons. A more direct...and safer...move is to get the weapons for Chaser Lightning. Let the lightning lock onto the boss, hold the fire button and dodge their shots. This weapon combination is extremely useful against all the bosses.

At times, the safest place to be in theUnderground is between walls. Pressing the Jump Button once will put you In the air. Press it twice to switch walls.

Before you battle the boss in Black's Base, you must first survive the Dice Palace. Each roll places you either on a Fight or Item space. Land on the Way Back and you start at the begin ning. But don't worry, The most vou f go through is twice.

Hot Hints:

  1. Gunstar Heroes gives you four basic weapon choices. You can carry a maximum of two. One weapon alone will give you the effect of that weapon. Combine them and you'll get some pretty cooL...and lethaL...effects.
  2. Force + Lightning = Rapid-fire Lightning.
  3. Force + Chaser = Chaser Force Beam.
  4. Force + Fire = Exploding Fireball.
  5. Force + Force = Double Fireball.
  6. Fire + Chaser = Chaser Fireball.
  7. Fire + Lightning = Lightning Saber.
  8. Fire + Fire = Ultra Flame-thrower.
  9. Chaser + Lightning = Chaser Lightning.
  10. Chaser + Chaser = Star Chaser.
  11. Lightning + Lightning = Mega Bolt
  12. Chaser Lightning is one of the most effective combinations to use in a one-player game.
  13. Though you can take the levels in any order, it is easiest to take them in the order presented.
  14. Once you've determined that there are no power-ups in an area, it is best to move on.
  15. Pressing Buttons B and C together will block some enemy attacks.
  16. In two-player games, a player who loses a life and returns takes half the vitality from the remaining player. This can leave both players very vulnerable to attack.
posted by Maksym Kamiński


Some people get turned on by a nice, quiet game of chess. Well, they ain't gonna like Gunstar Heroes from Sega. This one- or two-player, action-crammed blastfest is becoming a modern cult classic with gamers who like their play loud, fast, and furious. Loaded with anime-style, razor-sharp graphics and killer sound, Gunstar pours on the action in relentless waves of armored enemies—which you must blast, smash, and pound using a variety of high-octane weapon combinations and slick martial arts maneuvers.

Gunstar Heroes is set on the strange-but-cool planet of Gunstar 9, where characters are named after colors and the enemies after food-color combinations. In one area you go hand to hand with a character named Curry and Rice, who could very well beat the chowder out of you.

Gunstar is awesome as a one-player title. But the mayhem takes on global proportions when two players throw down on the bad guys. The game begins with four levels that you can take in any order, followed by an intense space battle against the major bosses...then a final grand-slam confrontation against all the major enemies in all-new death-dealing machinery. In addition to phenomenal weapons, you can use a variety of kick and slide attacks, plus sling your partner into oncoming enemies with no damage to yourselves.

Gunsiar's Big Bad Bosses

Here are just a few of the laser-blasting horde of bosses found in every level of Gunstar Heroes.

The Ancient Ruins

Bravoo Man is easily toasted with a long burst of Fire.

Pinky Roader has two weak spots: the long arm and the cab.

The Underground Mine

This birdlike formation will try to grind you against the vertical walls. Doublejump to change walls and avoid crushing doom.

The Underground 7-Force boss has seven battle forms. This one has a long, long reach.

Now get ready to be sliced, diced, and turned into julienne fries.

Ready for a little cat and mouse? One of the last formations will chase you like a dog.

The Flying Battleship

The Swapping Reg is a foot stamper. Get directly underneath and blast straight up.

Beat Red on the flying machine and you have to go up against Orange.

Weapon Combos

You can possess up to two types of weapons. Holding two of the same kind of weapon gives you a super-weapon. Combine different weapons for some serious shooting. Our favorite combo is Chaser Lightning.


  1. Force + Lightning = Rapid-Fire Lightning
  2. Fire + Lightning = Lightning Saber
  3. Force + Chaser = Chaser Force Beam
  4. Fire + Fire = Ultra Flame-Thrower
  5. Force + Fire = Exploding Fireball
  6. Chaser + Lightning = Chaser Lightning
  7. Force + Force = Double Fireball
  8. Chaser + Chaser = Star Chaser
  9. Fire + Chaser = Chaser Fireball
  10. Lightning + Lightning = Mega-Bolt
posted by Epic Moreno

Gunstar Heroes is a frantically paced, thoroughly entertaining game. Running, jumping, and shooting are the obvious attractions here, but players can also kick, body slam, and slide-tackle the near-constant onslaught of enemies (which include some wildly original bosses). There are just four different standard weapons (force, lightning, chaser, and fire), but any two weapons can be combined to form a high-powered attack. (For example: force plus fire equals exploding fireball.) Frenetic sounds, humor, and rich, style graphics add to the explosive gaming experience, as do mine cart and spaceship stages.

posted by Diego Barros

You choose between Gunstars Red and Blue. Five weapons are at your disposal: force, lightning, chaser (like hunter), and fire. Two weapons can be carried simultaneously and can combined to form an even more powerful attack. While Red can run and fire at the same time, Blue must stop to shoot. This makes a huge difference in game play because certain bosses are easier to kill depending on which player you choose (and there are a lot of bosses!). In tight situations, both brothers also have distinctive close attacks. Red can perform a powerful body slam, while Blue can do both flying and drop kicks. You can also toss foes away from you and this even works on bosses!

Treasure's Gunstar Heroes is a lot of things. Is an insanely fun shooter. It's the best shooter ever of 2D (and maybe even 3D!), and it is one of the best games ever made. It's a classic.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Gunstar Heroes supports single modeSingle game mode Gunstar Heroes supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat)

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