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  • Developer: LucasArts Entertainment
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Originally on: Windows (2002)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

LucasArts have always had a reputation for producing the best adventures you're ever likely to come across on the PC. Sam 6 Max Hit the Road, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis - all classics in their own right, absolutely bursting with originality, humour and playability. If you haven't yet treated yourself to any of the above then go and do it now because they are currently doing a special compilation offer on a lot of their games at a reduced price.

Continuing their tradition of excellence. Full Throttle, their latest foray into the point-and-click world, looks like being their greatest triumph yet. As usual, it's highly original, with a plot that's as new fresh and intriguing as ever.

In a desolate future, justice is a thing of the past and the new law is the highway code. Or is that the code of the highway? Well, it's pretty nasty either way. The sort of place where you have to wipe the seat of your Harley with a damp bleached cloth before you get on it. and the cats eyes have grown razor blades, so you can only overtake if your bike has pneumatic tyres.

You play the character of Ben. A real cool biker dude with a quiff that stands tall in a tornado, and more facial hair than Barbara Cartland. He's tough (the sort that wipes his nose on the sleeve of his biker jacket without even caring) and he's got a voice that's deeper than the Grand Canyon. He's also the leader of a motorcycle gang called the Polecats. Trouble is. he's been framed for the murder of Malcolm Corley. Corley ran Corley Motors (oh really?), the last manufacturer of the bikes that sustain Ben's way of life. Separated from hi; gang and on the run from the law. Ben must hunt down the true killer, clear his name and convince Corley's rebellious daughter to help him save a threatened institution. It's a dirty job and you're the one that's got to do it.

Walkin', talkin', livin' dude

Apart from looking completely smart in the graphics department (as you can see from the screen shots, it's all done in a rather slick, cartoony style), the way the characters move, the cut scenes and the animation are quite superb. It features full speech (of course) and Mark Hamill really hams it up with a spoof "Eastwood" voice which just rumbles from your super woofer and really brings the character to life. In fact, all the voices suit the characters exactly, just as they did in the first Sam b Max game. The sound effects are also suitably roudy and come at you in stereo (if you've got the right card). When Ben turns the key in the is ignition, your bike roars into life and gently purrs away into the distance when your leather-clad hero drives off into the sunset. Beautiful.

In true LucasArts fashion, the interface isf both superbly simple and brilliant to use. making it an absolute joy to play the game. There are no frustrating commands to memorise, no complicated menu systems to negotiate and no real limitations as to what you can do. It's basically your average mouse-driven, point-and-click affair with a floating cursor that changes into a kind of "target" icon when you move it over something or someone with which/whom you can interact.

What makes this game so special however. is that there are no namby-pamby icons to worry about. You're a cool biker, remember? You don't believe in fairies, you never wear a helmet and you can stay out until half-past ten. as long as it's not a school night, that is. You do your talkin' with your fists and your boots - and if it that doesn't work you might just utter something completely cool. Luckily, your icon thingy knows this, and looks similar to a tattoo that Ben might sport on his forearm. consisting of a rather crude skull with a fist, boot and mouth set on a triangle. If you want to pick something up or use it you click on it with the left mouse button and then click on the hand/fist. If you want to kick something, you click on the boot. If you want to talk to someone, you click on the mouth. It really is that simple and it works like a dream. Moreover, if you try to do something a little out of the ordinary, and click on a door and then the mouth icon, you are immediately put in your place as Ben drawls "I ain't puttin' my lips on that!". And if you click on his treasured Corley and then click on the boot (giving Ben the instruction to kick his beloved super-bike) a rather stem Ben will reply with a terse "No way!" making it fun to use (and misuse).

Full throttle action

As well as all the usual puzzle solving, the superb cut scenes, humour, splendid animation. characterisation and "keep 'em guessing" plot that are now trade marks of any LucasArts adventure. Full Throttle also includes some real-time action sequences that you need to complete. This not only helps give the game a certain "in yer face" feel as you battle with chain-wielding bikers from hell who try to force you off the road (with the obvious intention of plucking out your nostril hair and stealing your tax disk just for the hell of it), but it also introduces a much needed sense of urgency to what has traditionally been a rather static experience as far as the mouse mat is concerned. That's not to say that it's full of naff bits which require you to frantically fight with your mouse to survive, though. It's not. They just make things a little more interesting as far as building up tension and atmosphere goes, and they really aren't that difficult to complete.

Full speed ahead

As it stands at the moment. Full Throttle is "almost complete", which means we can't give it a score. However, from what we've seen so far and bearing in mind LucasArts' previous track record, it's pretty obvious that we can expect nothing short of excellence when Full Throttle is released in the spring. Brmm, Brmmm.

The Path to Corley Motors

Today I'm resting after taking a dangerous trip down Highway 9 and finally slaying Ripburger for good. It wasn't all plain sailing, though. First I had to bash my way out of a trash container before kicking down the door of the nearby Kickstand bar. After pulling down the barman's face. I got my keys and rode off on my bike to try to hold up Rip-burger and his gang. I punched a man off his bike before losing a wheel while riding, and woke up in a girl's bedroom - Maurine was her name. Once up. I picked up a gas can and a nearby hose from the wall.

The town was small and. once outside. I thought my travel problems were over, but the person outside M had no access to a car (well, so thought) and I had to find the parts for my bike myself. Firstly. I visited Todd's house to the west of the town and banged on the door to get attention. He didn't let me in. Too bad. I kicked his door down and knocked him out. Once inside I opened a cabinet above his head and took out a lock pick. In the refrigerator at the back of the room I found some meat, which I also took. After stepping on to a pink platform in the north east of the room. I was transported underground. I found a blow torch and took it back to Maurine. But I still had work to do, so I visited the old gas tower to the north of the town. I opened the lock on the door of the fence by inserting the lock pick. I picked the lock up for future use. Once inside the tower I attempted to climb the ladder but a 'copter came and chased me out. So I tried again, but instead of climbing I hid behind a large object in the background of the tower. After the 'copter landed I attached my gas can and hose to the machine. After sucking on the pipe, petrol flowed into my can - I took it back to Mo's. I had nearly repaired my bike, but still needed the front forks and so I headed to Todd's scrap yard to the north of the town. I used the lock on the door of the yard to prevent it from opening when I pulled on the chain. When on top of the wall. I jumped down into the yard and went as far right as I could until I came to a group of nine cars. I immediately placed my dog meat in the blue car next to me and walked back to the main area of the scrap yard. I climbed up a tall metal structure to the right of the area.

Once inside I discovered I was control of a junk yard car mover. I picked up the car where the dog was eating by pressing the red button and moving the magnet down with the lever on the left. I moved the magnet higher to stop the dog getting out. I returned to the main area and picked up the forks from the scrap pile before returning to Mo. My bike was soon fixed. I rode off to the east of the town, only to find a roadblock by the same 'copters that found me on the gas tower. So I decided to distract them by returning to the gas tower and touching the ladder again. I jumped back on my bike and I was through.

After meeting with other members of the Polecats, I went back to Mo's house, only to find it had been raided. So I searched through the debris and found the photo of Mo with her uncle Pete. This reminded me that Mo had said her place of hideaway was somewhere along Highway 9. So I sped off via the north route out of the town. I arrived back at the Kickstand bar and found exactly what I was looking for: a means of getting through the roadblock, a truck. I heard cries of help coming from behind the building, and I found the photographer who saved my life. She gave me a fake ID - this gave me a way of busting through the blockade. Inside the bar I asked the driver of the cab if he would go down Highway 9 with me. I gave him my ID card and he agreed.

Passing The Gorge

I was dropped off at Uncle Pete's place, but my bike had been tampered with - I needed a fuel pipe. Inside the house to the right of the estate, I found a piece of iron under a pillow, which enabled me to open a chest at the bottom of the bed. Inside I found a suitable part for my bike. Maurice, however, left just ahead of me. After a quick confrontation with the Cavefish. I arrived at the scene of a crash. Using my iron bar, I unscrewed each wheel from the trailer and pushed it over. I set off to the north, back to Pete's place, but was quickly turned around by some of Ripburger's men. They followed me and crashed into the trailer. I soon arrived at the gorge, but left to the west of the scene on my bike and turned off at Mine Road. (Mow to the corresponding side of the road when the Mine Road sign appears and press the left mouse button.) After meeting with an old friend of mine. Father Torque. I was told that the Cave-fish wear goggles to help them see. I later found myself in confrontation with a number of people: Fat man on wide-wheeled bike with no weapon - I punched his lights out. Fat man on wide-wheeled bike using spiked chain as weapon - I hit him with my iron bar and he fell.

Fat man on wide-wheeled bike using log as weapon - I used a combination of tactics but Finally got him with a rapid succession of punches. I sure needed the log.

Girl with red hair and blue cap - a few punches soon sorted her out. Man using chain as weapon - I used my fists to push him to the floor. Bright-red-haired girl with chainsaw - she was too tough for me. even with the defensive iron bar so I left her.

Cool guy with black hair and shades - I deftly whipped him from his bike with the chain.

Cavefish guy on yellow bike - I hit him twice in succession with that plank of wood, moving back after each hit to avoid the spray, which so many times caught me out.

After collecting the special glasses from the Cavefish. I put the goggles on (press right mouse button when the icon appears in the top right comer) and waited until the timer went down from over 1.000 to zero before turning off to an invisible entrance.

Once inside I went further down the cave until I reached the ramp I needed to cross the bridge. I picked the ramp up and manoeuvred it into position before fixing it to my bike. I left this bottom section of the cave but stopped in the middle area to disconnect the ramp. My intention was to remove a few of the road pegs which guided the Cavefish. My plan paid off; the Cavefish ended up in a gorge, and I was almost ready to sail over the gorge.

I rode off again along Highway 9 and stopped at the car crash of Ripburger's men. I used my iron rod on the fender of the car and collected the hovering device, which I quickly attached to my bike. I had everything I could possibly need to cross the bridge, so I went for one last look at the gorge before I knew it was time: time to take one hell of a run-up: time for Full Throttle.

The Factory

Across the other side I came across the Corley Motorcycle factory. I decided not to inspect it but to go south from my bike on foot. I came to a souvenir seller and merely looked at the T-shirts to get full-blown material details. However, while he was talking to me. I stole his yellow rabbit. I got back to my bike and headed north west to the Vultures hangout. On arrival I used my rabbit on the minefield and picked up the battery which appeared after the rabbit snuffed it. I returned to the souvenir shop and tried the radio-controlled car for a short time, but the battery was quickly exhausted. Luckily, I replaced the worn battery with the battery I had just found and drove the car north of the shop and through the turnstile of the stadium. The owner of the stall ran after the car and this gave me the opportunity to steal some more of those ridiculous rabbits - a whole box of them. They had a purpose, though, back at the Vultures' hideout, to which I quickly journeyed. I opened the box of bunnies on the minefield and picked up all but one of them, enjoying the music as I went. When the first bunny had been blown up by a mine. I followed the tracks and put another bunny down. I repeated this fun procedure until I finally reached those boneheads - the Vultures. They strung me up and forced me to talk. I told them that if they didn't talk to them. I'd call them names, such as Diapered Dynamo.

The Stadium

The next thing was my battle in the stadium. My car was unresponsive, but I had to follow the plans. Ripburger's car was guarding Maurine's, making the plan difficult to carry out. I had to jump over the ramp at the left of the stadium and land on top of the brown car to stall its engine. When it stalled. I nudged it all the way over to the other side of the stadium and up the ramp on the right-hand edge. Once the brown car had been pushed over, I followed it at great speed and smashed over the brown car towards Ripburger's vehicle, completing my task. When the cars were on fire. I ran to the yellow and black doors and set the stadium alight. Ripburger's men started chasing me, but I ran on top of a brown car and jumped on to the yellow car when it came near me. When they drove near to the fire in the foreground of the arena.

I dashed into the fire. Ripburger's men followed and were burned to oblivion. Once back at the hideout I was told that Malcom had a secret entrance to the factory; I noted down the details. I also had a look around the parts of my bike which she had disassembled. Then I noted down one six-figure number: 154492. After this I took Mo's photos and went back to the factory, but went on foot around the back of the factory and followed Mo's instructions. I had to kick the wall in the right place, about three-quarters of the way along the path. And I had to get the timing right, which took a good half hour. But when the portal opened. I knew I was in for a treat - a night the scum Ripburger (or should that be SCUMM?) would never forget.

In Malcom's office. I noticed a safe embedded in the floor. I looked at it and entered the six digits inscribed on my Maurine's bike - 154492. Then I clicked the MXC button. The safe opened and inside I found a film and passcard. I walked further into the factory, via the door to the right, and once in the next room I inserted the card in the card reading device. The door on the right unlocked and so I was able to enter the room.

Once inside the room, the huge projector seemed almost unstoppable, until I realised what the two handles did. To melt the film I had to stop the tape rolling and turn the lamp on full. I did this by switching the left lever to the bottom position and the right lever to the top. After this I returned to the room with the card slot and went through the left-hand, grey door where I found a suitable player for my newly acquired film.

The Duel

After escaping from the factory I found myself on the front of a dirty yellow road beast (in other words, a very big truck!). From here I pulled down the panel on the front of the machine, just below the glass. But Ripburger's view was impaired, so he used his cane to put it back down. With speed. I grabbed his cane. The next job was to open the grill of the truck and push the cane into the fan to stop it from turning. I then climbed through the truck and on to the rear fuel section.

After using the iron bar on the right-hand pipe. Ripburger and I came careering into the back of the Vultures' plane. I got up and went up the ladder to the control area. Once here I turned on the computer by pressing the green button in the centre. From the Options screen I selected Take-Off. Post-Right, Gear, and Raise Gear, which finally raised the landing gear to bring the whole affair to a close... or so I thought. Let me tell you, being out on a limb with the dastardly Ripburger was no pleasant experience, and so I clambered into the control area of the yellow truck and turned on his computer by pressing the red button in the circle. I selected the Main Menu. Defence System, Machine Guns. Control and System Off. And that was the last we saw of him - I dashed into the Vultures' plane, got on my bike, which was parked on the left, and I'd made it...

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Full Throttle supports single modeSingle game mode

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