• Developer: Buena Vista Software
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Disney's action-packed cartoon will soon be appearing on the Genesis. This cart is bursting with Disney-style animation and some ol (lie visuals are really cool. The whole game has a dark feel to it that helps set the mood. This game is pretty tough, so younger players might get frustrated.

Gargoyles is a game that spans time. Play as the heroic leader of the Gargoyles, who must save his race from destruction.

As can be expected, the game's story line closely follows the plot of the show. Detailed cinemas describe what is going on.

As a Gargoyle, you have a number of abilities. First off. and most important, you have wings that allow you limited flight. Actually, hovering is more like it. These can help you avoid hits. Second, you have razor-sharp claws to tear apart foes. Unfortunately, they don't seem to work too well. You also have a throw attack that is your only real chance at disabling an enemy The only problem lies with its range. You have to be an exact distance away from the enemy in order to grab him. Otherwise you'll get hit. The number of instant hits can get unbearable.

The levels span several centuries, with you fighting off Vikings who want to annihilate the race of Gargoyles. As you fight your way through their encampments, you'll have to avoid archers and spikes. These are the major threats of this level. There is a very difficult section where you must climb up between two towers. There are ballista’s firing, and spikes to avoid. Timing is the key to getting up the tower. Once you start, don't stop or slow down, or you'll fall right to the bottom. The Boss is a Viking who teleports in and out, and fires lighting. He's one nasty fellow!

The next set of levels are deep within the Gargoyle nesting ground. Here you must protect your tribe from the enraged Vikings. This level has a series of air drafts that can propel you to secret areas. There are switches that can turn them on and off. Search through your caves to find them. The Boss of this area is another Viking who morphs into a giant with a hammer. Use quick hits to do a little bit of damage, then jump back. Keep it up, and he'll go down in a matter of minutes. If you get hit, you'll end up bidding farewell to a large chunk of your health.

Even further into the game, you'll end up battling robots in a high-tech future zone. In this location, you'll have to master your jumping and hovering skills, or you'll end up dead as a doornail. Despite the instant hits, trying to take the robots out by jump strikes seems to work the best.

Overall. Gargoyles is an action-packed game. The controls are too rigid, and the sheer number of instant hits will become intolerable after a while. This game would have been better if the gameplay was tweaked. The graphics are okay, but the level layout seems uninspired. Gargoyles does stick with the Disney cartoon, but ends up lacking excitement. Still, you might be able to look past these shortcomings if you are a die-hard Gargoyles fan.

People say:


I thought that this game would be cool, like the cartoon. Upon plugging it in, I saw some mediocre cinemas and dingy backgrounds with little detail. Worse yet, the control and gameplay was abysmally poor. It's too rigid. For example, to throw an enemy, you have to be a set distance away. You will get hit automatically no matter what you do. The Bosses are simple, but cheap. It's no fun. Pass on this game. There are better titles out on the market.


I was expecting the worst from Gargoyles, being that it is another game with a big license for a title. But I was actually surprised at how much the game had to offer. There are numerous ways you can attack and the levels are laid out to where you must actually use your abilities, such as scaling the sides of a wall or double jumping to reach a higher platform. The graphics aren't the best I've seen, and the control needs a little tweaking. Other than that, it's a decent game.


Many games based on cartoons tend to be average, and this one is no different. Gargoyles' animation is surprisingly smooth for the Genesis. The control is way too tight and is tough to maneuver, which is a major part of this game. Many of the hits taken are mandatory and drag this game down. Genesis owners looking for a good side-scrolling game might want to rent Gargoyles before buying it because of the control and difficulty.


The animation and color are really impressive in this game. However, its good looks and youth appeal may be misleading as the game gets challenging and almost frustrating. The control is part of the frustration factor but there is a lot of gameplay in this cute-looking cart. Techniques such as a double jump, throw and dash attacks give you plenty to do. It may be too hard to get used to especially with some auto hits. Still, it's a good game if you want a challenge.

The graphics in Gargoyles are beautiful. The backgrounds are draped in rich hues of blue or black and red, shadows sprout from perfectly logical locations, stone structures (a lot of them in this game) have definable solidity and weight, flames lick the air and look painful to the touch and our protagonist, Goliath, is a fierce looking buff mother with an amazingly graceful and highly useful wingspan. The pre-medievel looking settings of the first few levels quickly give way to the jarring beauty of downtown Manhattan and all of sudden you'll realize you're into something very special here. You get to flap and fling yourself around subways and skyscrapers and, if you bite it, a snazzy animation pops into frame, where you get turned to stone and struck by lightning, only to crumble into a million shards of rubble. The bad guys in the game are equally impressive. Some of the Viking vermin you encounter look like they've slipped out of your Weaponlord cartridge, while other baddies appear to be members of the X-Men and all of their roboto-mutato brethren. Thor 3000, especially, is an imposing sci-fi threat with his metallic claws, polished shine and deadly plasma bolts.

The music in Gargoyles is quite like you'd imagine: Gothic. There are lots of clanging church bells and ominous bass drums. You still get the requisite techno underpinnings to the tunes but there has definitely been an attempt to inject some aural atmosphere into the proceedings, which is thoughtful. Sound effects in Gargoyles are very tasty. The flap of Goliath's wings is poetry, pure and simple. I've never heard such a discreetly intuitive sound effect on the Genesis; it really adds to the sensation of this enormous stone beast struggling to propel himself skyward. Victims of Goliath's claw slashes scream in convincing agony and flaming fireballs sound painful.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Gargoyles supports single modeSingle game mode

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