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  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993) , GameGear (1993) , Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Face it. You're obsessed with Jurassic Park. You saw the movie the weekend it opened. You ate up Sega Visions? early coverage of the Sega Genesis, Game Gear, and CD games. Now you're ready to master the CD version of this Action/Puzzle blockbuster level by level. We'll help you out with an indepth look at the Triceratops area, but be warned. Collecting that egg ain't easy, even with a guided tour.

Prehistoric Terror In 3-D

The game picks up where the movie left off, with the dinosaurs loose and wreaking havoc in the ill-fated theme park. You're a scientist sent to salvage eggs of seven dinosaur species before Jurassic Park is completely destroyed. All your adventures take place in 3-D first-person perspective. Add 3-D QSound, and you've got a terrifyingly realistic mission ahead of you. But one step at a time. Let's explore the Triceratops area.

Triceratops Territory

First, a little background on your quarry. Triceratops are meadow-dwelling herbivores, which means they won't make a meal of you. Now for the bad news: They weigh six tons, and they're quite a bit faster than you. You don't want to be in the way when they charge. They're also fiercely protective of their family. Yes, that includes eggs.

Oh, a couple more problems. Old rhino-face isn't the only dinosaur you're up against in the Triceratops plain. And then there are all those locked rooms, hidden tools, and secret codes. So follow our step-by-step guide to retrieving an egg. And hope for the best.

Ritrieving A Triceratops Egg

Honk the horn to startle the Triceratops. The instant it faces you, honk again. When the Triceratops bumps the jeep, pick up everything that falls out as fast as you can. Honk once more, and grab the Injector when it falls out of the jeep. Act fast, or you'll get splattered.

Highfall it to the pump room, and use the injector on the sick Triceratops outside. Return to the grazing plain.

Use the foliage to distract ttie baby Triceratops.

Open the metal box with your crowbar. Grab the Triceratops cardkey inside.

Return to the Visitor Center. Go upstairs and use the cardkey to open Muldoon's office. Open the cabinet. Take the Gas Gun and the ammunition inside.

Play the Triceratops CD on the machine next to the computer, then press the Reveal Code button. Memo rize the combination.

Get first aid if you need it, and save your game.

Return to the pump building, open the door with your cardkey, and — quickl — gas the Dilos before they spew greenstuff at you.

Place the egg in the incubator.

Use the first aid kit if you need it, examine the cabinet, and retrieve the Brachiosaurus CD.

Get the night-vision goggles from the cabinet in Muldoon's office.

Finally, view your messages on the computer in the control room, and save your game.

Hot Hints


  1. Turn the sound up and listen carefully for dino cries and footsteps.
  2. Stop at the Dinosaur Field Kiosks for crucial info on your quarry.
  3. Whenever you enter a new area, make a quick 360-degree check for dinosaurs.
  4. Save your game whenever you're in the Visitors Center.
  5. Press Start to assess your dinosaur egg collection.
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The biggest and best Jurassic Park game is coming to The Next Level on your Sega CD. Jurassic Park CD is one of the most exciting multimedia games ever to be put on a disc. We are sure you've never seen anything like it. Jurassic Park continues to be big news. Almost everyone has seen the movie, bought a Jurassic Park shirt or tie, Raptor Egg candy or other licensed stuff. Sega's Genesis and Game Gear versions of Jurassic Park are major hits. Now, live the adventure.

Jurassic Park CD is a different game than the Genesis and Game Gear versions. The first thig you will notice is how real everything seems. The entire game takes place in first-person-perspective. You see everything through your character's eyes, as if you were there.

Jurassic Park CD invites interaction. The only way to win the game is to explore, search, touch, investigate and try every object. Graphics are sharp and lifelike, incorporating detailed, digitized full-motion video in vivid color. Sounds are also true-to-life and recorded with QSound a new 3-D sound technology Sega went to the deepest, darkest swamps across the nation to record the jungle sounds for ultimate realism. Play Jurassic Park CD through a stereo and you'll hear the movement of dinosaurs as they pass left-to-right.

The game begins where the movie ends. You play as a scientist sent into Jurassic Park shortly after the dinosaurs have gone on a rampage. The helicopter crashes as you attempt to land, leaving you stranded on the island. You have only 12 hours to rescue the eggs of seven different species of dinosaurs and place them in the incubator in the Visitor Center. With no map of the island, you have to rely on Territory markers and animated kiosks to learn about the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and to find the Visitor Center.

Icons and Action

Jurassic Park CD is icon driven. To pick up, look at or use an item, or to move in a direction, you use the D-Button to "point" and press the appropriate control pad button, almost like using a mouse. As you move the cursor around the screen, you'll see the cursor change to one of three things: a magnifying glass inviting you to take a closer look, an arrow to indicate that you can move from the Area in this direction, or a green cursor that indicates you take some sort of action. A hand indicates that you can pick up an object and add it to your inventory.

Since they've sent you in to collect eggs from seven very large...and dangerous...dinosaur species, you'll be in need of some ingenuity and a variety of tools. Tools you can find aplenty...if you search hard enough. These items sometimes are in plain sight and sometimes are revealed only after a closer look. Using an object on another item outside your inventory, like bolt cutters on a lock, often has positive results.

Your ride in crash lands on the Island. You have only 12 hours to rescue the eggs. What should you do first?

Take a look around the helicopter. You don't want to miss important items, like the Stun Gun.

You'll find dinosaur eggs when you inspect the Areas within each Territory. Once collected, you still have to get them to the incubator in the Visitor's Center.

Brief intermission scenes take you on a journey between Territories and Areas. The footage was taken from live video and heightens the feeling that "you are really here."

Dr. Robert Bakker is one of the world's leading authorities on dinosaur behavior. He is a way cool guy. Press the "Play" icon at the information kiosks and you'll receive a short briefing from Dr. Bakker on the dinosaurs in the Territory and their behavior.

Use Card Keys to gain admittance to locked areas ot the park.

Visitor Center

You'll need the right Card Keys...and the right tools...to fully explore the Visitor Center. Somewhere here you'll find the incubator.

Use a Card Key to open the Control Room door.

Something important is in this box. You need a specific tool to open it.

Explore the Control Room carefully. You just may find some computer equipment that will be of great help.

Jurassic Park CD features spectacular digitized video and sound sequences, such as climbing or descending stairs or walking down halls.

The Super Stunner is your best bet against T-Rex. You'll need a special Card Key to get it, though.

Dilophosaurus Territory

Dilophosaurus are also called spitters, because they "spit" green gobs of poison. Find the right kiosk to learn all about this species of dinosaur.

Use a rock to block this log tor safe crossing.

Cross the stream and you'll encounter this spitter. Have the Stunner ready or you'll take damage.

The Dilos guard their eggs carefully. Get the rock and block the log before you make a play for the eggs.

Velociraptor Territory

You'll find a Card Key to the Visitor Center somewhere near here.

Raptors run rampant through the caverns. Hits is one of the trickiest Areas of the Veiociraptor Territory.

Keep a close watch on your motion detector. Raptors are smart move fast and can easily catch you by surprise.

Uh oh. Here comes trouble. Hope you are fast on the Stunner or the Tranquilizer Gun.

Try using a rock on the right side of the cave mouth to give yourself a path.

Triceratops Terrieory

Triceralops are large and armored, but are herbivores and harmless...If left alone.

Now you know what happened to this jeep. Don't let yourself get caught in the same fate.

Look carefully in the Triceralops Territory to find this important case...and its contents.

These lumbering giants won't pay you any atten-tion...until you try to snatch their eggs. Be ready for a quick getaway.

Gallimimus Territory

Getting to the Gallimimus eggs calls for some tricky moves. First, roll the fencing away from the base of the grate. You'll find a pair ot bolt cutters. Pick them up, then select toll cutters from the inventory and use them on the grate. It's open and you are through! Cut the grate on the other side and look left.

Move through the Gallimimus Territory and you might see the mighty T-Rex at the dinner table.

Gallimimus is light and fast on its feet, but can be easily frightened.

Tyrannosaurus Rex Territory

In the Tyrannosaurus Rex Territory, you should move softly and fast. A Card Key will open this gate.

This is about as fatal a view as you will ever see.

If you see these legs, you have trouble. When the door is open, super stun him, then run for your life.

Tunnels and drain pipes are the safest way through T-Rex Territory.

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This summer, Sega will change the way you think about dinosaurs with a new Genesis title that is as big and bad as a Tyrannosaurus Rex and as fast and cunning as a Velociraptor. A game that is loaded with more action and thrills than you'll ever find at an amusement park. It's Jurassic Park by Sega. Based on the upcoming Jurassic Park, a film by Steven Spielberg, this is a game that has been 65 million years in the making. Dinosaurs are among us once again! And you just might learn why they ruled the Earth for millions of years.

Creating Jurassic Park was no small feat. Sega's game designers incorporated the ultra-latest technology to give the game a look and feel that approaches animation quality, including stop-motion modeling done with dinosaur models similar to the ones used in the movie (see The Making of Jurassic Park elsewhere in this issue). A digitized soundtrack and sound effects round out Jurassic Park as a game like no other.

Make no dinosaur bones about it. It's awesome. Jurassic Park pits man against dinosaur, and dinosaur against man. Play either as Dr. Grant—in a mission to rescue people trapped in the Visitor Center—or as a Velociraptor dinosaur in a quest to escape Jurassic Park. Because your adversaries display artificial dinosaur intelligence (ADI), they respond differently with every action you make, every time you play There are few patterns and little predictability. You don't always know when a dinosaur or guard is going to appear or what they are going to do. Every time you play Jurassic Park, you'll face a new game. The Raptor that chewed you up before, may now just sniff you and move on. Maybe. Whether you choose to fight for Raptor freedom or to free the humans from the Visitor Center, Jurassic Park is big, fast and full of challenges.

Playing as Dr. Grant

If you choose the human-player game, you control Dr. Grant in a 13-stage mission to rescue the people trapped inside the Visitor Center. The key to beating the game is to concentrate on getting to the Visitor Center, not on wasting dinosaurs. In fact, you can't. The items you'll find will shock, stun or put to sleep the many different dinosaurs you encounter. Stick around too long and they will wake up, most likely with a less favorable attitude toward you!

The first round is the Jungle, where your jeep has just crashed. After you get up from the ground, take a closer look at the jeep.

There are tranquilizer darts by the windshield. Reach them by pressing Down on the D-Button to crouch, then walk to the darts. You'll find other items at various points throughout the game. Items include Stun Guns, Gas Grenades, Super Darts and Flash Grenades.

Although there are seven main types of dinosaur in the Park, the three you have to worry about most are Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spit-ters and Raptors. T-Rex is big, mean and hungry Spitters "spit" green venom with uncanny accuracy And Raptors are unique.

They are fast, highly intelligent and the most dangerous adversaries you will face.

The Triceratops is the first dino you encounter. You can get past him il you are fast on your feet.

Hold down the Jump Button when you leap for ledges, to hang and pull yourself up.

Pterodactyls move in quickly. Listen for the sound of their wings for a split-second warning, then try to jump Up to avoid taking a hit.

Raptors are bigger, meaner and powerful. Compys are small and run in packs.

Add these Tranquilizer Darts to your inventory before you do anything else.

Crouch and Push boxes and other objects to gain access to areas you normally could not reach.

You can climb vertical poles, vines and ladders to reach horizontal surfaces for hand-over-hand travel.

First Aid boxes will recharge Grant's life meter.

Electric shock is a constant danger in the Power Station level. Try to time the discharges and Jump for it!

Always be aware of places to hide. The Raptor can't reach you when you are in the Power Station's sub-level shafts. But you can still use items on him.

Spitters can hurt you from long range with their poisonous, green, globlike spit. Four zaps with a Stun Gun will stun them tor a short time.

If the Compys gang up on you, try pressing Left and Right rapidly on the D-Button to shake them off.

Search the River Level carefully. You'll find a lot of items here, including gas for your river boat.

Jungle vines are a handy way to travel across chasms and other hazardous obstacles.

Stun Gun

The Stun Gun gives dinosaurs a shock, stunning them for a few seconds.

Tranquilizer Darts

A few direct hits will send most dinos into slumherland.

Super Darts

Good night to even the largest behemoths.

Gas Grenades

Good for putting a snooze on groups of smaller dinos, like Compys.

Flash Grenades

Make a big bang and flash, stunning dinosaurs momentarly.Move fast!

Dr. Grant's Control Pattern

D-Button moves Grant around.

Press Down to make Grant crouch.

Pressing Up or Down allows you to see higher or lower on the screen.

Button A to jump,fire, or select items.

Button B to jump,fire, or select items.

Button C to jump,fire, or select items.

Select button configuration in the Option mode.

Raptor's Control Pattern

D-Button moves the Raptor around.

Press D-Button Down to make the Raptor crouch.

Button A for a Claw Slash.

Button A + D-Button for a kicking attack.

Button B to jump.

Button C to bite.

Button C + Left or Right to shake.

Playing as a Raptor

If you decide to play Jurassic Park . as a Raptor, you put a whole new focus on your gaming experience. Your object now is not rescue, but escape. You are a Raptor; the most intelligent, mobile dinosaur in Jurassic Park. You are trapped in a holding cage. lightning frees you. Now you must battle Park Guards and other obstacles as you make it through 13 levels of Jurassic Park to a ship that will cany you to the mainland.

In the Raptor game humans are your main adversaries. Since you are a dinosaur, you cannot use the items humans use against you. You have to follow a whole different train of thought and use the strengths of your powerful reptilian body

What are the advantages of being a Raptor? You can move fast. Very fast. You have long, powerful legs that allow you to jump to high places, and strong claws to grasp or tear at your adversaries. You are also very mobile. And while you can't use human items, you can move blocks, boxes and other objects to allow you access to different areas of the game. Playing as a Raptor allows you to experience what it is like to be a life form that has not walked the earth for 65 million years. We think it will drive you wild.

The Making Of Jurassic Park

Imagine a man-made natural reserve inhere dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes roam, living as they did BS million years ago. The rapfors. fasr and infelligenf ujifh razor-sharp claius. sfalHing through fhe jungle, and pouncing on fheir unfortunate prey with unbelievable speed. The fricerafops peacefully grazing in fhe undergrowth. find fhe Tyrannosaurus Rex. fhe ultimate predator, standing SO feef fall and inifh a bad temper to match. This is Jurrassic Park.

In an unmarked office building about 15 miles from the San Diego Zoo, a team of dedicated artists, programmers and game designers is putting the finishing touches on a different kind of zoo, one that can exist only in the imagination. Blue Sky Software, the developers of Jurassic Park for the Genesis, have spent more than a year creating a world unlike any other, the ultimate natural reserve populated by creatures long extinct.

Such an immense undertaking can succeed only with dedication, teamwork and talent. Fortunately, Blue Sky has all three qualities in abundance. Over the course of the last 15 months; a core group of a dozen very talented individuals has been working together to bring Genesis owners the ultimate gaming experience a video game based on Steven Spielberg's blockbuster ' movie Jurassic Park.

Game Design

Just as a movie begins its life as a script, a video game begins with a design. In the case of Jurassic Park, game design was the combined effort of Jesse Taylor (the producer), Dana Christianson (the art director) and Doug TenNapel. After considering several possibilities, the design team setded on a classic side-scrolling game, in which Grant, the player's alter ego, has to advance through seven levels to reach the final goal and save the park. As we shall see a little later, what makes this side-scrolling game different is the amount of artificial intelligence (or "AI") that the programmers have given the prehistoric creatures. The Jurassic Park dinosaurs not only look lifelike, but they act as though they have minds of their own.

The Jurassic Team

You don't have to be a dinosaur fanatic to be a member of the Jurassic Park team, but it helps. Every member of the team has studied dinosaurs, has visited Natural History museums, and has read widely on the subject. They have even taken field trips to the San Diego Zoo, not in the hope that they would find real dinosaurs there, but to study how other animals are maintained in captivity.

Of the 12 people involved in this project, no less than nine are graphic artists and animators. The lead artist in the group, Doug TenNapel, has been a cartoonist and comic book artist for years. Among his credits is the Saturday morning cartoon show The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. Doug, who stands about six feet eight inches and vaguely resembles a pterodactyl, is responsible for coordinating the entire graphic effort. When you realize that most of the effort in creating this game has gone into the graphics, you understand the importance of his role. Let's pay Doug and his team of artists a visit and take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this awesome game.

Character Animation

Once the game design was buttoned down, it was time to start animating Grant and all the creatures in the game. Because Grant is the central character, a lot of the effort went toward animating his movements. In fact, Grant has over 50 separate animation sequences, with different movements for walking, running, climbing, jumping, falling and so on.

Animating Grant was fairly straightforward. Team member Mark Dobratz was videotaped in front of a neutral background while he made all of Grant's movements. Selected frames of the videotape were then digitized and fed into a computer, where the graphic artists could manipulate the images further, compressing the data, modifying the colors and fine-tuning the movements. The result was a smooth animation sequence for each of the movements that Grant needs to make.

Digital Cloning

While it's relatively easy to create animation sequences of a person, creating animations of creatures that have been dead for more than 65 million years is a different kind of challenge. To understand how these long-extinct creatures moved, Doug and his team of animators consulted the same experts used by Steven Spielberg for the movie.

Each one of the prehistoric creatures used in the game had to be studied in detail, noting their size, shape, mass and anatomy. To make their task a little easier, the team made use of models similar to the ones used in the production of the movie. By using stop-motion photography (where the model is moved by a small increment and then photographed), the team was able to create animation sequences of all the prehistoric creatures used in the game.

Because the raptors are the central dinosaurs in the game, they have the greatest number of animation sequences, with 20 or more different movements. This is more than double the number of sequences for the other dinosaurs. The raptors have different sequences for walking, running, sneaking, attacking, biting, hissing and so on.

Cleaning Up

After creating the animation sequences, the small army of artists began cleaning up the individual images to make sure that the animations were smooth and glitch-free. This process involved bnnging each image into a computer paint program, then using special smoothing and blending techniques to make sure that the colors and the increments of movement were consistent. When all the animations were clean and smooth, they were ready to be placed onto the backgrounds.

A Little Background Information

While some of the artists were working on the animation sequences, the rest of the team were busy creating the backgrounds. Each level in the game has a different background, some of which extend to 20 or 30 Genesis screens.

Backgrounds are created with a computer paint program, and then compressed using a "tiling" technique. Tiling is a process which breaks an image down into a small number of tiles, which are then combined to recreate the original image. By using a smaller number of tiles over and over (and by flipping and rotating tiles), the background artists can fit bigger, more complicated backgrounds into a cartridge. (At 16 megs Jurassic Park is one of the biggest carts ever produced by Sega. By using tiling and other compression techniques, the developers have been able to cram even more onto the cart.)

Music and Sound

The dimension of sound is as important to video games as it is to movies. It is even more critical for big action games like Jurassic Park, where the sound of a Stun Gun or the roar of a Tyrannosaurus can add depth and realism to the game play In addition, the sound of the jungle can provide subtle clues for the observant player—a creak in the undergrowth or the hiss of an agitated raptor can let the player know what might be coming down the road. These sound effects, together with Sam Powell's musical soundtrack, will help make Jurassic Park a phenomenal gaming experience.

Get with the Program

While the rest of the team is creating the animation sequences, the backgrounds, and the sound and music, the programmers have been busy creating the environment that will serve as the basis for the game. First, they have to create the "engine" for the game, the instruction set that defines the type of game (side-scrolling), the types of backgrounds and the kind of control available to he player. Once the basic game engine is established, the programmers set out to define the kind of behavior patterns available to the characters in the game. This is what is referred to as artificial intelligence, the characters' ability to exhibit lifelike behavior, giving them depth and dimension.

Unlike the characters in most video games, the enemies in Jurassic Park do not always follow predictable patterns, lor example, under some circumrtances, a raptor may do nothing more than sniff Grant before turning around and walking away; on other occasions, the same raptor might pounce and attack without hesitation. The actual response depends on various factors, such as the level in the game, the player's sophistication and ability, and the type of dinosaur. Because the raptors are the most complicated creatures in the game, they have almost a dozen factors affecting their responses. This makes them appear wily and cunning, since their behavior is not always easy to predict.

The other dinosaurs in the game also exhibit AI to some extent. Without AI, they would respond the same way under all circumstances, making their behavior flat and mechanical. What this means for the player is a game that is consistently challenging for all levels of playing ability.

Putting the Whole Thing Together

So far, we have seen how each game element is created: the animation sequences by digitizing live models or through the use of stop-motion photography, the backgrounds with a computer paint program and tiling techniques, the sound and music, and the programming. The next step is the combination of all these elements into a playable game. This process, which is a critical step in the creation of a well-balanced and challenging game, requires the combined efforts of the artists and the game designers.

As background artist Mark Lorenzen scrolls around the background of one of the levels, the game designers specify the placement of the dinosaurs and the other game elements at various points. Not only do they need to decide which of the dinosaurs should be placed at each critical spot, but they also have to decide which animation sequences to use.

For example, they might decide to place a raptor at a critical intersection, blocking Grant's path. Which of the 20 or so animation sequences they would use at that intersection depends on how Grant will need to act in that situation. One sequence might have the raptor turning toward Grant and hissing. This might be followed by the raptor rearing up to attack and then charging Grant at full speed. It would not be unusual to have six or more animation sequences at a critical point in the game, with each one tied to a specific action by Grant. Of course, the sequence that most gamers will want to see is the one of the raptor falling over, stunned by Grant's Stun Gun.

The Finishing Touches

As with any video game, the last few hectic weeks of the project are spent fine-tuning and polishing the game play, and eliminating "bugs," those insidious little software glitches that can cause unpredictable results. Sega's test group spends hundreds of man-hours playing the game and reporting any problems they find to the development team. Finally, after weeks of tuning and bug-squashing, the game is ready to be manufactured and shipped to the anxiously awaiting gamers all around the world.

Want to know more? Check out the exclusive review on page 14 of this issue.

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Jurassic Park has recently set records as one of the biggest blockbuster movies of all time. The Sega Jurassic Park Genesis title has mirrored that success as the hottest dinosaur action/adventure title yet. Now the Jurassic Park saga continues on your Game Gear with Jurassic Park by Sega, an alkiew one-player title specifically designed for Gear-style play.

Sega's big plan has been to make versions of Jurassic Park for the Genesis, Game Gear and Sega CD, going the extra yard by keeping each version a totally different game. Jurassic fans should be eager to see this title. Following on the heels of the highly successful Genesis game Jurassic Park Game Gear puts you onto the dinosaur-infested island a few days before the park opens. The dinosaurs have gone on a rampage, over-running the island. You play as Dr. Grant, on a mission to repair fences and get the dinosaurs back into line. It's a tough job, requiring serious driving, shooting, climbing and jumping skills.

Even without the hot Jurassic Park license, this portable action game would stand on its own with solid graphics and game play. There are five areas, each with three rounds...for a grand total of 15 levels. You can take the first four areas in any order. The last area, the Visitor Center, can only be completed after you have beaten the first four using no continues. The areas are the Velociraptor Area, the Brachiosaur Area, the Pteranodon Area and the Tricer-atopsArea.

Loaded for...Dinos

There are many different types of dinosaurs in the game — most of whom do not like humans. They will try to bite, stomp or just run you over. Each attack takes a segment from your life meter. Large dinosaurs can put you down for the count in no time flat. That's why you are loaded up with three powerful, non-lethal weapons. A horizontal-firing Stun Gun will either knock down or scare away most dinosaurs. An aerial stun weapon will knock the mean out of Pterodactyls and other large or flying saurians. Gas grenades you throw really put the whammy on most dinos. Other items you find include med kits, which restore your life meter, botdes which add another segment to your life meter and red botdes which fill a segment of your meter.

Pteranodon Area

This area starts you off with a driving sequence against the airborne Pteranodons, followed by an encounter with poison-spitting "spitters" in a maze-like, rocky cliff. Survive a trip across a rocky chasm and you'll do some aerial cleaning in the Pteranodon's lair. The trickiest section here is the rocky cliffs area—not because of spitters or other hazards—but because of the maze of doors and corridors you have to negotiate to reach the sub-area. If you reach the rail cars, you are very close.

Velociraptor Area

This area takes you into the heart of the power station to bring under control the smartest dinosaur in the game, the Velociraptor—Raptor for short. Along the way you must drop Pteran-odons out of the air and deal with some very crafty Raptors. Survive the three lava pits and electrically charged power station wiring, and you'll face down the boss Raptor.

Brachiosaur Area

Take on this area and you'll end a successful driving session with a batde against T-Rex! Fighting this razor-toothed behemoth has good and bad points. Beat him and you rack up the points. Mess up and he'll decimate your life meter, leaving you in bad shape for the rest of the levels. This area takes you from underground caverns through a Raptor-infested power station, up into a wet valley filled with Pteranodons and gigantic Brachiosaurs.

The flyers can be taken care of with a single blast of the aerial stunner. The bigger, slower Brachiosaurs are clumsy and apt to crush you in the midst of feeding, and take a couple of aerial blasts to move out of the way The Boss Brachiosaur is another matter. You will find yourself on his pond. And he wants you off! Watch his air bubbles to avoid a rapid crushing.

Triceratops Area

More than any other, this area pits you against the forces of nature and against the residents of Jurassic Park. Tornadoes, lightning and fire rain from the heavens to fill your mission with danger. The dinosaurs are smarter and faster as well. You'll see what we mean. Climbing and jumping are the greatest skills needed in this area. And the Boss Triceratops has a weak spot that can only be reached from ground level. You'll need to move as fast as he does!

The Visitor Center

The fifth round is the Visitor Center, where all of Jurassic Park's control stations are to be found. Last we heard, it was overrun by Raptors. Now, who knows? All we can tell you is that if you make it here, you'll have a whole new respect for dinosaurs.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Jurassic Park supports single modeSingle game mode

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