Mister Bones

  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1996)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 10.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

We all know that there are plenty of action games out there. Just about all of them share a common goal: Don't die. While the plots may vary, the "try to survive" theme remains constant, So what do you do when your hero is already dead? What if you're in control of good-natured skeleton brought back from the dead? That's the basic premise of Sega's latest Saturn game, mr. Bones. Incidentally, the "m" in "mr." isn't supposed B to be capitalized. Between this game and NiGHTS, Sega is rewriting the rules on when we use capital letters.

In an age of worn-out plot lines in video games, mr. Bones stands out with an original twist on the "save the world" standby.

The evil (and unfortunately for us, immortal) DaGoulian has his heart set on cleansing the world by filling it with pure evil. To do this, he's developed a process called "skeletism." By pumping a strange sort of plasma into a cemetery, he is able to reanimate the dead, creating his own army of skeletons with glowing red eyes.

DaGoulian notices that one skeleton stands out. He is mr. Bones, whose eyes glow a soft blue. mr. Bones escapes and decides that he must stop DaGoulian's nefarious plans. Along the way, he also discovers a love for blues music and his knack for playing the guitar. It may sound a bit strange, but this out of-the-ordinary story lends to some very interesting and new gameplay.

The one thing that stands out in mr. Bones is that practically no two levels are alike. They say variety is the spice of life, and mr. Bones has it in spades. On just about every level, you will have to relearn how to play the game. This makes the game constantly challenging and keeps it fresh.

The first few levels deal with mr. Bones' escape from the cemetery. There are the usual side-scrolling levels (each with its own variations), plus a level where you basically have to dodge a group of evil skeletons' desperate lunges to grab you.

mr. Bones is not completely defenseless, however. In most of the levels, he has the ability to shoot a plasma beam from his hand. This side effect of his skeletism shocks the evil creatures back to the realm of the dead.

The skeletism also allows mr. Bones to reassemble himself if he falls apart. You see, being dead, mr. Bones has no real energy level. What happens is when his energy level drops, various body parts fall apart until he is merely a spine and a skull bouncing around. Luckily, you can gain energy back and put yourself back together.

Sometimes, you may even find it necessary to intentionally scatter your pieces and rearrange your bones to allow you to reach certain places.

There are a huge amount of levels to utilize these powers in. Other interesting stages include a 3-D ride through an interdimensional vortex, a comedy club where you must tell jokes to survive and a part where you must perform a guitar solo before a legion of the undead. Play well, or they will get quite upset. This stage was so popular at the office that this review almost didn't get written on time.

With so much to do on its two CDs, you can't help but find something to enjoy in mr. Bones. Between its varied gameplay, entertaining cinemas and excellent blues soundtrack, there's a lot to see with mr. Bones.

Gamer's EDGE

When playing mr. Bones, you must remember that our skinny pal is a big blues fanatic. His love for the blues even spills over into the gameplay. While playing, be sure to pick up anything blue. The blue items will refuel mr. Bones' skeletism meter and keep him from falling apart. Such blue items include skulls (which give you back all your energy). spheres, tombstones, butterflies and the ever-lovin' bluebird of happiness.

On the other hand, avoid anything red. This is the color of the evil plasma that brought DaGoulian's army to life, and it will only harm you. So remember: Blue is good: red is bad.

People say:


Mr. Bones is one of the strangest games I've seen in a long time. The cool thing about it is that there are a huge amount of games to play (the entire game is broken up into minigames). The graphic are good and the FMV is usually pretty good, although it's choppy during some parts in the game. The music is perfect if you're into blues and the sound effects are crystal dear-which is a good thing. The voice acting for Mr. Bones is good, but the human adores in the game are pretty cheesy. The control could be a little better and some of the levels are too long, thus making them annoying. Overall, Mr. Bones is a great one.


I'm going to go on record as saying this: Mr. Bones is an absolute must-buy for any Saturn owner. I can find very little wrong with this game. Mr. Bones is completely unique-you can tell that some true geniuses worked on this project. Each of Mr. Bones' minigames is fun in its own way, and each will surprise you with its ingenuity. As a bonus, all of these games are connected by hilarious cut-scenes that somehow make a story out of this potpourri. On top of all of this, the graphics, sound effects and music are as perfect as they are fitting. If you have any appreciation of dark and twisted humor, buy Mr. Bones!


I dare you to find a stranger game than Mr. Bones. But strange is good, and I doubt you'll find a game with more personality than Mr. Bones, either. This two-disc title's coolness lies not in its individual levels. Rather, it lies in the sheer number of these levels (there's dozens of them) and the wide variety of tasks each stage has you doing. For instance, one level might be a standard sidescrolling minigame, but another will have you knocking out power chords on a guitar. And some of the stages-like Mr. Bones' plunge down a swirling vortex-are downright hippy! The game's music and cinemas are first-rate, too.


This game has to get the award for strangest game ever to cross the Review Crew's critical eyes. Only one thing keeps this title from being the best: weak game-play. The game scenarios only seem to serve to get you from one FMV sequence to another. In fact, only two or three of the levels are actually fun to play. Where Mr. Bones shines is in the story line and FMV cinemas. The graphics and sounds of these movies are utterly breathtaking, and make the tedious levels worth it just to see the next one! Humor is not lacking either, and if you don't (roll on the floor laughing) numerous times, you should see a doctor.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Mister Bones supports single modeSingle game mode

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