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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: GameGear (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Kick your way from the shores of California to the distant island of Patu San in Surf Ninjas by Sega. This action title follows the storyline of the movie of the same name (see Behind the Scenes on page 60 for the Hollywood connection). Avenge the deaths of your parents and save your stepfather in this wicked, awesome, platform mash and bash. Fight's up'dude.

Extremely mellow surfing brothers Johnny and Adam McQuinn have learned that it's good news'bad news time. They find out that they are the last of a royal bloodline of the warrior kings of Patu San. Cool. The bogus news is that the slimeball who murdered Johnny and Adam's parents wants to assassinate the brothers to keep them from their rightful thrones. The deal is that the bad-guy— Colonel Chi—has kidnapped their stepfather to lure them to Patu San... and their deaths.

As Johnny, you'll fight your way through eight levels of extreme mayhem on your way to Colonel Chi's Fortress of Sri Wai. Your weapons are your hands and feet, Fire, Shurikens, Death Stars and Katanas. You are able to call on your brother, Adam, for Game Gear hints or Zatch, your ninja sensei, to help you out of a bind and infuse you with awesome ninja-warrior powers. The ninja attacks are phenomenal.

When you push the Start Button you will go to a Status'Selection screen. Here you ask Adam for a hint, choose your weapon, use treasure and buy necessities like extra lives.The graphics are vibrant and the sounds great, especially with stereo-headphones attached. Surf Ninjas is a blast. The battle rages!

Use either the High Kick or the Power Punch against flying creatures.

When fighting the ninjas on Venice Beach, try a roll and low kick combo. Roll by pressing your D-But-ton Down and then Lett or Right.

Against the first boss, Captain Ming, switch between high and low kicks to get him quickly. The high and low kicks are executed by pressing either Up or Down on the D-Button and Button 1.

This Yin/Yang symbol increases your Reflex meter.

To get to higher areas use the Double Spin Jump. This maneuver is done by choosing the direction you wish to go on your D-Button and hitting Button 2 twice quickly. The longer you hold down Button 2 on the second mash, the higher and farther you'll jump.

Try the Power Punch by having your enemy at arm s length, jumping in his direction and pressing Button 1 in mid-air.


When Surf Ninjas for Game Gear is released his August, you might find yourself wondering which came first, Surf Ninjas The Game, or Surf Ninjas The Movie. The answer may surprise you, because Surf Ninjas is the very first video game to be developed in conjunction with the filming of a movie. And because they were developed together, each one influenced the other.

New Line Cinema's Surf Ninjas brings a whole new dimension to the connection between Hollywood and video games, and the results are an action-packed comedy adventure. To understand how the game became such an integral part of the movie (and vice versa) let's take a look behind the scenes.

Take 1: The Movie

Johnny and Adam McQuinn are two young brothers living in the beach town of Venice, California. Their carefree days are spent surfing and playing games on their Game Gear. One day, however, their lifestyle changes radically, when they discover that they are heiis to the throne of Patu San, a small South Pacific island kingdom. They take off for the island, where they are confronted by the evil tyrant, Colonel Chi. The ruthless Colonel is determined to prevent them from claiming their throne.

With the Colonel's vicious Ninja Death Squad in pursuit, the boys leam to defend themselves while fighting for the throne. One brother develops powerful martial arts skills, while the other is able to see the future in his Sega Game Gear. The movie has some hilarious moments we won't ruin for you here, though one thing is certain: Through caves and jungles to the fortress of the evil Colonel Chi, this adventure is nonstop action. New Line Cinema's Surf Ninjas, a martial arts, action-adverrture comedy, is directed by Neal Israel (Bachelor Party) and produced by Evzen Mar (Bat 21, Double Impact). It stars Ernie Reyes, Jr. (Johnny McQuinn), Nicholas Cowan (Adam McQuinn), Leslie Nielsen (Colonel Chi), Rob Schneider (Iggy), Tone Loc (Lt. Spence), Ernie Reyes, Sr. (Zatch), and John Karlen (the stepfather).

Take 2: Sega Visions Speaks With the Movie's Producer - Evzen Kolar

SV: How did Sega of America, or more specifically Sega Game Gear, become such an important part of the film?

EK: The screen play was originally written about two young boys - approximately 12 and 16 years of age. The older one would develop his skills as a ninja warrior and regain his throne as ruler of a Pacific Island. We wanted to make sure that the younger one would be just as exciting a character as the older one, so we made him a visionary - a 'seer of the future. But we wanted his magical power to be funny at the same time so that it would appeal to kids his own age. Knowing that video games play such a big pan of the lives of young kids today, we incorporated a hand-held system which Adam could use to foresee the future.

SV: Did you look at other portable video game systems?

EK: My son owns both a Sega Game Gear and a Sega Genesis and the writer's sons also own both Sega systems. So even though we were more familiar with the Game Gear, we looked at both Game Boy and Game Gear. Game Boy's screen is too small, it's a black-and-white system and the clarity of the graphics isn't good enough for what we needed. Because the hand-held video game system plays such an important pan in the film, we thought the Sega Game Gear would fit better into the storyline. The Game Gear is visually more attractive, it has a bigger screen, clearer graphics AND it's a color system. For the purpose of our film, we needed to be able to photograph the portable video game screen directly with our cameras. So clarity and size were very important issues.

SV: When did you start filming and where?

EK: We started filming in April 1992 and we finished in July 1992. We filmed all over Thailand and parts of Hawaii.

SV: What was most exciting part of the filming of this movie?

EK: The filmed locations included the Wat Phra That Haripuchai, one of northern Thailand most sacred temples. It was founded in 1033 and was built on the site of the former royal palace. Locks of the Buddha's hair are said to be buried under the Min temple. It was the first time a motion picture crew was ever allowed to film on the temple grounds. That was very exciting.

SV: Any comments/thoughts on the final product?

EK: I'm very excited. We're releasing Surf Ninjas nationwide in August - up against some anticipated blockbusters. And we're confident about its success! During a special screening where three different age groups viewed Surf Ninjas we received an average rating of 97.0, which is an excellent score! The film appeals to both kids and adults. And when we asked them to give us the top three reasons why they liked the movie, heft's what they said: 1. Action/fighting/ martial arts; 2. comedy/humor; 3. Sega.

Take 3: SV Speaks With the Game's Producer — Carl Mey

SV: How did you get involved with this project?

CM: I was sent a script from our Licensing Dept, asking me to review it and make comments on the possibility of developing a game in conjunction with the movie. As I read the script and saw that the hand-held video game would play such a big part in the movie, I thought what a great opportunity to develop a game with the same storyline. But the best part of the deal would be the opportunity to participate in creating the sequences of the movie that show the game.

SV: What did you enjoy most about the project?

CM: When Sega accepted the idea and agreed to participate not only in the movie but also in developing a game based on the storyline. Evzen Kolar mentioned that Sega was a very well-known name and that our newly-found relationship would be a really big deal. I was excited to learn that New Line Cinema was just as interested in getting to know the video game industry as we were in getting to know the film industry It's like two separate ends of the same entertainment industry coming together and making an explosive reaction. It was a great opportunity for both of us to leam from each other.

SV: Did you have any input in the use of Game Gear and what would be shown on the screen?

CM: Definitely. Since the Game Gear's role in the movie had not yet been defined, the actual 'action scenes' seen on a Game Gear unit had to be specially created. I worked very' closely with NuFx, (the developer of the game) and together we created storyboards sequencing the game segments that would be shown in the film New line Cinema sent us footage from the film which gave us the direction we needed to modify the game sequences. We created individual cartridges for each sequence. We color - tested each sequence and adjusted the carts for better visibility. Then New line Cinema shot the game footage direcdy from the Game Gear System - it was not superimposed! In fact, they were so impressed with the clarity of the Game Gear footage that they actually increased the number of scenes featuring Game Gear and the amount of game footage than was originally scripted. What great exposure!

SV: What is your overall feeling about the development of this game?

CM: Well, I'm really happy with the way the game developed. Everything went smoothly and the timing was incredible. This was the first time that we were able to develop a game in conjunction with the filming of a movie, and we did it in less than ten months. That's because all of us involved in the project were very dedicated. Usually it takes a year or more to develop a game.

SV: What are your comments about the finished product?

CM: I'm really excited. The game tested extremely well. The reactions from focus groups were very positive - comments centered on the great graphics, the wide variety of special fighting moves, the large number of enemies and the fact that they grow increasingly harder to beat with each level, and the level of challenge. In this game you need to think strategically through every level. For example, you pick up Gold Coins and YOU decide how to spend your money If you don't spend it on the right thing, you'll never finish the game.

SV: Do you have any tips for our readers?

CM: Yeah. Get the weapons of Kwantzu!

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Surf Ninjas supports single modeSingle game mode

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