• Developer: E.A. Sports
  • Genre: Sport
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994) , GameGear (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Think Jam on Genesis is big? NBA Jam for the Game Gear stands just as tall. Arena's managed to squeeze all the excitement into a version you can take portable. You still get to play no-holds-barred Jam-style ball, with the same On Fire slamming — this time with password save. Play with two players from each of the 27 NBA teams — 54 players in all. For one player, you get the same three-button controls using Buttons 1, 2, and Start. Push, Steal, Turbo, and Pass your way up the court, playing fierce two-on-two ball. This to-go version really jams.

After you've gotten the hang of using the Start button as your Turbo, you'll find that you can deal death-defying dunks and powerhouse slams with all the NBA superstars. Arena has embedded all the same hidden characters and killer power-ups that exist in the 16-bit cart. The only major difference between the Genesis and Game Gear version is the missing announcer. Each player has four ratings: Speed, Three-Pointers, Dunks, and Defense. Choose the Chicago Bulls and you get Pippen and Grant, or select the New York Knicks and you play Ewing and Starks. No matter which players you choose, this fast-paced portable will wind your clock.

Choose your team and player from this screen. Pay close attention to the player's ratings before making your choice.

To generate the pew in power, turn on the Windmill.This Windmill Jam gets up to speed by holding Turbo and Shoot at around the three-quarter mark on the key and near the bottom of the circle.

Pay close attention to the Coaching Tips screens. They give great advice.

Take a pause at the Halftime Report screen. The other way to pause the game is to press Buttons 1, 2, and Start simultaneously.

This killer jam is the Dunk and Hang on the Rim. Try it from around the three-quarter mark on the key, holding Turbo and Shoot.

The only call in NBA Jam is Goal-tending. Sometimes it's sensible to Goaltend to achieve On Fire status.

Hot Hints


  1. The Game Gear version is different in that Stealing is less effective than Pushing. Push constantly on defense.
  2. Hit Turbo and Jump as your opponent hits the peak of his jump to block shots.
  3. Make your computer teammate (drone) Pass with Button 2 and Shoot with Button 1.
  4. Three-Pointers appear to have a higher percentage from the top of the circle and in the corners.
  5. Always chuck the leather at the buzzer.


Talk about heat! This one's literally on fire. NBA Jam for Sega CD from Acclaim gives you two stars from each of the NBA's 27 teams, 54 of the biggest names on the court, and multiplayer action (with Sega's Team Player). With faster play, more hidden characters, an extended halftime show, full-motion animation sequences from actual NBA games, and true CD-quality sounds, this is for die-hard NBA lam fans. Using the space of the disc-based medium, this one's bigger and better than the Genesis version but basically an elaboration on the cart game play that players have come to expect.

Hot Hints


  1. Always follow your shot in. That way you are already in place for the rebound.
  2. Shot accuracy increases in the last three seconds. If you're down (but close), wait until the clock is under that mark before you shoot.
  3. Win the tip-off by tapping Shoot constantly as the Matchup screen starts to fade.
  4. Go for the Powered Up Defense. With this cheat you can goaltend at will and get knocked down a lot less. Tap A, B, C, B, C, A, and Up at the Matchup screen.
  5. Steal like crazy by using Powered Up Intercept. Tap Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Down, Up, and Down at the Matchup screen.
  6. Play permanently On Fire by tapping C, B, C, B, C, B at the Matchup screen.

Nine-Point Shots From Da HOt Sports

Here're the goods. Tournament Edition for Genesis 32X gives you scads of solid new features. Look at this one, and right off the bat you'll notice true arcade-style scaling as your players move closer and farther away. Listening to your Jam has never been better. You get much more and cleaner voice, more sound effects, and incredible stereo sound. The game auto-saves all your wins and losses with battery backup. You'll be happy that you can now set up your favorite timing on the shot clock, overtime periods, and timer speed. Most important, you get all the features that make Tournament Edition the vast step forward that it is: three to five NBA players per team, injuries and fatigue factors, substitutions after every quarter, rookie and all-star teams, and all the wonderful power-ups and hidden characters you've come to expect. Now, if only they had included contract negotiations.


Talk about pulse-pounding fun. It's because of games like this that you bought your Genesis 32X. Now you can play this incredibly addictive fast-break ball title in the sweetest version out there. Welcome to NBA Jam Tournament Edition from Acclaim. Nothing comes closer to the arcade, and even better, this version boasts features that you won't find on any token taker. This one takes sheer skill. Bust a Flaming Helicopter jam with Dennis Rodman. You ain't never seen the Worm move like this.

Hot Hints

Seccret Characters:

  1. D.J. Jazzy Jeff: Put the cursor over J and press A, put the cursor over A and press A, then put the cursor over Z and press C.
  2. Prince Charles: Put the cursor over R and press any button, put the cursor over 0 and press A, then put the cursor over Y and press B.
  3. Randall Cunningham: Put the cursor over P and press C, put the cursor over H and press A, then put the cursor over I and press any button.
  4. Turbo power-up: At the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press B, B, D, D, A, A, U, and L.
  5. Dunk from anywhere: At the Tonight's Match-Up screen, press R, L, B, A, B, and A.


It's the hottest slammer in the arcades — and for good reason. NBA Jam ftom Arena is egree, rinwocking action. Exotic, killer slam dunks. No fouls. The meanest twooo-two competition around. And now it's coming to the Genesis. Slam as some of the biggest superstars from all 27 of the NBA teams. Test your jams with Barkley, Mourning, Laettner and Pippen. Try a one-player, twoplayer on the same team, two players against each other, or with the four-piayer Team Player (Sega's multiplayer adapter), play a twoorvone or four-player game with your pals All the incredible "he's on fire" dunks and hot features of the arcade version are here.

NBA Jam, in addition to the 54 NBA heroes, will have a number of secret characters, modes and tricks hidden in the game. The same terrific seasonal play and record-keeping of the arcade version are here, plus new features like two-player team records and player switching. With updated players and stats, you'll get to leam the strengths and weaknesses of each team anew. The same three-button controls exist—so you won't have to leam any new button configurations. Button A is Pass on offense and Steal on defense. Button B is Turbo in both offense and defense. Button C is Shoot on offense and Block on defense.

Just Dunk It!

So how are the dunks? Better than the real thing. A supercharged adrenalin rush. Each player has a set of possible jams, depending on his "dunking" rating bar. The bigger the bar, the more dunks that player will have. Like the arcade version, thisgameisab-balldunkfest,with I lots of different jams. The dunks vary according to the player and his position within and just outside the key area. Depending on the player, holding down the Turbo and Shoot Buttons outside the key near the third tick mark might give you a wild Hang on the Rim dunk or the Tarzan Slam...complete with blood-curdling yell. This is slam heaven.


Get airborne. Fly so high that you need FAA approval and then deliver the slam of the century. NBA Jam from Arena brings all the backboard-blasting action of the arcade to your Genesis, with even more tricks and surprises. This massive one- to four-player dunkfest lets you pound three-pointers from downtown or pull off the Helicopter Slam (rotor sounds included). There are no rules or fouls, and the only call is Goaltending. Play as the hottest superstars in the NBA — Mourning, Ewing, Pippen, and Thomas — 54 in all. Compete with all 27 teams from the East and West. Go undefeated and you can access teams comprised of hidden characters and the NBA greats. It must be Jam, 'cause jelly just don't move the same.

Is It The Shoes?!?

With 50 plus gravity-defying slams and the ability to become "On Fire" with three consecutive baskets, it's obvious why NBA Jam has been so hot in the arcades. So how's it look on the Genesis? All the speed is there. You get the same great announcer doing his "Boom-shaka-laka!" and other signature exclamations. Some of the players and all of the stats have been updated. All the moves and the three-button commands are the same. NBA Jam has the same aracade feel and excitement. So we wanna know—Is it the shoes?!? If so, these are definitely the helium-variety.

One to four players can choose their teams and players at the Player Choice screen. Look at the players' strengths and weaknesses before making your selections.

Execute this one-handed, Spread Eagle Tomahawk by hitting Turbo and Shoot as you vertically enter the paint. Pow!

When you are behind by a reasonable margin and the Computer Assist is on (default setting), you can catch up fairly quickly with three-pointers. Your shot percentage increases substantially when you're losing.

Pay attention to the 15 Coaching Tips screens. They give solid advice.

Secret Jam Stuff

Just like the arcade version, NBA Jam has plenty of hidden characters and power-ups. You get the power-ups with a combination of button presses at the Match Up screen. You access the hidden characters by saying Yes at the Initials screen and entering certain initials without pressing a button at the final initial—instead, press Stan and a Button. Here are three of the secret items we were able to find. Try to hack out the characters and power-ups for yourself.

Choose S, then A. Then place your cursor on L and hit Start and C. This is Sal Divita — one of the original programmers who was a hidden character in the arcade unit as well.

The code for Power-up Dunks gives you massive slams from the half-court mark. At the Match Up screen rotate the D-Button continuously while pressing any button 13 times. Hold the 13th push until the tip-off.

Choose the first two letters of the initials MJT and when the cursor is over the third one, press Start and A. This is Mark Tummel—the original designer of Jam and a previous hidden character.

Hot Hints


  1. For extra height on a rebound attempt, hit Turbo and Jump.
  2. Use Turbo and Pass for a faster, safer pass against strong defensive teams.
  3. Always try for a downtown shot at the buzzer. JC
  4. Open three-point attempts from the corners have a higher bucket percentage.
  5. Push against an opponent trying an outside shot.
  6. Beat all 27 teams, and you get a code for Juice. This mode speeds the play substantially. To become juiced tap any button (A, B, or C) 13 times at the Match Up screen and then hold down Buttons B and C until the tip-off.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:NBA Jam supports single modeSingle game mode

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