Triple Play 96

  • Developer: EA Sports
  • Genre: Sport
  • Originally on: Saturn (1995) , Sega Genesis (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

The differences between the 16-Bit and 32-Bit versions of Triple Play are as shocking as night and day. Fortunately, it's a shock for the better.

More and more baseball games are jumping on the 3-D stadium bandwagon, and EA Sports' Triple Play '96 is no exception.

That's not a bad thing, mind you. Triple Play '96 embraces the 3-D stadium and doesn't let go. The result is a ballpark setting that really throws players into the thick of things.

A it of the game's realism stems from the players on the field EA Sports' programmers have engineered a hybrid method that mixes motion-capture data with rendered players. The process is time-intensive, but the results show by looking at the player movement, such as the batter's swing on the bottom of this page.

Complementing the players are the 3-D stadiums. Triple Play '96 will feature all 28 major-league stadiums. Each one was created with EA Sports' "Virtual Stadium" technology, which was first used with FIFA Soccer This technology accounts for details such as lighting schemes and shadows on the field, as well as the stadium's actual layout. In any case, the result is a far cry from the 16-Bit stadiums of old (well, at least not as new).

However, EA Sports has not sacrificed the game's playability for visual gain. Average gamers will get a feel for the hitting and batting controls rather quickly.

So while the game will be simple to play, it won't be lacking in substance. EA Sports acquired a license from STATS, a name recognized in sporting circles as a major baseball data compiler. That firm's stats--lots of them, no doubt--will be accessible in Triple Play '96.

Gamers will have five modes to choose from: Exhibition, Full Season, к Playoffs, World Series and All-Star Game. The game also has a I pitcher/batter showdown and a home-run derby.

On the strategy side of the equation, Triple Play '96 features a Manager Mode that will let gamers call steals and squeeze plays on the fly.

In addition, the game will give players the ability to create, draft and trade players.

During the game, an announcer will cover the play-by-play and ball count.

Unfortunately, gamers will have to wait before judging whether Triple Play '96 will be, in EA Sports' words, the "most complete baseball experience" available.

If these screen shots mean anything, it's a good bet that EA Sports will prove true to its word. Look for a review in an upcoming Team EGM.


THEME - Sport

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Triple Play 96 supports single modeSingle game mode Triple Play 96 supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat)

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