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Ever since Electronic Arts began making basketball games for the Genesis, NBA Live '95 is the best yet. All of your favorite players from the league are here. All-new dunks from different angles toward the basket make this cart jam! Check out the awesome alley-oops! Run different styles of the graphics and game play have greatly improved. Now, with the new 30-degree perspective of the court and awesome new animations of players, defense and offense from the playbooks of the NBA. This game features all-season play, playoff, and the championship. Injuries are included as well. You may have to sit out of several of the games depending on the injuries you've received. In-depth stats of players can be saved and improved throughout the season. These are just a few of the features this game offers. NBA Live tures this game offers. NBA Live '95 is a totally cool game. You won't want to miss this one!

System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems:  Win9x Windows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features: NBA Live 95 supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Reviews

What a Deal — This Game s for Real

NBA Live 95's got completely new player animations with jump shots, hooks, lay-ups, a big ol'bunch o'slams, stealing, falling, rebounding, and showboating.

You decide how you want to play.

You get flexible strategies and options, including difficulty, rules, defensive and offensive sets, rebounding and defensive pressure choices, individual defensive matchups, doubleteaming, and player trades (or just go it simple with Arcade mode).

The passing lanes are completely visible with the new perspective. Use Turbo on each player to fill your need for speed.

You get your choice of Rookie, Starter, and All-Star difficulty levels — even the most seasoned basketball veteran will find plenty of challenge.

Dishing the Dunks

Fans looking for realism that extends to the slams are gonna get a thrill.

When you get near the hoop, your player tries one of a variety of lay-ups or jams... assuming that your man actually does dunk; you won't see Muggsy soaring above the bucket.

You can even set the game to display your spectacular slams in slow motion.

The graphics and presentation are in a comfortable TV style — you'll almost forget that this one's a video game.

One thing though...please put on fresh sneaks—you'll need'em.

Warms Up


Fresh, innovative, all new, seriously live, and one of the best Sports games ever — we're talkin' NBA Live 95 from EA Sports.

This Genesis cart gives you a brand-new take on the game of roundball.

You get an amazing view of the action with the new 30-degree court perspective.

Go at it with all 27 NBA teams (each with its own realistic play style), two All-Star teams, and four customizable squads.

Check out the Exhibition, Season, and Playoff battles, with battery save for your Season and Playoff series, player statistics, and user names and personal stats.

Pound the rim with real NBA players rated in 16 skill categories and know that they're up-tttdate with complete 1993-94 stats.

You'll wonder hqw you survived without your Live.

Hot Hints

  1. Catch up on the break by using your Turbo (Button A), and hit Button С to block dunks from behind.
  2. When you're in the air and a defender is in your face, use Button В to pass to a trailer.
  3. Keep track of where your roster's three-point talent is and use those players for outside shots.
  4. Plant before shooting to get a higher percentage.
  5. Always remember: The pass is faster than the dribble.

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