Panzer Dragoon

  • Developer: Team Andromeda
  • Genre: Shooter
  • Originally on: Saturn (1995)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Panzer Dragoon is simply one of the most mystifying games you will ever see! Just picture Total Eclipse, but even smoother--with a fully animated polygon dragon and warrior.

The levels that you embark on are a wee bit linear, but it's still worth the trip! You can dive under and over obstacles, mountains and in many cases big, bad Bosses! You can switch your main view to three distant shots and look to your sides and behind you in a full 360-degree arc. Sounds? Just picture an intense, new-age soundtrack--with screaming enemies arid cool explosions!


After watching the long, fantastically rendered CG intro, you are then placed into the game. First impressions: beautiful scenery, original and unique flying creatures and plenty of animation on just the merest of beasts.


The lock-on dragon breath. With unlimited ammo, you will learn that this is a life-saver!


If anything, a different variety of your standard weapon. Maybe even different dragon breaths or other dragons for that matter. However, the standard gun and lock-on breath are good enough!

If there's a sequel, though ...


If you are a fan of Lock-On or even Space Harrier, you'll love this. But this game is also tweaked enough (unlimited ammo, for a start) to make it just a whole lot of fun for any type of player!

Your view of first-person Shooters is about to wamp to a totally new perspective.

Nothing before has even come close in lock, feel, and pure exhilarating 360' Shooter perspective to Panzer Dragon from Sega Saturn.

Even the best titles running on Pentium 90s seem feeble when compared to Panzer Dragoon.

Put your hands on this beauty, and you're touching the future of gaming.

Panzer Dragoon is gonna make you wish that you'd been able to take to these unfriendly skies years ago.

From the computer-rendered movie-style intro to the glorius cinematic ending, Panzer Dragoon is a technological magicpiece that hurls you face-first into another world.

Thousand of year from now, humans have been nearly destroyed by their own bioweaponre.

The sparse remaining population has broken into tribes.

A Warrior tribe, the imperials, has discovered an ancient tower filled with a vast arsenal of the same terrifying armaments that almost annihilated mankind.

The Imperials are under the sway of the evil Dark Dragon, and if this monstrosity can return to the tower, the horros of the past will be loosed.

It's up to you - a member of the Hunters - and your winged blue dragon to stop him.

Virtual What?

Fly on your 3-D modeled and rendered dragon through seven huge vivid and lifelike levels.

It's closer to virtual reality (using just your flat TV screen) than any of the various VR products we've tried to date.

Panzer Dragoon is more than just a straight ride-and-shoot title.

Enemies come at you in this amazing 360' environment, and the results make even recent Shooters look like ancient history.

As you bring your dragon in close to onscreen objects, they look as good as or better than they did at a distance, without any blocky pixelation.

While flying you change perspectives via Buttons X, Y, and Z.

Even more, you can scroll the flight view by 90' incremerits around the dragon using the Sega Saturn control pad's two Shift Buttons (one for clockwise and one for counter).

The motion and action are incredibly real.

It's just you and your blaster on an armored blue dragon against all comers.

Sound simple? Yeah, sure.

Wait till you give it a shot, Rambo.

Radar is Your Friend

Enemy kills depend on your accuracy, your shot speed (you can use Buttons A, B, and С with three fingers to increase your fire rate), and your strategic use of either straight multishot action or a homing laser.

The opposition comes from all directions (praise be to the gaming gods for radar), and it's just a matter of getting through each individual episode without getting blasted out of the sky.

Long-term, hard-core Shooter fans should get an additional charge out of the score and rating for their kill percentage in each episode.

Better still, you gain continues based on your kill ratio, so take down those enemies.

Combine the outstanding 3-D graphics, eerie music, Sega Saturn-qality sounds, and a massive step forward in game play, and what you get is nothing short of spectacular.

Panzer Dragon is more than just a Shooter.

It's the most important game in the genre in years.

It's pretty much a no-brainer that Sega would have another installment of its popular Panzer Dragoon series ready, but imagine the surprise when they revealed that it was an RPG! Alright, we at EGM knew the details and saw early screen shots prior to the show, but when we actually saw the game live, it made us salivate like the dogs we are.

There are elements of the game that are similar to the action we're used to. but there are menu-based battles that reveal its role-playing side. The extent of the action side of Azel Panzer Dragoon RPG has yet to be revealed and there is word that there will be shooting sequences at certain intervals of the game to keep a sense of continuity to this update.

You'll be able to walk around towns which are realtime 3-D rendered structures. The exploration elements as far as landscapes are yet to be released. Sega states that there will be a cast of at least 20 different characters with the lead character being a 15-year-old boy. The best part for Panzer fans is that the story of the characters and especially the world will be fleshed out in greater detail.

People say:


Panzer Dragoon is simply the best game for the Saturn. It combines innovative game play (which controls wonderfully) with awe-inspiring visuals.The challenge is ramped perfectly, and the cinemas are the best CG I've ever seen. Sega went all-out with this game. One look at this game and you'll chuck your 32X forever! This will be the game to get for the Sega Saturn. Good control, wonderful visuals, new game play--Panzer Dragoon has it all. Almost a perfect game.


Now this is what it's all about. Panzer Dragoon is simply a beautiful game that is a blast to play! Everything from the background visuals, especially the sand worms in the later levels, to the attention to detail in the dragons' movement is breathtaking. While this game may seem like nothing more than a highly advanced Sewer Shark-type of game, Panzer Dragoon is worlds above it in terms of graphics and adventure. Saturn owners should not pass this up.


Sega's next-generation machine is here, and shooting games will never be the same! If you haven't gotten your mitts on this game yet, get it now! The graphics, especially the backgrounds, are beautiful to behold and the music is awesome! The weapons are great, but the game could have used a little more. But if I had to say one gripe about the game, it would be that you fly in a predetermined path, but that can be easily overlooked considering the quality of the game.


This game is just full of beautiful eye candy. The characters and backgrounds have great rendering and texture-mapped effects. This type of game could really bring back shooters. You can change views and rotate all around the objects. The one drawback is that, as a shooter, it lacks a lot of weapons or power-ups. Also, you fly in a single path that doesn't fully exploit the rotating and changing views. However, this is a fun shooter, full of great top-notch graphics.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Panzer Dragoon supports single modeSingle game mode

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