Die Hard Arcade

  • Developer: Sega of America
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1997)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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Game Overview

Side-scrolling fighters have all but disappeared from arcades and home systems, replaced by droves of arena fighting games like Virtua Fighter. However, Sega has come to the rescue, filling the dormant genre with their conversion of Die Hard Arcade. The game takes the tried-and-true formula of Capcom's Final Fight and Sega's own Streets of Rage trilogy and brings them to the next level. Using polygon characters and rooms. Die Hard Arcade looks more like Virtua Fighter than games of old.

Die Hard Arcade was easy to port to the Saturn, having used Sega's Titan board in the arcade. Titan hardware is identical to that of the Saturn minus the CD-ROM. so the game is almost a perfect port of the arcade. The only noticeable difference is the load time between areas and during cinemas.

The plot of Die Hard Arcade has very little connection to the movies, other than the title. In Japanese arcades, the game was released as Dynamite Deka. For the U.S. and the Japanese Saturn release, the game was retitled adding the movie license.

On New Year's Eve, a group of terrorists seize control of a San Francisco skyscraper, taking 30 partygoers hostage. One of the hostages happens to be the daughter of the president. The terrorists have managed to fend off police attempts to enter the building. As a member of a special SWAT force, you get dropped off on the roof of the building. Slowly working your way to the terrorists' HQ, you have to fight off the cronies sent to eliminate you.

A friend can join in the action as a second SWAT member. The gameplay is similar to that of other side-scrolling fighters. Each room you enter is filled with baddies and their arsenal of weapons. Besides standard punches and kicks, you can use special attacks that are activated by controller combinations, similar to those of fighting games like Virtua Fighter. Most enemies have weapons, which they drop when you attack. Along the way. you'll find pistols, rocket launchers, spray cans, axes, golf clubs, pipes, machine guns and more. Fighting takes place on a 2-D plane, so you have to be in front of or behind an enemy to attack.

There are cut scenes between areas, which update you on the status of the president's daughter (who has very large hands), or follow our hero(es) to the next area. During the cut scenes, there are times where you'll have to punch, kick, or move out of the way from obstacles. Success gives you a chance to determine the game's ending and path. For instance, by pressing the right button at the right time, you may avoid a battle altogether.

Die Hard is a return to the tried-and-true genre of sidescrolling fighters. Fans of the genre will want to grab a friend and take on Die Hard Arcade.

Gamer's EDGE

In addition to the action of the regular game, Sega has thrown in an extra game called Deep Scan. Available at the Title Screen, playing Deep Scan will award you with more credits than the standard four. By blasting submarines, you gain points. Numbers on each sub times 10 determines how many points you're awarded.

Additionally, each sub you destroy puts 50 points in the "bonus'' pot. After playing for a while, you'll see a red sub skim across the bottom of the screen. If you're lucky enough to hit it, you'll be awarded the bonus points and a bunch of extra credits.

People say:


Yeeeee-aaaah! There's nothing like a good beat-'em-up, slam-'em-down, slugfest to get me going in the morning. While not the most difficult game in the world, you'll be treated to some funny, interactive cut scenes where you get one chance to avoid a fight: Slam your fist into the punk in your way as you run down the hall. That scene cracked me up! Otherwise, Die Hard Arcade is NOT a serious game for serious gamers. If you've been looking for some rock-solid. side-scrolling fighting, you've missed the boat. Don't be fooled by the Die Hard name, either. You won't find any relations of the McClane clan here, which is a shame. What it boils down to is a surprisingly short game with tons of various attacks (though I beat it using ONE attack throughout the game), mediocre enemies and a plot that would do the Double Dragons proud (at least in the two-player game). Take away the humor, decent graphics and simple control, and you've got a bust. As a two-player game, even the greenest gamers should beat Die Hard Arcade on their first or second try. The really sad part is that pumping up the difficulty doesn't help much since the Al isn't hard to lock into a predictable pattern. Die Hard Arcade is definitely worth a rental, but not much more. Shoryuken!


Imagine Virtua Fighter combined with Final Fight; I really liked this one. It does get repetitious at times, but most of the levels are different enough. One point that really stood out for me is when you need to perform an action while running down a hallway or other area. This breaks up the action quite a bit. The variety of weapons is really cool, too.


DHA has many similarities with Virtua Cop-they both brought polygons to a formerly all two-dimensional genre, they both are excellent arcade to home translations and they both have extremely limited replay value. DHA is a lot of fun to play, but you may find yourself wishing that you rented it instead of buying it when you beat it in an hour.


DHA is the slickest rip-off of Final Fight I've ever seen. You get loads of moves, cool bonus rounds, screen-shaking weapons-and the ultra-sharp polygon graphics certainly don't hurt. The game is kinda easy, though-espe-cially once you rack up a few dozen credits on the Deep Scan mini-game. The quirky enemies add personality to DHA, too.

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Die Hard Arcade supports single modeSingle game mode

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