Duke Nukem Forever

  • Developer: Gearbox Software LLC
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (2004)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

How long have we been waiting for Duke Nukem Forever? I'll tell you -years! We've been chewing at the bit for so long, we were beginning to think 3D Realms had given up on the old codger for good.

It's been 18 months since even a screenshot was released and, since then, the game has switched from using the then-groundbreaking Quake II engine to Unreal's. Even as we scramble these words together, the developers are working in yet more code from Unreal Tournament. If it weren't for the delayed Daikatana taking all the heat, 3D Realms would have become a laughing stock.

Actually, that's not true. The differences between Ion Storm and 3D Realms are many. 3D Realms have played the waiting game perfectly. They have neither broken any promises nor hyped up their abilities. So silent have they been that even the publishers, GT Interactive, have been turned away at the door. For months, ZONE has been phoning GT, asking for screenshots, details, anything, each time being told: "We know as much as you do." Quite rightly, we believed them. However, now things are different...

Forever-Lasting Story

One thing Duke has never been big on is storyline. True to spirit, Duke Forever is as throwaway as they come. Dr Protoss, antagonist from the first game (that's the side-scrolling platform game from 1991, for the benefit of our younger readers), has managed to nuke LA - not before time - and has used technology from Area 51 to unleash a stream of aliens upon the world. Duke's aim, if it isn't already evident, is to save the planet.

As well as some familiar weapons from previous games (shotgun, trip mines, desert eagle and rocket launcher), a clutch of new weapons are promised, some experimental and some based on real-world designs. In fact, it is the real-world switch of focus that is getting many people excited. Set across Area 51, the Hoover Dam, Las Vegas and Arizona, with vehicles to drive across them, 3D Realms have managed to merge the trend for real-world locations and the cartoon feel of old. The table-dancing girls are back, in smooth polygonal loveliness, as are a number of new central characters, such as Bombshell, a female whom Duke presumes licks the other side of the stamp, as it were, because she can resist his unique charms. As for the enemies, we are told only the pig-cops will be making a return.

Graphically, we can expect much spraying of blood and flying limbs . Location-specific damage has been taken to the next level, with hits registering on each polygon (there'll be 1,000 per model) allowing for the most realistic death routines yet seen. There will also be more enemies onscreen at any one time, thanks to the system of using mesh technology.

But what about the AI? The grating metal soundtrack? The level design? The one-liners? Dear reader, you have much to learn and months to wait. It'll keep. Be patient. As 3D Realms trickle out new shots and details, you can be sure that we'll save them all up so that we can run a big preview very soon. Very soon.

THERE'S A FRISSON of legal tension between 3D Realms and 2K Games currently, so the true fate of Mr Duke Nukem cannot be told. But the cold hard fact is that as of right now the wheels have fallen off the Duke Nukem Forever project good and proper. So, with the aid of developer leaks in the wake of the lay-offs at 3D Realms, here's what we could have been playing. Remember though: nobody steals our Duke and lives.

  • № - 1

The game was to open in Duke's Las Vegas casino - the Lady Killer. Here he was to have sex with twins while playing his own game, before being part of a talk show that would be interrupted by a vast Alien Mothership hovering over the Vegas skyline. Someone then had to pay for knocking Duke off his stride.

  • № - 2

A boss battle would have taken place against an Alien Queen in a boxing ring within a vast arena known as the Duke Dome.

  • № - 3

At different points in the game Duke would be able to shrink himself - capering through giant kitchens in a fast food joint and taking out the giant (normal-sized) foes that stood in his way.

  • № - 4

You weren't only going to get to play as Duke. You could also play as a sexy lady called Bombshell, who at one point saves Duke from certain peril through the medium of lapdancing. One can only guess at the amount of research money developers spent in getting this scene right.

  • № - 5

Bombshell would be able to shrink herself too, and would spend several missions bombing around in a remote-controlled car.

  • № - 6

Familiar creatures to shoot would have included Pig Cops on flying machines, bullet-fodder Enforcers, Octobrains and topless women trapped in alien goo. Stamping on stuff would be a frequent occurrence.

  • № - 7

One boss was to face a humiliation move that would have involved a pipebomb being stuck up its bum. Duke's potential witticisms for the occasion included: "This is about to impact your colon", "Montezuma's revenge", and "Colon-ize this motherfucker".

  • № - 8

As the Duke slaughtered babe-stealing alien bastards, he'd earn Ego Points. In post-DN3D games Ego had been the Duke-speak term for health, so Duke's self-regard was generally both high and easily dented by bullets.

  • № - 9

Chucked pipe bombs had a really cool red smoke trail effect as they flew through the air.

  • № - 10

The whole thing was going to be a bit sexist.

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Duke Nukem Forever supports single modeSingle game mode

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