Mad Dog McCree

  • Developer: American Laser Games
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1993)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 8.0/10 - 2 votes
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American Laser Games, the people who brought you the live-action shoot-out action of Mad Dog McCree, have turned their talents to a hard-boiled whodunnit. You're a burnt-out private eye. She's a desperate dame with vengeance on her mind: Someone's rubbed out her night-club-singer boyfriend, and she wants justice. You don't usually deal in murders, but against your better judgment you pack your pistol and take the case. The seamy underworld of the victim's numerous enemies is the setting of your perilous live-action investigation. To get to the bottom of Johnny's murder, you have to plug gangsters, pool-hall thugs, and sharp-shooting molls from a first-person perspective. Your reflexes better be quick. If you don't think and draw fast in this one- or two-player Mystery/Shooter, you'll be served up like a slab of Swiss cheese.

Arcade Sleuthing And Shooting, Thirties-Style

Descent Into The Underworld

This damsel in distress may be bent on revenge, but she's not too observant. A pack of toughs has followed Red, as she calls herself, into your office — if you're not careful, they'll treat you to a six-pack of lead before she's finished her tale of woe. If you live long enough to see her to the door, a telegram and a map will direct you to the lairs of four hard-edged criminals.

When you confront your suspects, they'll give you a lot of lip and set their armed henchmen against you. Put a little iron in their diet before they do the same to you. If you do get shot, a doctor with a rather abrasive bedside manner patches you up for a fee. Out of cash? It's off to the morgue, where a ghoulish mortician makes light of your untimely end.

Wear down your suspects, and you'll wring a clue out of each one. Collect them all to crack the safe in Johnny's mansion for a pivotal piece of evidence that varies with each game. With several possible endings that hinge on this final clue, Johnny Rockhas good replay value (we only wish that the game play varied along with the conclusion—enemies always, always pop up in exactly the same places).

Johnny Rock!s relentless gunfire will satisfy shooting fanatics, while the atmospheric sets, campy dialog, and multiple endings are enough to whet any gumshoe's whisde. So slip your pistol into your trenchcoat, and send that lounge lizard's killer up the river.

Hot Hints:

  1. Your suspects won't shoot you, but they might set you up.
  2. Don't shoot at enemies until they draw their guns.
  3. You can buy extra ammo for 100 smackers a clip.
  4. Take a shot at Johnny's lucky number whenever it appears.
  5. Tired of that sarcastic surgeon? Shoot the screen while he's talking to jump back into action.

The Line-up

According to Red, Johnny's murderer was one of the "four diseases." Each member of this unwholesome quartet had ample motive for doing him in. It ain't easy picking out a killer when your suspects are such a sick bunch.


Johnny double-crossed Mumps once or twice, and this pool shark holds a mean grudge.

Lockjaw Lil

Lil regularly booked Johnny to sing at her speakeasy. She'll tell you that she loved Johnny like a son, but murder is often a family business.


Johnny's bookie claims to pack a pencil, not a piece. Think he gave his client the bullet boogie?


This low-life was mixed up in some shady dealings with the dead man.

The Shooting Galleries

The Pool Hall

Don't let these pool sharks hustle you.

The Casino

Where there's gambling, crime is sure to follow. Lockjaw Lil's tawdry establishment is no exception.

The Garage

Beware of explosives here.

The Warehouse

Was it Measles who put Johnny in cold storage?

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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Mad Dog McCree supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Reviews


Grab your six-shooter — or your Sega Menacer — and get ready for the Wild West shoot-'em-up that promises to beat all shoot-em-ups: Mad Dog McCree is headin' into town. Mad Dog McCree will be the first of American Laser Games arcade hits to be converted to the Sega CD... and it looks like a day in the Wild West will never be the same. The interac-tive-style gun-slingin' action in this full-motion video game will make it great for the Sega Menacer. This level of player interaction is something Sega gamers are hankerin' for. Of course, Mad Dog McCree will play just fine with the control pad... just a little tamer. You will even have a two-player option, with the players taking turns on each shootout. Round up a pardner, cinch up your gunbelt and get ready to face some mean hombres.

Gunfight at the KO Corral

Folks in town are plumb scared to death. Mad Dog McCree and his band of cutthroats are headin' their way and the sheriff ain't near mean enough to handle one of Mad Dog's men, let alone a whole gang. What this town needs is a gunslinger... you. Save the town — and the Mayor's daughter — and get your hard-fought rewards.

But first, get in some target practice. Mad Dog McCree will give you plenty. Just line up the bottles, then let ‘er rip with your Menacer.

In town, you'll get your choice of four different areas to clean up: the Saloon, Sheriff's Office, Corral and Bank. The game's outcome will depend on the paths you choose. Sneak peeks at Mad Dog McCree reveal it is jam-packed, with amazingly vivid movie deaths of the bad guys you exterminate, like the guy who tumbles off the roof of the Saloon. Shoot one of the innocent townspeople and you will see footage of the undertaker completing the burial, then telling you how many remain of the original 62 people you're supposed to be protecting. Get killed yourself and you'll visit the undertaker. Want to be buried with your boots on, pardner?

You will start with three lives and six bullets. You can add to your store of lead by shooting any cow skulls or spittoons you see. Continues will also be available. Rescue key folks from Mad Dogs gang and they'll give you hints on how to proceed next. You'll visit eight stages of the Old West in all. And this is authentic Old West — Mad Dog McCree was shot on location in New Mexico, which lends the game a spectacularly realistic look and feel .

So, get ready to grab your Menacer and join the crowd that's gathering to send Mad Dog scurrying. What more fun could a var-mit-bustin' kid want?

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