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  • Developer: Konami
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Is that a badge or a Sega CD pinned to your chest? Shoot-from-the-hip excitement is coming to The Next Level with Lethal Enforcers from Konami. Following on the wild success of the arcade shooter, Lethal Enforcers is a direct port of the arcade with all the realistic backgrounds, bad-guy graphics and rapid-fire, target-shredding action. It is the first interactive shooting game for the Sega CD.

To play Lethal Enforcers you need either a Genesis-compatible control pad or Konami's special pistol controller, The Justifier, a colored magnum-like replica of the arcade control device. A second gun specially made for a second player wall also be available, though two players can shoot it out against the bad guys with two control pads, a Justifier and a control pad, or two Justifiers. The pistol-shaped controller makes the playing experience more aicade-like, but is not necessary Lethal Enforcers is not compatible with the Sega Menacer or Menacer tides.

If you've played Lethal Enforcers in the arcades, then you know the action moves as fast as a speeding bullet. Lethal Enforcers puts you in the bullet-proof vest of Unit Five, a policeman (or policemen, in a two-player game) hot on the trail of terrorist-type, armed and dangerous villains. Your job is to take them out without harming innocent bystanders and policemen... who often seem to blunder into the scene. It's a game of shoot or be shot, with multiple gunmen often popping up on the screen to give you a potentially lethal time.

Your initial rank is Patrolman. You rise in rank as your shooting skills...and hit ratios...continue to improve. Though the game is violent by nature, it is not very bloody or gory The only blood you see is when you are hit or cut.

The game also features a series of target practice sessions, where you test your accuracy and speed against pop-up targets to increase your police rank. Lethal Enforcers is a solid translation of the arcade game. If you've ever wanted to be a cop, this game will put you in the line of fire.

The Bank Robbery

This first round sets the pace for the rest of the game. Your rank is Patrolman. Your job...clear the bank of robbers and protect the bank patrons from harm.

Bank robbers pop up in the background, midground and foreground. Shoot the magnum icon to get a full load of heavy-duty ammo.

This bank patron will run across the screen just as the gunman aims to fire. Don't let yourself be distracted.

Policemen often seem to blunder into your shootout. Don't let them get caught in the line of fire.

Though you can shoot out the tires of the cars, it is best to leave them alone. Shoot out the tires and the car will bounce up and down, making your targets more difficult to hit.

The first big boss stands in a moving chemical truck, shooting rockets at you. Blast the rockets before they reach you...shooting into the truck in-between rockets.

If you have the magnum, blast through the car to take out the gunman on the far side. If not, go lor the head shot.

Power-up icons often appear in risky places, like jus! beneath a firing gunman. Always clear the enemy before attempting to collect the power-up.

Ouch! Looks like you just took a hit.

The Drug Dealer

Looks like the drug dealer has a nice big ship. Starting at the docks, you'll chase his henchmen to the private yacht for a roaring harbor-side gunfight.

Stray too far left and you'll take out a fellow policeman. Look where he is aiming. Blast the up-front gunman, then take out the driver of the white car.

Gunners riding cargo boxes give you a moving challenge. Lead them just a little for a clean hit.

Two wrong choices. You shot the good guy, and did not rebound fast enough to take out the bad guy...before he got you!

The drug dealer makes his last stand in a helicopter, armed with the traditional missile launcher. He's vulnera-bleJf you can get past the missiles.

The Chemical Plant

Just when you think you've got him cornered, the crime boss has some nasty...and very toxic...tricks up his sleeve.

Exploding bullets make a toasty mess out ot any gunman.

Automatic weaponry attack in ones and twos. It takes almost two complete reloads to blast off the head.

Blast the toxic barrels and you face a whole new nightmare...green and mean!

These lethal little tanks thrive in heat and toxic wasteland just keep on dealing death.

Chinatown Assault

This city street gun battle tests your skills with gunmen in top-floor windows. They make small targets, are difficult to hit and shoot just as accurately as up-close gangsters.

This stab-happy bad boy pops up in the foreground, giving you only a split-second to react.

Peg the sniper on the Chinn Restaurant roof and he'll take a nose dive.

While most enemies appear on ground level, don't ignore the open windows above shops and other businesses.

Think twice betore picking up a magnum to replace a machine gun. You get more mileage out of more bullets. And don't back up a screen, or the icon becomes lost tor good.

Subway gunners jump and cartwheel in Irom both sides. Try to tag 'em before they stop moving.

Bystanders are off-limits. Peg one and you lose a life as well.

The Subway Boss hurls swords with deadly accuracy. Try to blast them out of the air.

The boss has thrown his last sword. Blast him again to send him down the tracks.

Sleeping bums and other innocent bystanders make the subway level challenging. If you find the magnum, blast right through the train to take out terrorists.

The Hijack

Bad guys just don't quit, not even long enough for a cop to grab a donut! Clean 'em out of the jet airliner, dodging hand grenades and rockets.

Hijackers appear from both sides, underneath and from the entryway of the jetliner.

Carefully check anyone who runs across the screen. Innocent bystanders will have their hands empty.

If container walls start to bulge, start shooting. There are gangsters inside.

In addition to gunmen, you also have to worry about hand grenades. Shoot them before they explode.

The airliner body is one of the toughest rounds because the targets are so small. Fire at any change you see in the windows and watch for hostages at the doorways.

The Hijacker Boss is armed with a canister-styie grenade launcher. You have to worry about him and his grenades, as well as the small army that will fight with him.

Target Practice

The better you get, the taster the targets turn. Lethal Enforcers keeps you on your toes.

Glass targets move across the firing range from left to right and from right to left One shot will break them.

This target sequence trains you to recognize whom to blast...and not to blast. The innocent bystander is in the lower left comer.

The more accurately you shoot, the higher in police rank you will go.

In the target practice stages, speed counts as much as accuracy. Set your accuracy at the beginning of the game, then concentrate on speed as you play.

Intermission screens give you a preview of what's coming next stage.

Hot Hints:

  1. Your weapon is a six-shooter. You can...and will...run out of bullets. Keep an eye on the cylinder at the bottom left ot the screen. When it comes close to running out, point the controller off-screen and pull the trigger. You are reloaded.
  2. Speed counts. Get them before they I get you.
  3. Power-ups include exploding bullets, shotguns, automatic pistols with larger clips, machine guns and a magnum that would make Dirty Harry envious.
  4. Tag an innocent bystander and it will cost you. You may even have to take the level over. Be fast...but not careless.
  5. Don't grab a power-up to replace a more powerful power-up.
  6. Enemies that come in from the sides of the screen are hardest to hit
posted by Maksym Kamiński

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Lethal Enforcers supports single modeSingle game mode

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