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  • Developer: Virgin
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Frank Herbert's Dune book series has become a modem classic. Virgin Games has captured the feel of the Dune world with this new CD release. Based on the storyline of the first movie, you play as a young Atriedes come to the planet Arrakis. The game takes place in first person and is solid sci-fi adventure.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Anyone who has read one of the late Frank Herbert's Dune novels or has seen the famous movie knows the danger, excitement and intrigue of the planet Arrakis. It's the home of the desert-dwelling Fremen, deadly giant sand worms and the mysterious spice Melange. It is also the setting for Dune from Virgin Interactive Entertainment, the first graphic sci-fi adventure for the Sega CD. This one-player game loosely follows the plot of the movie and the first Dune novel. Fans of the movie will recognize Virginia Maddsen in the opening monologue and the face of Paul Atreides.

Dune CD is complex and rich in detail. Since the game is a graphic adventure, you don't directly attack, pick up objects, handle tools or do things normally associated with adventure games. Instead, you interact with characters all across the planet, obtaining information, cooperation and giving orders to your followers. Dune takes place entirely from your point of view. Each character you meet and converse with responds with digitized voice synched to moving lips. The background music is eerie and haunting. And the game options are designed to give you maximum control over game play.

You play as Paul Atreides, a young nobleman of House Atreides sent to Arrakis...also called Dune...by the Emperor to mine the spice Melange. Arrakis is the only place in the universe where the spice is found. Opposing you is House Harkonnen, ruthless dictators who still inhabit the planet. You must rally the native desert Fremen to you to both mine Melange and to drive the Harkonnen from Dune. There are two problems. The Harkonnen will not give up their domain on Arrakis without a fight. And the Fremen believe you are prophesied to be their savior.

You begin your adventure in the Atreides Fortress. Talk to Duke Leto, your lather. Then find your friend and advisor, Gumey Halleck. Good luck...good mining... and never walk in the desert m without a stillsuit.

The Desert Fremen

You must win the cooperation of the Fremen in many areas if you are to be successful. You'll find them in seitches...hidden desert communities...all over the planet. Their tastes in hairstyles are... highly refined.

  • TIP: Most of your interaction with Duke Leto, Jessica, Thufir Hawat and others will take place in this fortress.
  • TIP: You will issue orders to your Fremen troops from inside the seitches. How you assign troops and equipment will determine your success.
  • TIP: One of your first missions is to find a maker of stillsuits...and have the suits delivered to the fortress.
  • TIP: It does not pay to wander in the desert without a stillsuit or without purpose.
  • TIP: Prospector Fremen will give you a map that makes it much easier to find areas of spice.
  • TIP: Duncan Idaho is one of the best friends you'll have. Follow his advice, especially in the area of spice harvesting.
  • TIP: Always take someone with you when you are flying in the desert
  • TIP: Your mother, Jessica, has the power to sense unseen objects and danger. Ask her to come with you to explore the palace.
  • TIP: The Emperor wants his spice. He'll ask for it in ever-increasing amounts. Give it to him.
  • TIP: "Could you be the one?" The Fremen have a prophecy that concerns you. Remember that driving out the Harkonnen is just one of your goals.
  • TIP: Gumey Halleck is an important source of knowledge. Take him with you whenever possible.
  • TIP: You will find Prospector Fremen very near the Castle, after you have learned to "appreciate their skills."
  • TIP: You must send Prospectors into new areas before the spice there can be mined.
  • TIP: Spend some time alone in the desert and you will gain special powers; among them, the ability to have visions.
  • TIP: When you have defeated a Harkonnen stronghold, "Rally" their Fremen to you.
  • TIP: Make it a point to look in the mirror in the Palace forward room. Here you can save, get a look at yourself and see what color your eyes are turning. Totally blue irises means maximum spice saturation.
  • TIP: In Orni flight you can either select a known destination or head for a compass bearing to explore the desert.
  • TIP: Trust Gurney Halleck's advice to get you through the early stages of the game. As you grow stronger, you will become more self-reliant.
  • TIP: Flight sequences use scaling, rotation and zoom to give you awesome views of Dune's desert surfaces. Keep track of the window in the upper right comer to track your flight progress. An option allows you to switch to your destination, if you have one selected.
posted by Epic Moreno

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Dune supports single modeSingle game mode

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