Mortal Kombat

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993) , GameGear (1993) , Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Kranky and kantankerous kompetitors now loose the killer karnage in Arena's Mortal Kombat for your Sega CD. One of the best-selling games for the year 1993 comes back at 'cha for '94 in disc form. This one brings you as close as yer gonna get in your home to the arcade version without coughing up a couple of G's and rolling out a hand truck. This screamer of a one- or two-player fight title takes your seven im-Mortal kombatants through their paces on the way to do deadly battle with Goro and Shang Tsung. Mortal is both three- and six-button compatible. One question though: Shouldn't Johnny change the spelling of his last name to Kage?

More than 500 years ago the Shaolin Tournament was an honorable competition for martial arts warriors — then the evil Shang Tsung perverted it with the help of his four-armed, halfhuman, half-dragon protegee Goro. Now Shang Tsung steals the souls of the fighters to gain immortality for himself. Nice guy, huh? Fighting as one of seven warriors —Johnny Cage, Liu Kang, Kano, Ravden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, or Sonya Blade — you fight your way up the ranks and then try to restore the kontest to honor by whupping Goro and Shang Tsung and sending them back to whatever sleazy hole they crawled out of.

Kombat With Klarity

So what's different about this version? You get all the arcade music and sounds in CD quality. From the tunes to the voices and noises, this disc sounds even better than the arcade unit. Arena's given you all the character bios in full-motion animation. The programmers restored all the animation frames removed from the other versions. The result? Smoother character movement and a faster-paced feel to your game play. All the backgrounds i have been reanimated, right down to the flames at the Palace Gates. Even more, at the beginning of the CD. they've added a two-minute Mortal video featuring the commercial clips. All in all, the disc is closer to true arcade and gives you more and better Mortal Kombat than any other home version has to offer.

There was something about this Code of Honor screen. What was it? We can't seem to remember. Gee...

Choose your fighter from this screen. You and another player can even choose the same competitor for devilishly even matches.

The Fighters' Special Moves


Toss your foe some awesome amperage with Rayden's Lightning Throw. Press Away, Down, Toward, and Button A.

Rayden does his best man o' steel impression with the Torpedo. For a command performance push Away, Away, and Toward.

For the disappearing act of the century, try Ray's Teleport—It adds wonderful confusion to your opponent's game. Tap Down, Down, and Up.

Sonya Blade

Giving a ring is a cause for celebration in most societies. Sonya's Ring Toss is more a cause for yelling ouch! Give 'em a ring by holding Button A, tapping Away, and Button A. "And it burns, burns, burns...that ring of fire...."

Sonya will grab an enemy with her knees and toss them across the room — she calls it her Scissor Grab. Push Down and Buttons A and B simultaneously.

The Square Wave Flight is a great way to greet a jumping foe. Hello. Smack. Just tap Toward, Away, and Button A.

Johnny Cage

You too can toss Johnny's Green Flame like the pros by tapping Away, Toward, and Button A. This move is rumored to be called Chucking the Snot by the original programmers.

Even the most fierce kombatants groan when they see Johnny perform what's delicately called the Split Punch. You should hear the high-pitched squeal of pain from the receiver on the CD version. Try it yourself by holding Down and Button C.

Cage's Shadow Kick makes the opponent see double! Tap Away, Toward, and Button B, and you offer 'em a kiss with your heel.


And you thought sliding was for babies....To do Subbie's version of the Slide, hit Away and Buttons B and C simultaneously. Your opponent will be airborne in no time.

The iceman cometh. The iceman tos-seth. The foe receiveth. You could call 'em kubed. To do the Sub-Zero Freeze, press Away, Down, Toward, and Button A.

Fighting Goro:

  1. When four-armed-and-ugly jumps toward you, plant him with a kick.
  2. All airborne attacks work well against Goro (in moderation).
  3. When tossing weapons (Rings, Flame, Knife, etc.), stop when Goro starts throwing his Flame. You'll lose if you trade hits.

Light your enemies' cigarettes with Mr. Kang's Fireball. Oh, they're all nonsmokers and you just lit a face? Too bad. To do it again, hit Toward, Toward, and Button A.

Do the Kano Cannonball by hitting Start, and then Toward, Down, Away, Up, and Toward. Get a little hang time while spinning by hitting and holding Start.

Scorpion sure does have a barbed sense of humor. To help your enemy get the hook with the Harpoon, tap Away, Away, and Button A. Fishing, anyone? Nah, too small. Throw it back.

Jump back to get your foes to jump in toward you, then catch 'em in the air with Liu's Flying Kick by tagging Toward, Toward, and Button C.

This ugly half-metal-faced kreep has a single red eye. Could it be a targeting laser? 'Cause he's always on target with his knife. Hold Start and tap Away and Toward to help your enemy get the point.

Now you see him, now you don't. To Teleport and reappear on the other side of the screen, press Down, Away, and Button A. Poof, smack. Poof krack. Your foe will love you for it

The Straight Scoop on Reptile

We've heard lots of conflicting reports on Mr. Green-and-Nasty — so we thought we'd set you straight on how to find and fight Reptile. Start a single-player game and fight your way to The Pit. If a silhouette appears across the moon, battle at the Pit without using your Block button, completing a Double Flawless and then doing your character's Finishing Move. This means that only Sub, Cage, and Rayden can fight Reptile, as they do not use the Block button as part of the Finishing Move. Reptile fights with either Sub-Zero or Scorpion's moves (in green) and moves two times as fast as either of them. Beat him, and you get an extra 10 million points. For silhouettes, we've seen Santa and his sleigh, a blimp, a witch, Peter Pan, Wendy and Michael, and a rocket ship.

This is what a shadow over the moon looks like.

Once you've done the Double Flawless and your Finishing Move, you will be served notice that you've found His Greenness.

Johnny Cage whips Reptile's noxious butt.

In this case, Reppie is using Scorpion's moves.

Hot Hints


  1. Head Butts are a serious no-no with Mr. Go-Go. You'll eat multiplehanded knuckle sandwiches if you try it.
  2. Try your character's best combo. For instance, Cubbies' Freeze, Uppercut, and Slide. But never use a combination more than two times in a row. You would be toast. Please pass the jelly.

Fighting Shang Tsung:

  1. Mr. Tsung normally tosses four Fireballs in a row. Stay back and duck them.
  2. Defend and avoid when Shang fights you as himself. Take him on when he changes into another fighter.
  3. Never sweep S.T. — the guy is legless.
  4. Shang can use each fighter's Special Moves only after transforming.
  5. Start your attack midtransformation.
posted by Maksym Kamiński


It rules in the arcades...has been called the fighting game of the century. Now you can play it on your all its arcade glory, color and action. It's Mortal Kombat from Arena. And it's Kombat supreme. Mortal Kombat is the player's choice arcade fighter because of the lifelike appearance of the fighters, the realistic combat moves and the awesome special moves.

Mortal Kombar gives you all the classic plan options of this fighting hit. The game gives you all the classic play options. You can fight against the computer in five difficulty levels. A friend can join in the Tournament at any time. You can listen to the game music and sound effects in the Options Menu. And there is the special code that allows you to play Mortal Kombat in Arcade Mode.

Basic Moves

Though each fighter has their own special moves, the basic fighting moves are the backbone of the game. You need to master them if you have a hope of winning. In general, the more spectacular a move, the more damage I it does.

Kode of Honor

Arena has agreed to make the Arcade code available to interested gamers through a special phone number. Before you call, however, make sure it's O.K. with whoever pays the phone bill (since it is a toll call). Arena's special number for the code is 516-624-9300. Call between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM ES.T., Monday through Friday. Arena will provide you with the code, and tell you how and when to enter it Better gamers might be able to discover the code by themselves. But if you can't figure it out call Arena for the inside info.

The Tournament Trail

The mix of fighters will vary depending on your character. This is the path the Tournament takes. If player two joins in, you both slug it out until one has lost and/or run out of continues. Then the Tournament resumes the normal course.

Goro & Shang Tsung

After you have defeated all your Mortal Kombat opponents, you go head-to-head with Goro and Shang Tsung, the evil reigning Champion and Grandmaster of the Tournament. You cannot play as either of these two villains. You must defeat them both to win. Do so, and you'll learn the rest of the story about the fighter you chose to be. The connections between them may surprise you.

posted by Epic Moreno


"Now entering Kombat!" This one- or two-player Gear-to-Gear version of the smash hit arcade game is a spectacular translation. Three difficulty levels will give you the chance to play at your own level of expertise. Six of the original seven fighters, all the arcade moves (with different buttons, of course), and original modes give you a fighting game experience like never before!

The graphics on Mortal Kombat Game Gear really show you what the Game Gear can do. The characters' movements are amazingly lifelike and fluid, and control of a large number of moves is easily handled by the Game Gear's buttons. Learning the moves is quite easy. Fight for the title of Supreme Mortal Kombat Warrior. It is a matter of honor.

Basic Moves

Each Kombatant has the same basic fighting moves in common. These moves, while not flashy or spectacular, are the backbone of any good Kombat strategy. Learn them before attempting to master the special power moves.


  1. Sweep: D-Button Away-Down Diagonal and Button 2
  2. Roundhouse: D-Button Away, Button 2
  3. Crouch Kick: D-Button Down, Button 2
  4. Uppercut: D-Button Down. Button 1

Johnny Cage

What Cage lacks in style, he makes up for in speed and power. A solid all-around fighter.

Liu Kang

This Shaolin monk is a fisherman and wants to bring the Tournament back into Shaolin hands. With his Flying kick and Fireball, he's got a good chance.

Sonya Blade

Sonya is a member of a paramilitary police force and fights with military precision. This woman is a definite contender.


This guy is a god. Literally—a thunder god. Between his Teleport and Lightning, he can be tough to beat.


The other ninja wanior—Scorpion stings his opponents and hauls them in.

Sub Zero

This ninja assassin can blast out the cold. He has a mysterious connection to Scorpion.

posted by Diego Barros

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Mortal Kombat supports single modeSingle game mode

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