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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Sport
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994) , GameGear (1994)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Sega had their hands full when they were producing NFL '95. The newest feature, the visual perspective of the field while in the sequence of passing, has greatly changed the way the game plays and the way you view your receivers in order to more accurately know when to pass the ball to them. But, this is not the only feature that makes the game flow. The animations of the players have been improved to give you a more realistic feel of the game.

I In the stats department, NFL '95 is loaded with stats, down to the very last player. Improve your stats and records as you continue your road to the Super Bowl. In-depth, extensive stats of football players and team records are in here. Create your own team of players to go against the best teams in the league.

Enjoy the game on another level as you plug in the Team Player and play four players at one time. This is one cool football game!

posted by Maksym Kamiński


You want got it. Gut-pounding NFL action slams onto your Game Gear in NFL '95 from Sega Sports. Featuring the NFL's greatest quarterback, Joe Montana, and all 28 real NFL teams, with actual NFLPA players in full League Play, Playoffs, and Super Bowl action. The new "Behind the QB" view puts you right on the field. One or two players (Gear-to-Gear) can chuck the leather and go for the uprights in this great to-go version of America's gridiron game.

Bigger, Better Football on Your Game Gear!

This one has it all—the real players, thehonest-to-good-ness teams, the logos and helmets, and more. The players perform according to their real 1993/94 statistics. The "Behind the QB" view gives more realism and punch to the pounding action. At 4 megs, this is one big full-color portable cart. Take a look at these early screens, and we think you'll agree: NFL '95 looks great! More to come in a future issue.

posted by Epic Moreno

Sega Sports Puts A New.

The Front Office:

Not happy with your roster? Are your players dropping like flies with game-ending injuries? In NFL '95, you can release or trade any of your players (put Joe Montana back on the 49ers!), or check the Free Agent wire for added roster help. All the players are ranked in 13 skill categories to make their on-field accomplishments as authentic as possible. Scout your future opponents by viewing the 1993 league rankings and records for all 28 teams.

The Field General:

From the huddle to the end of a play, you're in control. Change personnel, formations, and primary receivers all from one easy-to-leam screen. You can even customize audible. As quarterback, you can change the primary receiver at the line of scrimmage. See an opening in the defense? Then audibilize! If an opening isn't there, send a player in motion. Or if catching the ball is your forte, press a button at the line of scrimmage and become the primary receiver. Once the ball is snapped, you can run any pass route your little football-loving heart desires. When you're open, press a button to call for a pass from the quarterback. Awestruck by a Jerome Bettis defensive back-crushing sweep? Use the VCR-style Instant Replay feature to watch it again from all the angles.

Stats, stats, and more stats:

Into numbers? NFL ‘95 is packed with them. Individual and team stats are accumulated after every league game, while individual and team records are kept even after a season is over. A League Leader section lets you see how your players or team stacks up against other players and teams during league play (will Dan Marino bounce back to regain his pass-ing-yardage tide?). During a game, summaries of each play, drive, and score are available. Once a game is over, check out the Highlights screen for a list of that game's top players and a scoring summary—even for computer-simulated games! With NFL ‘95 you get two-point conversions, kickoffs from the 30, and missed field goals taken over at the spot of the kick. All-new rules. All-new game. All-new play experience.


Imagine Steve Young dropping back to pass, eluding a blitzing Derrick Thomas, then spotting Jerry Rice streaking 50 yards downfield and firing a strike to him for a big gain — all on one game screen! Too good to be true? Not in all-new NFL ‘95. For the first time in a Genesis football game, the playing-field perspective changes as a play is executed. This new dynamic perspective must be seen to be believed. You get all 28 NFL teams, each with a 54-man roster of current NFL players. One to four players can do battle in a single exhibition game or choose a full season schedule from any of the past three seasons including the real 1994 NFL schedule. A battery backup saves all league, team, and player stats; league standings; and player records.

NFL '95 Scores On Game Gear:

Elway, Montana, Sanders, Rice, Seau. They're all here. Real NFLPA players, real NFL teams. All 28 teams to be exact. Each with its own unique playbook, based on individual play-calling philosophies. Using the new "behind the quarterback" view, lead your favorite team through a rugged 16-game schedule and into the playoffs. With a little luck and a lot of skill, you might even make it to the Super Bowl! Use the password feature to save your progress. Game and individual stats are tracked for each game. Even the new 1994 NFL rules are here. So strap on that helmet, put on those cleats, and get ready for some of the most gritty, bone-crushing gridiron action ever seen on a portable cart.

posted by Diego Barros

What's In a View?

NFL'95 features an on-field camera view never seen before in a Genesis football game: The playing-field perspective actually changes as a play is executed.

When the quarterback drops back to pass, the camera angle adjusts according to the patterns being run, displaying up to 65 yards downfield.

You'll never lose track of a receiver again! Once a ball is caught or handed off, the camera immediately zooms in on the runner.

Do you prefer receivers to quarterbacks? Prefer Jerry Rice or Michael Irvin to Steve Young or Troy Aikman?

In NFL '95, you can take control of the primary receiver at the line of scrimmage, run your own pattern, and signal the quarterback when you're open.

You won't find this feature in any other football game!

A Natural Born Coach

Before taking the field, get the best team possible ready for action.

Trade players with any team, or release them outright (they'll appear on NFL '95s free-agent wire).

Check the weekly Injury Report to see who's banged up, and use the Sign Free Agents option to fill any remaining roster openings with actual free agents like Nick Bell, Tony Casillas, Vaughn Johnson, and Andre Ware.

The Depth Chart feature lets you determine which players will be on the field at all times.

You can view the current or the final 1993 season statistics, not just for every team but also — get this — for every player in the league.

Use the League Leader feature to compare the stats from the current season in eight categories for each team, and in six categories for each player.

During league play, you can even go back to any week of the current season and check out who had the best performance of any completed game.

NFL '95 offers more and better football than you've seen anywhere.

It's a football fan's dream


You'd better tie 'em carefully, 'cuz NFL '95 from Sega Sports is going to rock you to your shoulder pads.

It features all 28 NFL teams, each packed with actual NFL players.

Play a single exhibition game, or a full season using the actual schedules from your choice of the 1992, 1993, and 1994 seasons.

In addition to the 28 NFL teams, play with or against an NFC, AFC, or NFL all-pro team or one of six all-alumni teams.

Play in any of ten preselected weather conditions, on either turf, grass, mud, or snow.

Rule changes?

You bet.

You get kickoffs from the 30-yard line and the new two-point conversion.

NFL '95 lands on the gridiron running — it's going to be a serious hit with Sports gamers everywhere!

Hot Hints

  1. When on offense, press and hold Button A while at the line of scrimmage to take control of the primary receiver. When the ball is hiked, run the pattern you want. When you're open, signal the quarterback by pressing Button C.
  2. When rushing the ball, press Button В immediately after the handoff to get a quick burst of speed, giving you a jump on the defenders.
  3. While on defense, press Button С before and after a play to give the offense a piece of your mind!
  4. Each player is rated from 0 to 100 in 1 1 categories. Use this information, which appears under Player Profiles, to determine which players belong on the field at critical moments in a game.
  5. Run faster backs around end on sweeps or pitchouts for best results.
  6. Press Button A just as a ball reaches a receiver to increase the chances of a completion.

It's time to kick off with what could be the best football game of the year.

Sega Sports has gotten off of the ball quickly and some key features they've added to their latest entry onto the gaming gridiron have helped them score big with this one.

You can dive for a ball, accelerate away from opposing tacklers or spin out of a pile.

If you enjoy fast-action football games, then you'll want to give this one a try. All of your favorite NFL teams, complete with actual player rosters are here.

There aren't any passing windows and the only area that could have been improved the way that the kicking game was structured. The user interface is easy to manage and the bigger player animations have created a real football lover's dream game.

posted by Caterina ten Velde

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:NFL '95 supports single modeSingle game mode

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