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  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
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Game Overview

This summer, millions of people around the world watched in awe as athletes competed in the 1992 Summer Olympics.

While only the world's best could compete in Barcelona, gamers all over the world will be able to share the excitement and the challenge by playing BARCELONA '92 - Olympic Gold, the only officially licensed video game based on the Summer Olympics. Now you can watch the Olympics in Spain, but compete in them anytime, anywhere.

Each event features a different type of action, combined with brightly colored detailed graphics. Whether you play the 16 - bit Genesis or Game Gear version, you'll have fun meeting the Olympic challenge.

Lighting The Olympic Flame - Getting Started

Compete against up to three other opponents or represent your country against computer - generated athletes. To make the game truly multinational, BARCELONA '92 gives you the option of playing the game in your country's native language. (Choose from English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese or Portuguese.) Next, choose the level of competition. To become acquainted with the various events, begin with the Training Session. Select the Mini Olympics option if you want to compete in specific events, or the Full Olympics option for all seven events.

Make The Competition Eat Dust - The 100 Meter Sprint

In this event, obtaining a fast start and maintaining a constant pace are the keys to success. Saving a final burst of energy as you approach the finish line is also helpful. The 100 Meter Sprint is the easiest in this game, but it takes fast reflexes. When the starter gun is fired, press 'A' then 'B' repeatedly (Genesis) or the'1' then '2' button (Game Gear). How fast you press this button combination directly influences your runner's speed. As you approach the finish line, don't forget to dip by pressing the 'C' button (Genesis) or the Right arrow (Game Gear); this can save you 1 /4 of a second. Beat 9.5 seconds and you're Gold Medal material. To avoid a false start, wait for the Starter gun.

Jump For The Medal - The 110 Meter Hurdle

Use the same running techniques as in the 100 Meter Sprint, but now you must learn exactly when to start your jump in order to clear each hurdle. (This depends on your running speed.) Press 'C' to jump in the Genesis version, and the Right arrow in the Game Gear version. Hurdles are equally spaced, so you can develop a pattern when running. An ideal time for this event is 12.5 seconds.

The Pole Vault

As the competition becomes more intense, so does the difficulty level of each event. The key to The Pole Vault is a fast approach to the bar, followed by precise manipulation of the controller to plant the pole for a successful jump. Each athlete is given three attempts to clear a specific bar height. To be a strong competitor for the Gold Medal, the bar height to clear is 6 meters.

Use the A and 'B' buttons (the '1' and '2' buttons on Game Gear) to make your approach to the bar. Press the Down arrow to plant your pole, then press the Up arrow at just the right time to clear the bar. Don't forget to release the pole by pressing the 'C' button (on the Genesis).

The Archery Competition

You have one minute to shoot six arrows and obtain the highest point score. This event offers three different views of the archer. The wide view provides you with an overview and the wind direction. Press the 'C' button (Genesis) or the '2' button (Game Gear) to obtain a close - up view of the archer and determine the tension you desire to put on the bow. Pressing the same button again offers a view of the target. This is where you aim the bow using the directional arrows and the view finder on the bow. When the view finder is lined up with the center of the target, press the 'C' button (Genesis) or the '1' button (Game Gear) to shoot the arrow.

The points are totalled after all six arrows are shot. Each competitor has three rounds to earn the highest possible score. (57 points should earn you a Gold Medal). Remember, don't spend too much time determining the tension of the bow or your aim, because you only have ten seconds to shoot each arrow.

It's Hammer Time! - Hammer Throw

This event measures the dis-tance you can throw a hammer. You'll have a total of three throws (one per round) to achieve the farthest distance. Press the buttons on the controller to obtain the maximum spin, then release the hammer at the appropriate time. (Don't spin more than ten times when building up speed, or you will be penalized.) Being able to build up speed quickly is the key to winning the Gold Medal. (Try for 85 meters.)

3 Meter Springboard Diving

The diving event lets you choose from several types of dives and combinations, each with its own level of difficulty and possible score. Dives are scored on the basis of timing, style and entry into the water. After five dives, the highest and lowest scores are discarded and the remaining scores are added together and multiplied by the difficulty level given to the dive.

While the dive is in process, press the 1 button to execute a Pike, the 'B'/'2' button for a twist or the Up arrow to straighten your body before hitting the water. Use the diving board as a spring board to lift you into the air, giving you more time to execute complex dives. (Achieving height is important.)

To earn the highest possible score in this event, you have to perform the dive you select. Before attempting the dive, it's a good idea to watch a demonstration of it. Use the demonstration to plan your timing and movements. Earning 400 points won't be easy, but it should earn you a medal.

200 Meter Swimming Competition

Like the 100 Meter Sprint, this event is relatively easy, but you will need to maintain a constant pace throughout the race. Two hundred meters is equivalent to four laps. Can you beat the competition in less than 1.43 minutes? Having a fast start is helpful, but having an extra energy reserve near the finish line could help you win the race. When approaching the finish line, press the 'C' button on the Genesis (Right arrow on Game Gear) for the final stretch. During the actual race, pressing the directional arrows will slow you down.

The Closing Ceremony

Just as in real - life, when events are completed, the Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals are awarded and the national anthem of the Gold Medal winner is played. Throughout the game, the Medal Table will keep track of the total number of Medals and points awarded to each country.

The Competition Is Always Different

BARCELONA '92 - Olympic Gold is an excellent one player game, because each event offers a unique set of challenges requiring a variety of skill levels. For a truly challenging experience, try playing against two or more competitors. This puts each player against the computer and one or more human opponents. While the game is action - packed, the game play is based primarily on each player's fast reflexes, not on their knowledge of the real - life sport (as is the case with many sports simulation games, such as Joe Montana 2: Sports Talk Football, where a working knowledge of football is as vital as the players' ability to manipulate the controller quickly.)

The differences between the Genesis and Game Gear versions of BARCELONA '92 Olympic Gold are small, which means you can experience the same level of challenge at home or on the road.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

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Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Olympic Gold supports single modeSingle game mode

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