Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition

  • Developer: Capcom
  • Genre: Fighting
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

History has been made. Sega and Capcom have teamed up to bring the hottest arcade fightin' machine of all time to your Genesis. Street Fighter II Champion Edition. It's official. After months of ultra-secret negotiations, Capcom has joined Sega as the newest Third Party Licensee. With a heavy rep for creating way-cool arcade and home games, Capcom has been making arcade machines since 1942 and home-system games since 1986.

Their all-time smash hit Street Fighter II hit the arcades in 1991 and quickly took over. Game industry insiders have called Street Fighter II the "Pac-Man of the '90s" because of its enormous success. The Champion Edition followed right after, with all the special features that have made it the ultimate king of fighting games. Street Fighter II Champion Edition has created waves in the gaming world. Big-time tournaments. Tons of media coverage. And millions of gamers have earned their callouses banging away at the buttons, learning the game's hundreds of combinations. It was only a matter of time before the hottest fighting game came to the hottest game system.

Street Fighter II Champion Edition on Genesis has the original arcade graphics and sound. All the character voices. Original music. And totally new features you won't find on any other version of the game. Fight in the World Warriors tournament or in Character vs.

Character mode. Choose alternate clothing colors for your fighter. Play as any fighter, including the boss characters! All eight original characters have new moves, and the game speed has been increased to give you faster, total control. The result is...the next level of Street Fighter challenge and fun. Only on your Genesis.

A New Angle On Control

Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition is playable with any Genesis-compatible control pad. With standard three-button control pads, you press Start to switch the three-button panel from Punch to Kick mode. But the new Sega Six Button Controller is the only pad that gives you split-second control over every move combination, without having to change the button configuration from Kick to Punch. Based on the design of the original Genesis control pad, the A, B, C and X, Y, Z Buttons are set up arcade-style, one atop the other, within easy reach of your thumb. This gives you the power to make the same awesome attack combinations that makes the arcade Champion Edition so cool.

With Sega's Six Button controller, three, and four-move combos roll out smoothly You can execute your favorite moves in any mix of punches and kicks, in any power level, without fumbling.

The bottom line is that you get the most out of your gaming. The sixbutton design is so perfect for this well as new games to come...that Capcom is considering releasing a Genesis Power Stick.

The World Warriors Tournament

This is a game storyline destined to become a legend. The World Warriors tournament takes place in secret locations across the globe. Entrance is limited to the 12 best fighters in the world. They come from all cultures, with fighting styles as diverse as their origins. Mixed in with their desires to win is an undercurrent of international terrorism and espionage. The destinies of the fighters are woven together by a web of fate. At the center sits M. Bison, a ruthless dictator and drug smuggler who resides in a hidden fortress deep in the jungles of Thailand. Opposing him...among others...are Chun Li and Guile. May the best Street Fighter win!


Blanka is the animal of the Street Fighter circuit. Raised in the jungles of Brazil, a freak accident gave him a savage appearance and the ability to channel 1,000 volts of electricity through his skin. like the other World Warriors, he would like to see M. Bison come to a fatal end.

Chun Li

A master of Kung Fu, Chun Li is wild and unpredictable in combat. She uses her muscular legs to advantage, crushing her opponents from a distance. Chun Li is the only woman in the World Warriors tournament. She is also one of the toughest fighters. She believes M. Bison had her father murdered and is out for revenge.


Dhalsim is a Yoga Master who joined the World Warriors to prove his perfection of mind, body and soul. He favors fire attacks and can control the nature of his physical existence, altering parts of his body for devastating combat effects!


Edmond Honda is Japans top Sumo wrestler. He joined the tournament to prove that Sumo is the best martial art. Because of his large size, Honda likes attacks that crush the life out of his opponents. But he can also channel his energy into high-powered attacks such as the Hundred Hand Slap.


This Special Forces hero has a reason to hate M. Bison. The evil smuggler killed Guile's best friend while on a mission in Thailand. Guile barely survived the encounter. He's back...stronger than ever...and has learned the secret to controlling sound waves. His Sonic Boom attack is legend. He will not rest until Bison has been paid back in full.


One of the original Street Fighters, Ken is a disciple of Shotokan Karate and considers himself the greatest fighter of all time. He is a friend and rival with Ryu, and shares the same attack skills. But because some called him a "Ryu clone," Ken has added some diversity to his well as some reckless arrogance.


Like his former friend Ken, Ryu is a disciple of Shotokan Karate. Though their skills are almost equally matched, Ryu has a fighting flair that makes many think he is the better warrior. Ryu prefers to train in seclusion, using the natural powers of firestorms and hurricanes to increase the strength of his attacks. Only the worthiest of opponents meet him on the rooftop of his dojo.


Zangief is a battle-scarred Russian who trained to be a fighter by battling grizzly bears in the snow-swept Siberian Mountains. Like E. Honda, Zangief favors attacks that make the most of his massive physique. He joined the World Warriors tournament to prove the superiority of the Russians. He is one of the fairest fighters and desires to beat M. Bison out of the champion tide.


This big guy is an American boxer who joined the world fighters after losing his title shot in a rigged fight. He retreated to a down 'n dirty Las Vegas gym and trained to fight...against five opponents at once! Balrog is a classic boxer who refuses to kick. But his low punches are fast, strong and very effective. And his Turn Punch can take you...even when you think you might think you are safe.


A part-time Matador, Vega learned his speed and death-defying acrobatics dodging the razor-sharp horns of raging Spanish bulls. He spends much of his time in the air, where he can put his long, knifeedged claws to work. Vega is a vain man and wears a mask to keep his pretty face from being damaged. But he is a strong fighter and has the courage of a bull.


Sagat wears a long scar across his chest, a battle scar from Ryu's Dragon Punch. He is the greatest kick boxer of the World Warriors, and has trained long and hard in the seclusion of Thailand's jungles. Sagat developed the Tiger Uppercut to counter Ryu's deadly move, and can now throw high and low Tiger Fireballs. He has also perfected the Tiger Knee, a lethal move to smaller statured opponents.


This evil crimelord is the reigning grandmaster of the World Warriors tournament. He runs the Shadoloo smuggling ring from deep inside Thailand. M. Bison has joined the tournament to crush his opposers and keep the nature of his smuggling ring a secret. He is directly opposed by Chun Li, whose father he murdered, and Guile, whom Bison once imprisoned and whose best friend he killed. Bison channels psychic energy from his hands...some say drawing on the powers of evil.

posted by Maksym Kamiński

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Street Fighter II - Special Champion Edition supports single modeSingle game mode

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