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  • Developer: GameTek
  • Genre: Strategy/Wargame
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1992)
  • Runs on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Introducing the Humans by Gametek features our species like you've never seen them before. A cross between an action and a puzzle/strategy game, Introducing the Humans is what Lemmings would be after a few million years of evolution. It's a 50-level game for those who like a good deal of brain power and some pretty tricky timing thrown in with their gaming. There is a password feature so you can keep your place in the game without having to replay any of the complicated, sometimes nerve-wracking levels.

You control a tribe of comical (maybe even lovable) cave-humans at the dawn of history Each level gives you a specific goal challenging you to use tools and overcome obstacles. Success advances you a little farther on the evolutionary scale, hopefully ahead of the monkeys. You can gain tribe members as the game progresses. Losses occur when tribe members are eaten by dinosaurs, have accidents or get involved with the Witch Doctor. The measures of advancement are the tools you've discovered. The tools you must master are the spear, fire, the rope and the wheel. All are present in later levels of the game, though you can use only one at a time.

A Stab In The Dark

Getting the spear is a real no-brainer. It's simply a matter of bringing your tribe to one place and making a stack so the last Human can grab it. Once you have it, the spear becomes a multi-use tool. You can throw or brandish it as a weapon, or pole vault from ledge to ledge...even to the backs of flying dinosaurs.

Burning Down The House

Master the spear and you are ready to discover fire. While you won't be able to crank up the barbecue and roast bronto steaks, you can use the torch to hold off dinosaurs, bum down bushes and other obstacles—even your fellow humans (if you are not careful).

Hanging By A Thread

Never has the future of Humans hung by so slender a thread! Discover the rope and you can drop a line to friends below, to bring them up to your level.

Out For A Spin

The wheel adds mobility to your game play While it can't go down ladders or jump cliffs, it can get you from here to there a lot faster.

The Witch Doctor

Unga bunga! The Witch Doctor can transform Humans into necessary objects. He will also participate in stacks. Just don't make him turn nothing into something...or else!

The Survival Of The Hippest

Roll over Darwin, THE HUMANS have finally evolved. The best-selling PC game is now the coolest game available for the Sega Genesis. Love, death, food, setting things on fire, all the things that make video games great are here.

Discover stuff like The Spear, Fire, The Wheel, Rope, and Gravity. You'll need all the tools you can get to survive. It's a frantic race against time, with dinosaurs, logic, and the laws of physics standing between you and the next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Score points and survive levels by trying to keep as many of your tribesmen intact as HUMAN-ly possible. Screw up, and you're nothing but a time line footnote. As the brilliant Charles Darwin once said, "you snooze,... you lose." So get your copy of THE HUMANS before they're extinct at your store.

Each box of HUMANS includes:

  1. Over eighty insomnia-inducing unique levels
  2. Hundreds of HUMANs, hand rendered to scale size with painstaking realism
  3. A generous helping of nasty pitfalls and horrible beasties
  4. Funky tribal bongo music

Here are the codes so if anyone gels stuck on a level they can go on to the other great levels.


  1. Level 1 YOU START HERE
  10. Level 10 VYJMDMPVXHHD
  11. Level 11 SDKJRGJHDWZQ
  12. Level 12 HCDFWZSNXCPH
  13. Level 13 CBJHXXDMHSVL
  14. Level 14 FPYBCXGPMPMP
  15. Level 15 SRQHNLDRDWPG
  16. Level 16 NYZKBLPGZXMF
  17. Level 17 ZGXMLRRNWHLK
  18. Level 18 RKLLKDZHXNQP
  19. Level 19 VCRMFKNSRDMF
  20. Level 20 WDFGNXGRRMPN
  21. Level 21 YXLPSLBX WH BQ
  22. Level 22 XQHHWPQBJMPC
  23. Level 23 VYNSJGFQJHCB
  24. Level 24 SDMFCJKBCJ GZ
  25. Level 25 TKJXCLWLZTWP
  26. Level 26 CUYXWHYRGDWD
  27. Level 27 WTBSDCBXKTWL
  28. Level 28 QXJKDYRMLSTC
  29. Level 29 VSPQXYVCLVCB
  30. Level 30 MFKTJGNSXQJM
  31. Level 31 FHWHHMTCJSPN
  32. Level 32 FTWFSBZLYNXS
  33. Level 33 LWLSTSLVW DRX
  34. Level 34 WXTXBCHBWLDG
  35. Level 35 ZSRGHXCZYFLQ
  36. Level 36 ZGHWLXJSXSZM
  37. Level 37 RSBMVGVSTSBL
  38. Level 38 CZQNJYZWLWFQ
  39. Level 39 ZFPKPYXJCRGX
  40. Level 40 NSFLKXCBJDWF
  41. Level 41 HQVQNQVMVGPQ
  42. Level 42 FCTRRYFMZMVK
  43. Level 43 BYNNYHYTGDTC
  44. Level 44 BDMBGXDYLKHG
  45. Level 45 TNLQVNQPJBZQ
  46. Level 46 PZFCTHKXBVXM
  47. Level 47 DFGFGFWRRCXW
  48. Level 48 VNWLGXTRQNCF
  49. Level 49 ZWNSXGFYNMHS
  50. Level 50 PDJTKPCTYXDK
  51. Level 51 HHJYFSXNNPFG
  52. Level 52 BPHGLQXJHWJY
  53. Level 53 BWLPKPNGVFQD
  54. Level 54 WHYNDZMTYNQT
  55. Level 55 QDDGVHPGFWLS
  56. Level 56 NGJFTCRVQXKZ
  57. Level 57 KNCFXXKRMHGV
  58. Level 58 TSDRLSHXZMVD
  59. Level 59 WZWZWZSHCJMH
  60. Level 60 YNTBXYJYNWLK
  61. Level 61 FQXKPTYLQJZM
  62. Level 62 TXYNMBQRSFZW
  63. Level 63 BSHJMJTMFCFS
  64. Level 64 LTLJQVMRYZLM
  65. Level 65 NCHQVFQXFQZH
  66. Level 66 MFGLYVGRQVZP
  67. Level 67 QTSDFMBYTMJJ
  68. Level 68 CLYBHVQNGBYN
  69. Level 69 ZWXGZQRGLPPN
  70. Level 70 VWPKNRSXXYTY
  71. Level 71 NCHMNXGHZGLS
  72. Level 72 TWJZBHKTMHCP
  73. Level 73 TQVCXVNFFZZN
  74. Level 74 QLMVQJNJMZLQ
  75. Level 75 VKPKLSLLYTFC
  76. Level 76 DWJPYHKDGPYT
  77. Level 77 RKLDKFSJBSJZ
  78. Level 78 TYZNGBCBWPJV
  79. Level 79 BCDDSNZQZYPC
  80. Level 80 XPMNWJKFNQZC

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:The Humans supports single modeSingle game mode

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