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  • Developer: FCI
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1994)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Eye of the Beholder supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview


This Advanced Dungeon's & Dragons thriller practically reinvented fantasy role-playing games when it first hit the PC. Its first-person, in-your-face perspective lets adventurers get close enough to kiss a rotting skeletal warrior, a blood-sucking sewer slug, or a bloated bus-sized spider. FCI has faithfully translated the epic to Sega CD, plus they've added enough extra multimedia treats to make this game big-time role playing at its best.

Seems some evil is stirring deep in the dungeons beneath the city of Watersdeep. You and your band of adventurers have to hack your way through 13 levels of monsters, madmen, and magic slingers before you meet up with the Beholder, a blobby pink hoodoo with a dozen eyes and a million ways to toast your taters.

You start out with four adventurers. You can use the game's default party or custom-build your own (much more fun). Along die way, you'll run into other adventurers you can recruit, though some of these are dead when you find them, so you'll have to cart those dusty old bones around until you find a way to resurrect them.

Your party can hold up to six adventurers. Choose wisely You'll need a good mix of Fighters, Mages, and Clerics. You can always dump a character if he isn't pulling his weight, but you can't get 'em back if you decide you miss 'em.

Mazes, Maps, And Mayhem

The dungeons are divided into distinct areas, each with three levels. As you slash your way through these eerie, echoing hallways, you'll discover ancient Dwarven ruins, hack it out with a lost clan of sinister, subterranean elves, and cross wits (and weapons) with more magical monsters than you can shake a broadsword at. One really fine feature that been added for the Sega CD is a map function that lets you keep track of the areas you've explored. In order to activate the feature on any given level, you first need to find the map for that floor, hidden in some shadowy comer in the mazelike passages. Or you can wander around aimlessly till you get greased. Your choice.

New Depths Reach New Heights

FCI has added some fine embellishments to this game that add to the overall atmosphere. In addition to the map feature mentioned earlier, a substantial number of cinematic sequences have been added.

Each character you encounter (a Thief, a Dwarf Lord, a Dark Cleric, and a Prince, among others) now appears in a special animated sequence. The conversations you have with these folks (all digitized and fairly well acted) give you the dues you need to make it through this massive quest.

Mice and Magic

Playing with the standard control pad is a bit awkward, especially during combat. The game is infinitely more enjoyable if played with the Mega Mouse. This way you can quickly step from character to character, launching attacks and swapping positions and weapons.

You can also save a game in progress to avoid hacking your way down from the top each time you start.

There are lots of dungeon crawls and underground adventures, but few first-rate fantasy role-playing epics. Eye of the Beholder is for adventurers who know the difference between a great game and a hole in the ground.

Strategy Tips:

  1. Put two strong Fighters in the front ranks and a Cleric (to heal your party) and a Mage in the rear. Forget about bringing a Thief. His lock-picking skill is rarely needed and he fights like a hamster.
  2. Check a character's stats every time you change weapons or armor. Some magic items are actually cursed.
  3. As you recruit additional members, put them behind the Cleric and Mage with bows. You can find a bow on Level 2 (in the Correction Facility) and another in the Draw chambers on Level 8.
  4. Look for stone objects hidden throughout the levels. These can be used in the stone transport portals to zip around the dungeon.
  5. Find a safe place to store excess goods. The dwarf camp on Level 5 is monster-free and near a transport portal.

Hot Hints


  1. Each level has a special bonus quest that yields up extra goodies and the smug sense of satisfaction that comes only from pilfering every last bit of booty available.
  2. Look for an Armor scroll on the first level. Replace it with a dagger. Take the dagger back. Not bad, huh?
  3. Look for four dagger-shaped carvings on the walls of Level 2. Sometimes what you get out of a quest depends on what you put into it
  4. There are four idols on Level 3 that are keeping an eye out for you. Just remember, what one hand giveth, the other can taketh away(eth).
  5. The dwarves on Level 5 look a little mean and lean. Maybe you could restock their larders.
  6. When exploring Level 6, remember that sometimes it is a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket

Secrets of Eye of the Beholder

Sega's epic new RPG, Eye of the Beholder, is full of hidden characters, secret weapons, special bonus quests, and other mysterious goodies. To help you get started, here are tips on gaining allies, the lowdown on some of the characters you can recruit, and some hot hints on bonus quests that pay off big in Experience Points and really vicious weapons.

Hidden Characters

Each of these characters can be found in the dungeons and recruited in your struggle against the Beholder.

Tod Uphill, Level 5 Thief

Found as bones near the dungeon entrance, he can be resurrected on Level 5. Collect his lock picks.

Anya, Level 4 Fighter

Good, tough warrior. She's dead when you find her on Level 3, but she can be resurrected on Level 5.

Ileria, Level 6 Cleric

By the time you find her bones on Level 7, you'll probably have a Raise Dead scroll. If you already have a Cleric in your party, you might want to

Tyrra, Level 6 Ranger

Dead as a doornail, down on Level 10. Good strength, OK hit points, great with a bow and arrow.

Kirath, Level 7 Mage

Another dead dungeon dude for the resurrection route. Kirath is a good mage found on Level 11, although magic becomes less important than the ability to soak up blows on these levels.

Beohram, Level 7 Fighter

Your other Fighters should be just as tough as this guy by the time you find his remains on Level 9.

Hot Hints:

  1. You'll find an abandoned dart trap on Level 8. Load it up and lure a monster inside. You'll get +5 Adamantite darts in return.
  2. A sign on Level 9 reads "It is written, the key lies on the other side." A jewel or rock might come in handy.
  3. Remember those extra Kenku eggs? The/d look good on some shelves on Level 10. Just be ready to fight for all the extra booty they'll reveal.
  4. There's a Dwarven Healing Potion on Level 11. If you don't get it up to the Dwarf King on Level 5, you're gonna have a real tough time winning this game.
  5. Xanathar (the Beholder) has a trap set for you on Level 12. He can't make himself invisible, but you can.

Sometimes You Gotta Breah a Few Egos To Get Secret Weapons and Win Friends (Sorta)!

Collect the Kenku eggs on Level 6 and put them in the Nest.

Take TWO eggs with you, leaving the others in the Nest tor later.

Once you've gathered them all, you'll get a +5 Halberd.

When you meet the Drow on Level 7, choose Bribe. Now the Drows will let you pass throughout the level.

Beating the Bad Guys

Here are some handy tips to avoid getting toasted by monsters down deep.

Giant Spiders, Levels 4 and 5

Put two poison-resistant dwarves up front and fire arrows and missiles as you retreat.

Rust Monsters, Level 9

They eat metal, so equip your front rank with leather armor. Fire ranged weapons as you retreat.

Kenku, Level 6

These guys fire off magic missiles on sight. Sidestep as soon as you see them, then close in for combat.

Mantis Warriors, Level 10

They throw daggers on sight, then close in with a halberd. Sidestep when you see one, then close in for combat Their blades can paralyze, so keep a Cleric "Remove Paralysis" spell ready.

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