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  • Developer: Pacific Softscape
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1994)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-200

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Generations Lost supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview

The old man sits in the forest and tells a tale of how things are in the world and how they use to be. The young man, who is called Monobe, listens. When the old man is done he tells Monobe that he is the descendant of the great leaders of the past and that he must go on a quest to find out what is wrong with his planet. Someday he will take his place as leader. Monobe receives a special suit that has powers to help him along the way. It is complete with an Erad which is an energy radiator used for climbing, but it can also be used as weapon. Put on your suit and get ready--this one's different.

Level 2

In Level Two, you are on your way to the first of the transporters that will take you to the rest of the game. Travel through the area where the inhabitants worship the enchanted box. This level involves a lot of different problem solving. There are several places where you need to do some serious thinking and intense expforing. This level is really huge and offers you a lot of time to improve on your abilities. Arrows flying out of the walls make it so you have to time your jumps perfectly. Once you find all of the pieces of the Polyphase Conductor, use it to gain access to the generator room in the Maintenance Sector. Good luck, this is a tough level!


This game features a lot of really cool game play and some awesome graphics.


Some levels are hard while others are too easy.


The way the guys on the nuclear level look!

In Generations Lost - a new platform adventure from the developer of Sega's X-Men - the hero Monobe has to save his people from mysterious forces that surround his village. It's a sort of a sci-fi story set to New Age music. Monobe possesses certain powers and magic. You learn to control these powers, and Monobe gains access to a new world. Different accomplishments mean new abilities and new information.

Time Warner is developing a comic book adventure to flesh out the character development; look for the game before the year's end.

Delving Deep into a Mysterious Future.

Dressed to Kill:

Obstacles abound in your quest. Hostile mutants want to clobber you. Techno-gadgetry gone haywire can fry you in a heartbeat. And you don't even haw a map of your strange surroundings. Good thing the old guy gives you a protective suit. It's your key to surviving and saving the world from chaos.

So what's up your sleeve? Energy radiators, or E-rads for short. Learn how to use them, and E-rads let you blast enemies into oblivion when they're not within punching distance. You can also use your E-rads to swing to high-up surfaces.

Even better, your gear is somehow connected to the cause of the disturbances in your world. The chest plate has a view screen that flashes crucial clues to help you get from level to level—and to the bottom of the mind-bending mystery at the heart of this game.


Floods, storms, and quakes are wreaking havoc throughout the world, and you know you're in trouble when even the village elder can't offer an explanation. Unravel the mystery with Monobe, the village's future ruler, as he shoots and puzzles his way through six futuristic Adventure/Strategy levels in Generations Lost from Time Warner Interactive. Pick up power-ups, fight your way out of tight spots, and piece together clues to unlock the potentially lethal secret. The sights and sounds in Monobe's world go hand in hand with the game's sci-fi theme. With large sprites, a pulsating New Age soundtrack, and an engrossing story line, Generations Lost immerses you in a brave new world.

Graphics are done quite well. The forests and jungles and lush and expansive. Temple ruins are suitable stoic, and the futuristic control centers and spacecraft interiors appear dark yet colorful. Characters, enemies and in-game dialogues all animate smoothly and consistently and just look great. Audio works well too, with the various sound effects fitting the corresponding graphics. The real stand-out here is the soundtrack, a unique and memorable tune for each sublevel within the game adding both mystery and atmosphere.

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