Independence Day

  • Developer: Fox Interactive
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Saturn (1997)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

While it may seem a bit late in the coming, the runaway box-office hit of last summer. Independence Day (ID4) is finally coming to the video game screens. Thanks to Fox Interactive, fans of the movie can re-create the alien-blasting action on their Saturn and PlayStation systems.

Last month. EGM brought you a two-page look at an early version of the PlayStation ID4 Now. we have nearly complete copies of both versions of the game, which shows many improvements.

The game still involves flying around in a variety of military planes, blasting the alien fighters and destroying the main ship before it vaporizes the cities they are looming over.

Now. however, there is a bit more involved in what you need to do to emerge victorious. In each level, there are separate goals that need to be accomplished before you can take out the giant Destroyer. You may have to simply blow away a certain number of alien ships, take out various radar bases that the aliens have seized control of or protect an Earth ship from harm at the hands of the aliens.

Regardless of the mission, you'll have to complete it before your time limit for the level expires. This will prompt the aliens to prepare to launch their Destroyer's primary weapon. If you fail to launch a missile up the gun's port, or it you take too long to complete your missions, the main gun will fire on the helpless city below. Anyone who has seen the movie knows that the chances of living through that are very slim indeed.

The action takes place in a wide variety of cities all over the world. These cities aren't all in the U.S. either. You will have the chance to fly abroad and fight in such cities as Tokyo and Paris. As in the movie, the final level is inside the alien Mothership, where you pilot a captured alien Fighter against the invaders.

At certain points in some levels, there are "warp gates" that the aliens have attached to the bottom of their Destroyer ships. Flying into these will take you to a bonus level where you can collect power-ups while dodging alien fire. The strange thing about the bonus levels is that they lack the familiar Destroyer ship that locks you in the city with its force field. Instead, the aliens have a remote force-field generator hovering over the city. This device looks like a giant mechanical spider floating in the air, and you'll need to destroy it before you can escape from the bonus level.

Among the power-ups available are extra missiles, time extensions, health recovery and extra plane icons. These plane icons allow you to fly in the different types of aircrafts. Actually, this is how the game handles your "lives." To continue playing, you need to continue collecting different planes. Once you lose a fighter, you choose another from your acquired fleet to use until all of them are depleted.

As a special bonus, there is a hidden code that allows you to fly an alien Fighter ship through any of the levels, not just the final one. As you can see in the picture next to the alien ship below, taking control of an enemy craft allows for your darker side to shine through as you wreak havoc on the world.

Perhaps the best feature of Independence Day is that no matter what 32-Bit system you own. the game will be just as good. Fox Interactive has programmed the game specifically for the Saturn and PlayStation instead of trying to port the game from one system to the other. This ensures that the graphics and gameplay are excellent on both systems.

The Independence Day game is shaping up to be as much fun as the movie on which it is based. Its fast-paced action and alien-blasting combat will have would-be Will Smiths playing until the sequel to Independence Day invades movie screens.

Based on what could be the hottest movie of the year, Independence Day, this new game, puts you in the role of mankind's last hope. Aliens have started attacking the Earth, and you must pilot your fighters against the enemy forces. Dogfight above the war-torn battlegrounds that used to be Earth's cities. Harness the powers of technology with your ships armed with the deadliest weaponry known to man. Build up an armed fleet of different fighter jets, from the FA-18s to Soviet Migs. The enemy is no push-over as they are armed with City Destroyers and Motherships. Can you stop the relentless attack of the alien invaders?

MANUFACTURER - Fox Interactive

THEME - Flying


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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:Independence Day supports single modeSingle game mode

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