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  • Developer: Electronic Arts
  • Genre: Sport
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Mutant League Football supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview


In a distant galaxy, the game of hockey has reached a level of viciousness never before seen by human beings. Welcome to Mutant League Hockey, a game in which losing teams often need pallbearers. One to four players choose the level of violence — from Rough (like a normal game of hockey) to Annihilation (teams forfeit when they run out of players). This second installment in the Mutant series from Electronic Arts puts a new spin on a game that some already consider violent. They ain't seen nuthin' yet!

Deke And Dismember

Join the members of the Toxic and Maniac Conferences, with teams like the Montroyale Cadavers and the Pucksucker Pukes, in an all-out hockey brawl. The teams consist of Robots (agile but fragile), Trolls (big, brawny, and breathtakingly dumb) and Skeletons (fearless 'cause they're already dead). You skate on ice riddled with hazards — mines, pits, fire, and even sharks. Your enforcers are armed with everything from axes to chain-saws. The Face Off includes an option that lets you wail on the opposing center instead of going for the puck. You earn Minor Penalties for Slicing, Excessive Force, and Goalie Bashing. Major Penalties are for infractions like Termination (completely destroying an opposing player). You can call Special Plays like Bribe the Ref, Waste the Ref, and our favorite, the Jail Break, in which you empty your own penalty box. The seven Nasty Plays include Exploding Puck, Skunk (a real stinker of a play), Armed Force (all your players have weapons), Waste the Goalie, and Rocket Puck.

Players hankering for more traditional hocky can set the Death Index to 1 (Rough) and play — Mutant League Hockey has the same game engine as NHL '94. You have One-Timers, Goalie Control, and all the features of NHL '94 except the players. The rinks still have additional hazards, but hey! As you increase the Death Index, the game becomes more and more out there. When you reach a Death Index of 5 (Annihilation) there's a sizable chance that one team is gonna forfeit because someone's run out of players!

The Play Selection screen offers your Nasty Play for the period, Special Plays like Jail Break, and a Fake Out option where you call no play.

Your Playoff screen shows the teams that you have to take to win the Monster Cup.

The Fight Card gives you postfight stats. The last line changes to items like Broken Nails or Bruised Egos.


This is Thin Ice. You can tell by the weblike cracks. When a player skates over it, he falls in the drink — unusable 'til the next period.

Skate over a Mine, and you're mutant-bits cereal.

This is a Hole. It gives you a hint where the Thin Ice used to be. You can see the shadows of players under the ice.

Fire bums. It is not good for the health of your players.

Watch the Spikes! If you hit one you're impaled. Impaled players must wait for another player to knock them off the Spike.

Carnivorous Sharks search the waters under the ice for lunch. Their fins are trip hazards as well.

Pits are a problem. Fall in, and you're out of play.

Hot Hints


  1. When you're behind and manning the North goal, switch to a Demon Goal and skate six players.
  2. Use Nasty Plays thoughtfully. You can have only one per period.
  3. The One-Timer has a higher scoring percentage.
  4. A goal shot from behind the Blue Line counts as two!
  5. Use a Jail Break play when you are two or more players short.
  6. Jump hazards while skating by releasing the D-Button for just a moment.
  7. Pick up Weapons tossed on the ice by the crowd and use them by holding Button A.
  8. If you see a coin tossed on the ice, skate over it. This will automatically Bribe the Ref —any penalties you commit will be called on the other team!


Mutant League Football, from Electronic Arts, is a wonderful twist on the grand old game of football. Whether played by you and a bud, or just you against the computer, this title has all the features of a "true football" cart...except that you play as mutants or robots on a wide array of sci-fi fields and have your choice of gore level!

Like EA's Madden '93, there are instant replays, audibles, the same play mechanics and other popular features of the game. But unlike Madden '93, you can choose from a wide array of plays that literally destroy your opponents. And if you run out of reserves, you play with no substitutions!

The Mutant League is divided into two conferences: the Maniac Conference and the Toxic Conference. The conferences have eight teams each. On the Maniac, for instance, you'll find the Sixty Whiners and the Deathskin Razors and on the Toxic, you'll see the Killer Konvicts and the Psycho Slashers. You can choose from 19 different types of fields to play on, from the Butcher Dome (desert, craters, mines and pits) to Tripout Stadium where the surface is rubber and there are mines and pits galore!

Quirky features include 14 different Nasty Audibles that you can use once during each game. Nasty Audibles are tricky plays that you'll never see on a real football field. Rumblefumble lets you intentionally fumble the ball. Then, the first player to touch the explosively rigged football is blown to Mutant Heaven. Invisibility makes whoever has the ball invisible. Rocket Pack gives your runner a personal rocket for long yardage and Blackout puts metal shields over your opponents' pass screens!

If you are an action fan, you'll go for Mutant League Football. It's inhumanly fun.

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