NBA 2k14

  • Developer: Visual Concepts
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Windows (2013)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview

Basketball has been and still is a popular sport in all countries of the globe. However, not everyone can compete with the tall giants of professional sports, so the sports game NBA 2k14 will give you control of a whole team of basketball court legends.

Way to the Stars

Although many want to repeat the success and fate of famous basketball players, some are still more willing to walk the path to success on their own. For such players, a character editor is built into the game. Not only will you be able to create yourself in the game, but also make a career in the best NBA clubs. Train by yourself or with an experienced team. You decide your character's destiny, his place on the team and his skill set.

You can become anything you want

A mode with your own incarnation of the player is just the tip of the iceberg of what the game has to offer. Choose from a variety of modes and play multiple stories, but in one game:

  • MyCareer - from a simple street basketball player - to a professional NBA player. Create your own character and your own story.
  • My GM - If you've seen enough, working your way to the top of the career ladder as a regular player, it's time to go into business for yourself. Open your own training facilities, take a new team under your coach's wing, or lead young talents as a manager - your career depends only on your desire
  • LeBron: Path to Greatness - in this game mode the player will be able to pass the same path as the legend of sports - LeBron James. Moreover, you will pass the way of LeBron for James. The story of ups and downs, where you - the main character
  • The Park - meet your friends outdoors and play a few games of basketball. Isn't that a dream come true? Except when the court may be busy with others and the weather gets worse, the virtual multiplayer park in NBA 2k14 will never let you down. Get together as a team with friends or other players and have a streetball game on your own rules
  • My Team - If you're going to compete, only with the best team, right? Build your own basketball team from the legends of the sport from all time

Game in Play

Aside from the motivational component of the game itself, NBA 2k14 has clingy gameplay that will captivate even an experienced basketball player. The gameplay tries to depict a real basketball game as believable as possible, so the controls can be understood even on an intuitive level.


Basketball is made for anyone who can play it. Become a new star in the sport or go the way of a legendary athlete. Play with your friends or with the legends of world sports, your NBA 2k14 game is your choice.

System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible,

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:NBA 2k14 supports single modeSingle game mode NBA 2k14 supports multiplayer modeMultiplayer (Hotseat, LAN, Internet)

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