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Game Overview

Have you tried QuackShot Starring Donald Duck on your Genesis system? If not, you're missing one of the hottest Genesis carts going. QuackShot Starring Donald Duck takes you from rooftops to vampire castles, to Maharajah and Viking ships - across the world in an action - packed hunt for the long-lost treasure of King Garuzia.

In this smash hit, Donald's an adventurer with some unusual weaponry under his control. Ever been hit in the face with a plunger? He has one that knocks his enemies silly. He can use red plungers to climb walls and green plungers to hang onto the flying objects. The Popcorn Shooter blasts out with a five - way shot and the Bubble Gum Shooter crumbles obstacles.

Getting through the game without getting your tailfeathers singed is nearly impossible. A full hit - point meter will save your beak, especially when you face a boss. Every time you get smacked, you lose hit - points. That's why food is so important. Grab the food whenever it appears on the screen to regain hit - points. Small food items like ice cream will give you one hit - point. If you can find a turkey, it will restore all your hit - points. And take all the money bags you find. If you get 100,000 points, you will get an extra life!

  1. Stand in the center ol the screen and shoot bubbles at the tiger. Duck when he shoots flames from his mouth and your taifeathers won't get singed. Beat him and you'll get the Sphinx Tear.
  2. Use the Popcorn Shot against the evil Count. Hit him live times when his cloak is open. But watch out for the bats.
  3. Here's a hidden room full of money...and a shortcut through the pyramid. Go up and to the right.
  4. Run fast over the bridges in the pyramid. If you stop, they will collapse under your feet, sending you to a fiery finish. Ouch!
  5. These little boxes will set off explosive charges as soon as you pass them. Jump straight up in the air and let the charges go past you. Then get going. A vulture may be about to drop a beehive on your head.
  6. The wall near the end of Transylvania Castle is the first big obstacle. If your timing is not perfect, the left wall will crush you like a duck egg.
  7. Eat every red hot chili pepper you find. Five will give Donald a Quack Attack, making him temporarily invincible. Go as far as you can before it wears off.
  8. Riding the powerlines to get the Bubble Gum Shooter ammo is tricky. You'll have to jump to a new hand trolley before you hit the electronic charge on the line or get a real shock!

He leaps from stone to stone across a blazing lake of fire. Escapes from a secret room as it rises to crush him. Fights his way through a dungeon of green slime. Laughs in the face of phantom Vikings. And he does it with skill, guns and colored plungers.

Plungers? Who is this guy?

It's Donald Duck! With his distinctive voice and temper tantrums, Donald is deep in an adventure that takes him around the world searching for the long-lost Great Duck Treasure of King Garuzia. You choose the destination of Donald's flights. Fly to Mexico, Vera City, Transylvania, the South Pole, a Viking ghost ship, Egypt and a Maharaja's Palace – while constantly being harassed by the Ducky Gang, also looking for the treasure.

QuackShot Starring Donald Duck doesn't follow a traditional level structure. Instead you fly back and forth between locations, fighting enemies and solving a series of mysteries before you finally lay your hands (wings?) on the Treasure. And even then the adventure isn't over! Look for guest appearances by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and Uncle Scrooge - they'll help you solve the puzzle. And be prepared for lots of surprises, especially at the end!


Sega expands their line of Disney licenses with Donald Duck, in his first 16-Bit adventure! This time you and Donald must search for the elusive Great Duck treasure of King Garuzia. With the help of your nephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie, you'll travel throughout the world in search of this priceless gem.

Along the way, Donald will explore dark alleys in the big city as well as eerie castles and mysterious Egyptian pyramids. Your only weapon against the nasties that inhabit the pyramid is a special plunger-blasting pistol! Donald can use these plungers to scale up walls or freeze the enemy just long enough to make a safe getaway. Other power-ups include bubbles and corn shots that provide additional advantages against the wily Bosses!

Manufacturer: Sega

Machine: Genesis

Theme: Action

Difficulty: Average

Number of Players: 1

If you like adventures, you'll love Quackshot starring Donald Duck. This cart takes you from Duckburg to the South Pole and from Mexico to Treasure Island. You will travel the world searching for answers to unlock the secret of the Great Duck Treasure. Unfortunately, you're not the only one looking for it. The Ducky Gang is in hot pursuit. You will receive help along the way however, from Mickey, Goofy and others. They provide you with special items you will need to find the treasure.

As you begin you will have to learn to time your moves as well as your shooting. This will help save your fire-power for later in the game. When in a location go as far as you can before flying to another location. This will help you when you return - you won't have to start at the beginning again.

Because the Ducky Gang is looking for the treasure too, you will have to fight them along the way. Your gun will shoot anything; it will even hit bad guys on the next screen. The Ducky Gang has Gangsters in every location, so be careful!

Only when you discover the answers to the clues, will you reach your final destination -Great Duck Treasure Island! Here you will have to defeat your own fears as well as a hoard of attackers before you can claim the Lost Treasure! Daisy will be proud of you when she sees the treasure you bring her!

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-200

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:QuackShot Starring Donald Duck supports single modeSingle game mode

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