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  • Developer: Saddleback Graphics
  • Genre: Board
  • Originally on: Sega CD (1993)
  • Works on: PC, Windows
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Game Overview


Are you ready to see your coloring pens and crayons brought to The Next level? My Paint, the first animated Sega CD paint program from Saddleback Graphics, gives you the opportunity to do things impossible with plain paper. How would you like a coloring book that moos after you've painted a cow, or one that lets you paint a Pterodactyl, then shows it flying across the page? My Paint does all that and more. Compatible with the new Sega Mouse as well as current control pads, My Paint allows you to create moving animations, hear animal sounds from around the world and use a full set of rubber stamps, including letters of the alphabet. And you get more than 200 pictures to paint, erase, then paint again, plus a blank page to draw anything you like.

My Paint is easy for younger gamers and video-artists to use. You can start with a picture from the 10 themes in the "video coloring book" that includes dinosaurs, jungle animals, cars and planes, fairy tale stories and letters of the alphabet. Move the cursor to the "123" icon and press Button A to choose the coloring book. Once you're in the coloring book, press Button A to scroll through the more than 200 pictures available. Button A selects the picture.

The coloring book also contains a full set of animated stickers you can stamp on your picture. Stamp a dinosaur on your school picture, then watch him walk around! Or you can add your own images to the picture by selecting one of the drawing icons, such as the square/rectangle to draw a house. Anything you add to your picture can be painted. Press the Voice icon and you'll hear interesting facts or sound effects from the things in your picture.

You can create graffitti-style art with the multi-colored pen, the regular pen or the spray paint can. Other totally cool things you can do include drawing mirror images (everything you draw is copied or "mirrored" four times on your picture). To draw, first select the icon from the menu. Then hold down Button A and move the D-Button in the direction you want to draw the shape or line. With the Sega Mouse, just press the button and move it like a pen.

My Paint gives you a terrific selection of designs, patterns, colors and hues in your video paintbox. Use the Record feature to preserve your work of art... it will even frame it for you!

My Paint works fine with the control pad, but for more detailed drawing, works best with the Sega Mouse. With so many fun possibilities, My Paint just may put an end to your complaints that you have nothing to do! Create with My Paint and enter The Next Level

posted by Maksym Kamiński

Saddleback's first Sega CD contribution is a paint disc that is a great way for young gamers to get involved. My Paint features Si the cut, paste and template features of adult paint programs, but with the form, functionality and fun of a kid's game.

posted by Epic Moreno

You've Never Painted Like This

Bet you've never heard your drawings talk back to you—or seen them move. But now Saddleback Graphics' My Paint brings your artwork to life on the Sega CD. It's filled with more than 200 drawings for you to color in, learn about, and listen to—My Paint has more sound effects than any other CD. You can even create a drawing with characters, animals, and objects that move. This CD goes way beyond crayons and paper.

So how do you create these roaring, wiggling works of art? First you pick one of ten coloring books with themes like the Rainforest and Dinosaurs. Then you select a drawing, like a brontosaurus munching lunch, and color it in. Add a few Stickers to your masterpiece. Some of them move, like the fluttering butterfly and the leaping flames, and some you just color in. Then you can click on the moving lips to hear all about your painting, or use the Explore Sounds tool to hear the beast in its own words. Click on the Flashing Colors tool to make the colors in your drawing glimmer on and off like an MTV video, and you've got a walking, talking, hip-hopping dino show.

Future Van Goghs will have fun with the freehand mode. You can draw perfect lines, squares, and circles, or just wing it and create your own shapes and squiggles with the Paintbrush tool. (Serious video artists will probably want to use the Mega Mouse in freehand mode.) Whether you start from scratch or jazz up a coloring book picture, My Paint makes your drawings way cool.

Hot Hints


  1. The music in the Rainforest coloring book is by Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead.
  2. If you place the Explore Sounds tool over San Francisco in the U.S. map, it says "Sega." Over L.A., it says "Saddleback Graphics." Anywhere else, it says "United States of America."
  3. The Eraser gets rid of your entire painting. The Oops! guy erases your last brushstroke.
  4. Paint your brother and put a crawling lizard in his hair.
  5. Surprise yourself with a mystery picture by clicking on the Present icon.
  6. When you're placing a Sticker on a painting, you can rotate it with the C-Button.
posted by Diego Barros

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System Requirements

Processor: PC compatible, SystemP-100

OS: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game Features:My Paint supports single modeSingle game mode

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