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  • Developer: Sega
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993) , GameGear (1993)
  • Also known as: Sonic the Hedgehog: Spinball
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.5/10 - 4 votes
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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:Sonic Spinball supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview


Blast-based and ready to roll — it's Sonic Spinball from Sega! This new Sonic title breaks away from the traditional in techno-pop video pinball style...with a Sonic twist. Travel to Robotnik's Volcano Veg-o Fortress and take on his diabolical Pinball Defense System. Our blazing blue hero bounces, bursts and cracks drop targets, finds hidden rooms and braves diabolical contraptions in his attempt to release his friends before they're all sent to the Veg-o Converter. This spectacularly sonic cart will have you careening Sonic from bumper to flipper without losing an ounce of his true nature. The Blue Blast is back in a great new pinball attack!

Prepare for a Sonic Boom

Sonic Spinball will propel you through a series of great pinball worlds, each packed with hidden rooms, Power Emeralds to collect, bonus pinball rounds that allow you to torment Robotnik and a boss area where you challenge the mad fool's mutated meddlings with nature. Graphically, Sonic has more animation than ever before and you'll marvel at his ability to drop in and out of his spinball-shape at any flat surface. The roboticized tunes have more edge than any previous Sonic title with a hot techno-pop score created just for the game. Get your spin up to speed and get ready—Sonic Spinball is a blast!

The Machine

Shoot the Chutes! Don't forget to look tor hidden areas. You have to choose the correct funnel. Left, right or middle? Spin up and blast through the S-curves.

Toxic Caves

Use the barrel to get across the Toxic Waste. There's a Power Emerald nearby.

You can get out of this monstrosity's mouth with an early jump—otherwise this Sonic-eating serpent gets dinner.

Get one of the two switches before riding this mining cart. Loops will get you more points.

Button A and Button B are the right and left flippers. Button C hits both or you can configure these yourself.

Do it right and the cart will take you to a Power Emerald.

The first boss can be beaten by hitting him on his tail first.

Lava Powerhouse

Try all the ledges for hidden rooms.

Hit the cannon for enough speed to get through difficult areas.

Use the smoke putts to bounce off an enemy and get up into the tube above by hitting your flipper buttons.

To get through the second Steam Arena you'll need all your Power Emeralds.

These fellows on the bellows will be very helpful.

Watch the lava below these flippers. No one likes a quick-fried Sonic.

Don't forget to do what Sonic does best — collect rings!

In the second boss area, jump inside the Evil Boiler and take out the RoboHeads individually.

Hot Hints:

  1. When in bail form, Sonic can be directed somewhat with the D-Button.
  2. Collect Power Emeralds in each of the Worlds.
  3. You can give the table a shake -just don't Tilt!
  4. The top display gives you hints on what to do next and kudos for great moves.
  5. Get Sonic to hang out on any available surface. This will help you search for hidden areas and to plot your next blazing pinball triumphs.
  6. Use Sonic's Spin/Blast to get up speed on flat game areas.
  7. When standing or nested at a flipper, use the D-Button to look up.


Desperate for some portable Sonic? The wait is over. The original blue streak slams his way back onto the small screen in all his spiny glory in Sega's Sonic Spinball for the Game Gear. This time Robotnik's set up a robot factory in his Volcanic Veg-0 Fortress, and Sonic must crash through the elaborate pinball security system to foil his archenemy. Help the world's coolest hedgehog save Mobius from mechanical doom by bouncing off more gears, bumpers, pistons, padlocks, and robotic enemies than any megalomaniac has ever assembled before.

A Diabolical Contraption

Your mission is straightforward, but it's a challenge: Slam your way through the Veg-0 Fortress's Toxic Pools, Lava Powerhouse, and Machine on your way to the showdown with Robotnik. Spin-attack anything and everything while snagging all the rings you can grab. Knock out drop targets to bust open barriers, warp into boss areas, and drain toxic ooze away from precious Power Emeralds. Take some wild rides down chutes, up geyser accelerators, and across dangerously unstable platforms. And don't forget to collect those Emeralds.

Oh, one word of advice. Remember that you're not dealing with any old pinball. All Sonic's trademark moves enter the game play—in addition to spinning like a whirlwind, he runs, jumps, smirks, and grooves to the soundtrack of techno-tunes with his customary flair. So watch out, Robotnik. This ball of velocity has the edge on attitude.

The bellows give you a boost if you fall behind the first flipper in the Lava Powerhouse.

A hedgehog cannonball can hop a free ride in the direction of the arrows.

There's more to the bonus rounds than extra rings. These sunken treasure chests contain extra lives, megapoints, and more.

It's hard to follow the arrows with clucks popping out of portholes and steam bursts buffeting you this way and that.

Skydive into Doctor Robotnik's Volcano Veg-0 Fortress to save the creatures of Mobius.

Grab glittering Emeralds to advance to the boss rounds.

Double trouble! Stay on top of this ghoulish pair and bop each one repeatedly.

Hot Hints


  1. When you've collected half the rings in a Bonus Round Cage, the gate to the next cage opens. Exit the third cage before the clock stops, or you'll forfeit all your Bonus earnings.
  2. Guide Sonic with the D-Button. Steer hard to the Left or Right when you're falling toward any flippers.
  3. Stand up and look around when you find yourself on a flat surface. You'll probably discover some treasures or dangers close at hand.
  4. Press start to see your score.
  5. Always go for the drop targets first - you might just open exits and close death gutters.
  6. Pull hooks to activate flippers.


Are spinning spines your style? You probably devoured Sega Visions' early coverage of Sonic Spinball for the Game Gear. You scoped out the enemies and contraptions in this fast and furious Sega title. Now you're ready for a level-by-level tour of Robotnik's futuristic pinball prison.

Give Robotnik The Blues

You know the story. Power-mad Doc Robotnik's bent on transforming the creatures of Mobius into robots, and Sonic's gotta blitz through the original rotten egg's pinball security fortress to save them. Crash into mechanized critters, rocket through gizmos and gadgets, and show Robotnik who's got the edge on attitude. Oh yeah—and don't forget those Power Emeralds.

Hot Hints:

  1. You get more power from the tip of the flipper.
  2. Use your spin attack to get started in the Bonus Rounds.
  3. Look for an Emerald in the Machine's mechanical safes.


Sonic the Hedgehog returns to your Sega Genesis! The game? Sonic Spinball: Robotnik's Pinball Revenge from Sega. This ripping game takes its cue from the Casino Zone in Sonic 2 and promises to be the best video-pinball title yet Our blast-based pal Sonic finds himself up against Robotnik's elaborate Pinball Defense System in The Volcano Veg-o Fortress. This amazing game has Sonic careening from bumper to drop target without ever losing his personality. He's not a ball...he's Sonic... and the blue streak is back!

The Volcano Veg-o Fortress is Robotnik's newest creation. It harnesses lava to supply the energy needed to drive his Veg-o Converter. Robotnik has Sonic's friends locked up for conversion. All Sonic has to do is brave the madman's Pinball Defense System and release his pals. Sonic blazes, bounces and crushes drop targets, finds hidden door openings and decimates Robotnik's contraptions in this rescue mission gone pinball.

Each round requires Sonic to pick up several Power Emeralds before going to the boss room. The first is the Underground Caves. This area has water and marble backgrounds and is made up of geyser accelerators, waterfall rides and clam shell telepons. The next round is Toxic Pools. The backgrounds are walls of mud and earth with rusting pipes. Here you'll brave sewage pipe ramps, camivorous plants and an amazing interactive rail cart with flipper rail switches. The boss stages are amazing examples of Robotnik's meddling with the forces of nature.

This is a great pinball-based tittle with the look and feel of the previous Sonic tht Hedgehog games. Sonic has more animations then ever before. The areas that allow Sonic to break away from his bounce 'n roll pinball action (hidden rooms, platforms, etc.) are a really cool touch. This one will knock your socks off.


Since it shipped on Sonic Mania Day, Sonic Spinball from Sega has been a massive success. This pinball powerhouse pits Sonic against Robotnik's insane Pinball Defense System. As Sonic careens from flipper to bumper on screens around the nation, we thought you'd like to take another look—this time at a map of the huge Lava Powerhouse world.

To help you beat Robotnik on his home turf, we've pulled out close-ups that show you where to send the Blue Blast and how to do it. This map will give you another leg . up on helping Sonic to save his friends before they are sent to the diabolical Veg-o Converter. Break through the Sonic barrier in true-blue hedgehog style!

Welcome to the Lava Powerhouse boss area. You get here atter collecting all three Power Emeralds and coming up through Steam Arena #2. To beat the boss, gain entry to the furnace and bounce each of the heads seven times. After each head is conquered, you are released out the bottom of the furnace.

Do It again four times.

Hot Hints:

  1. Each of the five tables requires that you break or open and enter something before moving on.
  2. You must collect three Power Emeralds before taking on the boss area.
  3. Get all the rings. Rings add up in bonus points.
  4. Use the Clucks (roboticized birds) to bounce into the tubes in the Steam Arenas.
  5. Pop the corks by the cannons on the upper two tables to enter the Steam Pipes that will let you get to Power Emeralds two and three.

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