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  • Developer: Dynamix
  • Genre: Arcade/Action
  • Originally on: Sega Genesis (1993)
  • Runs on PC, Windows
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  • User Rating: 9.0/10 - 2 votes
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System Requirements

PC compatible, SystemP-100

Systems: Win9xWindows 9x, Windows 2000 WinXPWindows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win 10.

Game features:ToeJam & Earl: Panic on Funkotron supports single modeSingle game mode

Game Overview


ToeJam and Earl are back in Panic on Funkotron from Sega for the Genesis. It seems dat da boyz have managed to infest their planet with aliens from a truly un-funky place called Earth. Your purpose in this terrific one- or two-player simultaneous jam is to clear out the dreaded Earthlings and restore the funk to planet Funkotron. Beat the bushes, scour the bizarre countryside and poll the population on your search for the whitebread stowaways. This sequel is bigger and better than the first ToeJam and Earl. Great color, seriously funky jams, lots of stuff to find, real comedy and a hip-hop style greet you as you once again join the two-who-put-the-fun-in-funky.

What? ('Sup?)

Seventeen massive levels of truly strange and wonderful game play made up of multiple stages each, hidden caverns, wild warps, infestation by the ghosts of cows and an ongoing search for Lamonts (the Great Funkapotamus) Favorite Stuff. Find items like the Chocolate Covered Pickle, his pet slug and his favorite Red Sneakers. Sixteen megs of funk-filled game play will set you on your merry way


The planet of Funkotron. The Valhalla of Funk. The home of the now famous (or infamous) ToeJam and Earl. You visit fair Funkotroris flowered valleys and frosty peaks. You swim her seas. You plumb her dangerous and fiery caverns—all in a search for the dreaded (shudder) Earthlings.


By using all your Funk Powers. You have Trap-o-matic Jars to bot-de aliens. You find Funkitude to power your moves through walls or out of danger. There are warps to another funk dimension—like the Hyperfunk Zone. When things get dangerously out of hand you can push the Panic Button to survive the onslaught of crazed Earthlings from a less-than-funky land.

Hot Hints:

  1. You can search each level again after you have cleaned out the Earthlings. This way you will find everything without any chance ot being harmed.
  2. In a two-player game, stand and face each other, then squat to do a high-five to share lite energy.
  3. Listen very carefully to your neighbors. Many give you directions toward finding someone or something you badly need. Write down the more complex directions so you don't forget them.
  4. Save your Panic Buttons and Funk Vacuums tor times of severe need.

Things To Do

Talk to every Funkotronian. Everyone will help you in one way or another— either by giving outright hints or sending you toward another inhabitant.

Master the art of bubble riding. You can reach important areas by riding these bubbles. As your player starts to fail fo the forward or rear, press the D-Button in the opposite direction. When dealing with multiple bubbles you'll often be able to jump to the next one before starting to slip off.

Gee, which door? In this case take the first but at other times make a guess and good luck.

When traveling underwater you have only 40 seconds of air before drowning. You can often get more air by finding the seriously funky Blower fish. Just swim on up and plant your lips on his bloated purple form and he'll give you a refill. In the large swimming areas you'll have to find more than one fish.

You'll sometimes come upon a fungus with a parking meter to the side. Put a coin in the meter and a jury of your peers will score your lumps and flips on the fungus. Do two full flips in opposite directions and land on your feet to get 900 or 1,000 points per jump. If you score eights or above they give you a Super Jar as well. Repeat until the meter goes away. This is a great way to increase your points. You get an additional lite for every 10,000 points (up to a max of six lives).

Irritating Alien-Types (Earthlings)

The Tourists are some ot the most dangerous and unfunky aliens to infest the frolicsome fields of Funkotron. Crouch to cover your eyes when they approach cause their flashbulbs do serious damage. Bag 'em with a Super Jar, or go nuts on them with the jars and don't let 'em get off a flash. Tourists. Go figure.

This is the most dangerous alien on the planet. He is wearing only a box, so is obviously, dangerously...crazy. His "Excuse me, pardon me" as he knocks you over creates heavy damage and his tomato toss makes him a hazard at a distance. Keep him as far away as you can and throw jars like mad. The taster you throw, the less chance that he'll get off a tomato. He takes seven hits but cannot be hit while completely inside the box. Take him out when his head is above the cardboard.

The Duck on a Carpet is especially tricky. You must crouch on his every dive so either TJ or E will hit the dirt. Throw jars into the air until you see him, then hit the ground. Repeat as necessary. The Duck takes eight hits.

Things To Find

When given Super Jars—save 'em for a rainy day. Don't randomly toss jars because you'll use them up. Wait until you see a vicious alien-type and bottle them in one shot

Search the bushes and trees for aliens and gifts. It you find a present, try the same bush again. They can hold multiple gifts. Watch out for bowling balls and trash cans though. Use your Funkmove to avoid them when they pop loose because they will do you damage.

You will find Funk Vacuums randomly in the presents you open — but save them for moments of great need, such as the above screen. Periodically you have five or more aliens on the screen at once. This is a great time to apply the Vac.

Find your pal Trixie in each level and she gives you a special power gift She can double each food item's value, let you use coins without depleting your stash, make you bounce to the top height on the first bounce on a fungus and so on. Search hidden rooms and open platforms by using Up on the D-Button and you can find her.

The Powers of Funk on the great planet Funkotron have been granted by Lamont (better known as the Great Funkapotamus). The problem is...he's gone into hiding to avoid the Earthlings. When the world goes black and white—you have no Funk Powers whatsoever and anything that runs on funk will not work. Each level (above level five) contains hints to find one of Lamont's Favorite Things. Collect all 10 before the end of the game and try to coax the Funkapotamus and his funk back to the planet.


They are back.... The twin masters of funkitude.... The dynamic duo of hip-hop.... With a hearty "Wha'sup?" Toe Jam and Earl return in Panic on Funkotron for the Genesis from Sega. In this lS-meg, one- or two-player cooperative jam, da boyz have returned to Funkotron from Earth and have brought back an infestation of the dreaded Earthlings! Kickin' out some radical rhythms and hi-fivin' their way around the planet, they'll have you fully funkified before this one is over!

As before, you play as Earl or TJ in one- or two-player mode, but this time, when in two-player they remain together. The Earthlings are pestering the fine folks of Funkotron and its your fault. So bust a move and search high and low for the irritating earth-types. They could be anywhere—in bushes, under manhole covers and even in spirit-form. Use your powers to do magical Teleports, search with your Funk Scan, run at high speed through the Funk Dimension and eventually bag the Earthlings in each area. Once captured in a Magic Jar, you'll send them back in a big rocket to the sad and funk-less world they come from.

The graphics are even more colorful and kinetic than before. The sounds? In a word—funk! ToeJam and Earl can interact with all their funky friends and discover tons of hidden areas on Funkotron. This one is going to be fabulously funky and full of unadulterated F.U.N.

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